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    Discuss: Which branch of engineering has more scope in today

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Which branch of engineering has more scope in today'.
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    I am a software engineer(Information Technology).So I will always be a little biased for computers.But I think every engineering field has scope now a days specially now that the recession period is gradually going away.

    During the recession period people used to opt for non-computer science streams like mechanical,chemical,civil,electronics,electrical,bio-technology etc. as there was more scope in these fields then.The IT industry was hard hit by the recession.

    But now a days people are again opting for IT and Computer Science streams.They are getting good jobs as well.

    Scope is everywhere,it depends on the individual,s preference and interest.I like computers,so I took IT as my stream.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Hi Krishna,
    Scope in a stream means absorption after successful completion of the course.
    According to me all streams have same scope, everything depends upon the effort one makes in that course. If a student is regular in studies and is interested in a field, even recession in the market can't prevent him from getting highly paid job. A talented engineer don't need to sit free without any work. But today every field has got saturated, i.e the ratio of number of aspirants to the number of vacancies in a good company has become very high and this prevents getting a job. In this era, one has to be different from the rest of the crowd so that opportunities automatically come in one's way.

    Pay no heed to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !

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    Electronics has always been the best as per my opinion. Computers give you the best salary and opportunities, however, it has always been directly proportional to ups and downs in the market. We do see a lot of highs and lows in areas where electronics are concerned. Well, I may be wrong but its just my opinion. People tend to be more self-assured with computers.

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    In my opinion Electronics is the best branch whose demand remains always unlike computer science and IT.

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    My Votes for Computer science and Engineering. Although it has seen downturns but that was a temporary phase.

    Best Wishes,

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    I also think that Computer science and Information Technology gives us more scope than other engineering streams.
    Everywhere, in our daily life we feel the importance of Computers. And it's growing day by day. The demand of an expert can never be decreased.Now,if you have an engineering degree in this subject then you can hardly imagine about the scopes.
    But, first of all you need be a good student. In the time of recent recession also there was no shortage of jobs in this field for good students. Many of them got jobs in campus interview. Even you do not get jobs in any company, don't be disappointed. Because there are lot of fields where you can show your creativity. For that you need not to be an employee of a company. If you are a good programmer, you may create your own application software. If you are expert in web technology, you can earn only through it. And there are so many examples. But first of all, what I said, you have to capture everything well what you study in your engineering course.

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    hi krisna
    I thik Computer branch has more scope in todays market because lot's of new technologies,languages coming in computer & like Telivision we will see computer in every one's house in few year.
    So i think Computer is a fast growing branch of Engg having exclent scope in the market not only in India but in the whole world.Upcoming years will be the Computer's year.

    With regards
    from your friend

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