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    Key point to success-Self confidence or Luck

    Hi friend,
    I want to get the key points for success.Self confidence or Luck...Which is needed the most?
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    Hi Bhuvaneshwari,

    For getting success self confidence is very important. It plays a vital role in any one's life. There may be so many persons who will have luck, but success will come to the person who proceeds with confidence in tackling any matter. When a person want to achieve his target of getting a seat in IIT, if he is confident then only he can continue his hard work. If he believes in his luck and not concentrate on his studies, naturally in his exams he will definitely feel nervous, thereby he may not be able to get a good rank, eventhough luck is in his favour. So always confidence makes a person to walk towards success.

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    Key point to success is Self confidence,not certainly Luck.But it is required to built the self confidence by hard labour and positive thinking.It is take some time with some pain but once some one achieve it,success willcome automatically.

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    It is crystal cler that self confidence is more useful than luck for getting success.The luck factor is depends on confidence.At first we should have confidence and then only we can participate in any event,exam or test. Self confidece is first step towards success.It can be increased by getting success in small envents.If we want to success in a big event then we should be successful in such small events.The luck is the very small factor and it oesnot affects any ones performance.In my openion, luck is totally nonaffecting factor. It is the name given by unsuccessful people to hide their defeat.On the basis of only luck ,no one able to get success.
    Success can be achieved only by developing self confidence.

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    I will like to categorically say that building your self confidence will take you to success fast than relying on luck which is very uncertain.
    One need self confidence to be one of the successful people in the world. You can be successful in life without any traces of luck. But with luck alone you can never survive in anything in life without any trace of believing in what you are doing.

    A self confidence person is a bound to make though it might take time, but if luck is added to it; heaven will just be the limit. A lucky person might not be able to achieve anything in life as luck is not always there but self confidence if well established is always available or at the disposal of the who has built it.

    If you are self confident and have a piece of luck them you may achieve extra ordinary achievement that may not be available for self confident person without luck.

    Luck opens door of opportunities that can be used or adopted perfectly by the person who need the opportunity. Being at the right place at the right time might be function of luck.

    In a nutshell, self confidence is control or develop by you while luck is by providence because is beyond human control.

    Conclusively, try to build your self confidence and you will make it fast then, pray for luck because luck is beyond one control.

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    Success comes to those who are self confident and hard working. It is said that "like begets like". So a person confident of getting success, attracts success to his life. Others consider him as lucky. But that luck is the result of the self confidence, vision, enthusiasm and hard work.

    A pessimist will never find success. He will meet success, only when he changes the attitude.


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    Success comes to those who are self confident and hard working. It is said that "like begets like". So a person confident of getting success, attracts success to his life. Others consider him as lucky. But that luck is the result of the self confidence, vision, enthusiasm and hard work.

    A pessimist will never find success. He will meet success, only when he changes the attitude.
    Do you want to be successful.


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    Dear friend,

    Nice question, as my many friends suggest before that is Self Confidence is more important.
    To gain self confidence we have to change our thinking.
    See the goodness every where.
    Say yes I will do it.
    don't give any explanations or exemptions your self.
    analyze every time where you wrong and correct it.

    Luck is followed by your activities.
    hence your activities are best your luck is best.

    see example: I am so Lucky Thats why I am selected as Best Employer.
    The person speaking about his Luck but hided his quality and activities thats make him best employer.

    with best regards

    With Best Regards,

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    Thank you friends for promoting you ideas....

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    self confidence will only come after success.Self confidence will shake after several will get success by luck and that will create a self confidence in you.But luck is not in your control and to do hard work is under your control by which you can get some thing.

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    More Self-Confidence will make error on some project.Having full confidence will bring you more luck


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    indeed self confidence is more important to achieve success in life,not luck.luck is when opportunity meets preparation.if a parson is not confident about himself/herself how can he ever achieve anything in his life?his life is a waste.he'll keep on depending on his luck for his present and future and not do anything himself to make his life.he will ruin his life by always blaming luck for his bad fate and thanking it for his good one.he will never strive to become a responsible individual who can take the bull by the horns and turn over a new leaf.

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    As said by many, it's always 50-50! If a hunger-dead man finds a 100 rupees note in the way and eats a fully satisfying lunch and a man with full of green notes in his pocket is caught in a jam or say finds consecutive hotels booked and therefore remains empty bellied, then its the LUCK factor working here. Many say that the Amabani brothers are lucky to be the son of such a big industrialist.

    Further, Hard Work has been alawys credited as a key to success and undoobtedly it is! Dhiru Bhai Ambani, Michael Faraday, Abraham Lincoln etc. could bring to their life such happiness by their hardwork and determination only.

    You may say, that through Hard Work there comes an assured success, but if you depend on your luck, then there will always be a may and might factor following you. Now it depend on you that you want to buy a lottery ticket or to work hard and achieve your goals.

    Best regards,

    "Go back a little to leap further."

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    Hi Bhuvaneshwari,

    The key to success first of all is Self Confidence. If you are not confident you can't do anywork perfectly. If you don't do your with perfection you will never succeed. If your confident enough then sure the luck will knock you door.

    But self confidence is a key, but it should be the right key to move forward. Doing wrong things and just believing that we are going to succeed will not get you the fruit. for example if a student writes the answers (objective type)in an examination with full confidence even if he does not know the answer. If the luck is in his favour then he will succeed. but luck is not always with us.

    So I think to make everything success in life first we need self confidence with little luck in favour.


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    Self confidence is not enough thing for success. If you have a self confidence then you have to work hard to achieve your goal. Let me assume that self confidence means hard work. Even if you have luck, you have to work hard to achieve your goal. But it is in your luck so you can achieve it by working hard.
    So finally there is a ratio of Hard work to luck 70:30.
    70 % hard work and 30 5 your luck.

    Nilesh Patel

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nilesh Patel

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    well key point to success according to me is self -confidence but it should not be mistaken as overconfidence.The mantra of success is to believe in yourself and strive to become better and better and journey goes on forever .Luck is a thing for people who cannot find anybody to blame for their failure.

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    Luck do matters but remember one thing luck will always favour the brave and the one who is putting in efforts to achieve excellence. You can gain confidence only when you have done something productive and different to achieve your goals.
    Someone has rightly said that there is no substitute for hard work. So you need to slog hard to gain confidence and then only leave it to luck.

    Thanks and Regards
    Rajesh Rana

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    luck is a dummy which can be moulded in a way we want.

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