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    Changes to Member Rank calculation

    I have made a small change to the member rank calculation process. So far we were re adjusting the member rank each time a member login or the member use the 'Re calculate points and Member level' option. This is a very time consuming process and adds a lot of load on the server. Each time a member re calculate it, we have to re order all members in the system to find the relative rank of a member.

    There was another problem also. When a member recalculate his rank and get a new rank, another member may also have the same rank which is not updated until that member recalculate it. So, many times, multiple members ended up having the same rank.

    Now I have moved this process to a weekly once process. Every Sunday, our automated system will recalculate the Rank for all members and update the profile for each member. This will ensure that there will be no extra load on the server each time a member update his points. The load is only once per week and is only on a Sunday which is the lowest traffic time in all sites hosted on our server.

    From now onwards, the points you earned will not change your Member Rank until the subsequent Sunday. (I can't tell the exact time on Sunday. It could be anytime during the Sunday in USA where the server is hosted, which may be Monday in India)
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    Tony Sir,

    It will be wise to have change in the membership level once in a week, this process will not only ease the workload for the server but also will have a kind excitement in the members to wait till Sunday to know their rank.

    As it has been observed that the rank will play a vital role in their contribution from some members point of view.

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    Hello Tony Sir,
    This new ranking process is very good as we always keep checking our ranking and total points. It will really reduce the traffic and there will be no more load.

    And Ravishankara Sir said that the excitement among members will also increase regarding there ranking.

    Ram Ratan Maurya.
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    Thats the very good move and remove the confusions.

    When even i recalculated my ranks, it either went up or down.

    Now that ranking system will be updated every week, the better contributor excels over others.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Tony Sir,

    Its a wise move made by you to reduce the load of servers. It was becoming hectic for all of us to handle the changing ranks and membership level in ISC. This will certainly make the work load to reduce efficiently as the traffic will also not disturb the process.

    With the new member ranking already developed, we could see stableness over our particular ranks gained during the whole week period. With this news, members will be quite happy with the wise decision made by you.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Sashwato Chatterjee
    "We Ourselves Make our Own Destiny"

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    I am new to this forum. My position has now changed from bronze to silver level and I am also given a rank. I will continue posting resources. But I don't know , how you will pay me and when.

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    This idea helps to identify where each one stand every week. One can determine his progress through this. Looking forward for more and more of such advancements.

    Best regards,

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    Dear Mr.Tony!

    Well, this is a most required step in the direction of streamlining members interactions in ISC. As you said, it will enormously reduce the load of the servers but it is a jolt to the members who check their scores twice in a second. It will inculcate the habit of patience and more peaceful contributions in a steady manner from all the members.

    Expecting more from your 'To Do' List, in ISC for the benefit of the members.

    Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan,
    Superintendent of Central Excise & Customs.

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    @ Radha Muralidhar: Since you are a new member, you may not be aware that you should not put in queries unrelated to a Forum thread. Your queries regarding payment should be posted as a new Forum message and not as a query in this thread, which is related to the ranking system.
    Please feel free to contact me for any guidance.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Thak you Mr.Tony for your message to all members regarding the change of process for calculating members rank.

    All members will definitely cooperate with you in this regard.

    For this new adjustment on site navigation,we could work on relatively higher server speed.

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    Tony Sir, I would like to request you to change the member's ranking system once in a month based on the performace during the month.
    With regards,
    Chittaranjan Satpathy

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    This is really good to see we are changing our system to automate the things. This way members can see there rankings every week and is one of the stable parameter we got.

    I hope we all will be enthusiast to see less member ranking than others. Everyone will try to have Rank 1 which is not possible.

    Best Of Luck to All

    Amit Siwach

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    This is a good decision, as somany members log in at the same time so it becomes very difficult for server to work efficiently. I think it will lead to a more optimised work flow on ISC.

    Eshant :)

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    Hello Tony Sir,

    This move will definitely help in reducing the server load. Many members keep on clicking on the recalculate points and hence, it was imperative that some change needed to be done.


    Keep smiling

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    Hi Tony,

    This is really an important for the website that such kind of calculations are done automatic. Otherwise there will be a load on server. And this will also effect the website to load. Thanks a lot that you have done the weekly option for the calculation of member ranks and points.

    With Regards,

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    Hello Tony sir,

    That's really a smart move. We all members were thinking about that and you had implemented the new weekly rank procedure.

    Deeptesh Sharma

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    user initiated rank updation can work only with small database. that ISC could provide it so far is surprising.

    ranking can even be restricted to the first few stages. for example if one is in bronze rank may not matter much. if the server gets overloaded in future this modidfication can be tried.

    weekly updation is fine. but it may be a good idea to hard fix the start time and post it here for the information of the members. members can refrain from overloading the system during this period.

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    nice idea tony sir.........

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    I think its good change if it will done automatically on each Sunday. I welcome your idea. What an Idea Sir ji.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    good saves our time and now our level.

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    Its a good move.
    It will clear all the confusion regarding ranking system.


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    Be honest

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