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    Discuss: Whom do you think is behind the recent turmoil in Kashmir?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Whom do you think is behind the recent turmoil in Kashmir?' Share your valuable thoughts to solve this problem.
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    Hello Madhanarasan
    I recently visited Kashmir and have experienced the situation there and to be frank it was very scary. The owner of the houseboat in which me and my family stayed told us that all the situation in Kashmir is politically motivated and the sole reason is to hinder the economic development of Kashmir.
    We were told that some political parties are getting fund from foreign land to do such activities in Kashmir.
    The whole people which are related to tourism industry are very sad about the incidents which are happening in the valley.
    They are the ones who are facing the hell there.
    Most of the income of the people living there are from tourist and believe me if these incidents had not took place the people living there must have been quite rich.
    Many of the people living there does not even want to take part in the processions but they are forced to take part in the processions due to only some people.
    There is no solution to this until and unless people living there does not understand that if they live peacefully they can made there life a lot better than people living in any other state.
    But I wish good for them.
    Thank You.

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    That is up to the Govt. of the day to find out exactly who is responsible for fomenting trouble today,who was it yesterday or who was it the day before yesterday.We neither have the wherewithal nor do have the correct inputs to exactly pinpoint as to who has been the real culprit.The most we can do is to guess.

    But we know for sure that if we control our armed forces in not committing excesses there,there might at least be a listening Kashmiris people who will know our centre is making sincere efforts for them for the peace to be restored.

    Apart from the indian armed forces,all above mentioned agencies and political and all the separatist parties including the ISI are responsible for this sorry state of Kashmir.


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