New Members - FAQ

Welcome to IndiaStudyChannel (ISC), the most visited educational website in India.

Here are some useful information for the new members:

What is ISC ?

ISC is the short name for ISC is the mot trusted educational website in India, helping students and new graduates to make some money during their free time. Our primary goal is to provide valuable educational content to the students and teachers in India. Members who provide such educational material and help us through various activities to grow this site will earn revenue from us.

Who runs (ISC)?

ISC was originally developed as an academic project for Timmy John, with the help of his brother Tony John, as part of his B.Tech course in Pondycherry university. The project came up well, so the team decided to publish this as a publicly available website, under the leadership of Tony John, who is the first blogger from India. That gave birth to on March 1, 2007. Currently, there are 3 partners for ISC: Tony (Founder/Technical Architect/Business Management), Timmy (Webmaster, Accounts), Jose Mathew (Webmaster).

As of May 2009, ISC receives average 200,000 page views per day and it is growing very fast.

Do I have to pay any fees to join ?

No. All our services including revenue sharing program is free and anyone is free to join. However, we will make cash payouts only in India. So, if you are outside India, you are responsible to make proper arrangements to receive cash payments in India.

How much money I can make from this site ?

That completely depends on how much time you can spend. This is not a money making machine. The revenue depends on your hard work and time you spend. I know many people who make thousands of dollars per month from Google AdSense, but ISC is still small and growing.

All of our members together receive around US$ 2750 per month from Google AdSense program. Also, ISC is paying over Rs 35,000 per month directly to members to encourage members.

One thing you have to remember is, it may take several weeks to start getting reasonable revenue. Once you start earning, your revenue will most probably keep increasing since all your previous posts will continue to earn in the future too.

How can I make money from this site ?

In addition to providing educational resources, one of the primary goals of ISC is to help members to earn revenue by doing part time work for ISC. You can work from your home, office or browsing center, at your free time.

There are 3 primary earning programs here:

1. Earn Cash Credits directly from ISC for posting content in various sections like Resources, Ask Experts etc.
2. Earn Google advertising revenue share through us. In general, you will get 90% of the Google Ad revenue from the content you post here.
3. Earn cash prizes and credits from us through various competitions always going on (like forum supporter award, member of the week award etc)

What are Cash Credits ?

Cash Credits are the money we add to your ISC member account. This money will be paid to you when it reaches a minimum amount.

How can I earn Cash Credits from ISC ?

There are several cash payment programs like payment for posting your old question papers, referring your friends to this site etc. For a complete list of all payment programs, visit this page.

What is Google AdSense revenue sharing program ?

In addition to being a major search engine company, Google is an Advertising company too. You can see several text Ads in this site, labeled with "Ads by Google". These Ads are displayed by Google, on an agreement between ISC and Google. When any visitors of this site click on any of those text Ads, we get paid.

After you register for an AdSense account, we will use your AdSense account to display Advertisements in the pages having your contributed content. Google will pay you 90% of the Ad revenue from your pages (10% of the revenue will be paid to us by Google as commission).

To participate in this program, you must first create an account with Google and wait for approval from Google. ISC is not involved in this process, other than allowing you to create AdSense account through a special page in In general, Google accepts all applications, unless you provide wrong information or try to cheat them. If Google reject your application, you won't be eligible to make money through this program. Read more about Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Program.

Pay per click

The revenue is generated from Google Ads when some one clicks on an Ad. You are strictly not allowed to click on any Ads. If you click yourself on any Ad, Google has very advanced systems to track it and your account will be disabled within few weeks. When your account is disabled, all the money you earned until that date will be canceled.

Is there a Fee to join Google AdSense program ?

No, Google AdSense offers free registration. However, they have a very strict review process. You must contribute few weeks in ISC before you can apply for Google AdSense program.

Does ISC use advertisers other than Google ?

Yes, from time to time, we use various other advertisements also. This is in addition to the normal Google AdSense Ads. The revenue from other advertisements is not shared to members directly. Such revenue will be used to give gifts, cash awards, other expenses etc.

How do ISC makes the payments to members ?

When a member earns money from ISC, we give 'cash credits' to the member. Cash credits are equal to cash, but the amount will be paid to members only when it reaches a minimum limit.

For first time payees, the minimum balance to reach the payout level is Rs 300. If you never received payment from us and have reached Rs 300 now, you will receive the payment when we make the payment announcement during the first week of next month.

If you have received payment atleast once, then you have to reach a higher balance to receive payments. The exact amount is decided every month depending on many factors like our revenue during the month, number of payments we have to make during the month etc. Typically, the cash balance to receive payments after first time payment is, between Rs 500 to Rs 750.

Members can also set their minimum payout amount inPayment & Revenue Settings in manage account page.

When your cash credits reaches the pay out level we will contact you to get your phone number and address. Then we will issue a cheque to you.( Now ISC paying through net banking)

Remember that your earnings from Google AdSense program are tracked directly by Google and we have no role in it. The payments from Google are completely different from payments from ISC.

Can I copy content from other sites ?

Copying content from any other sources (including other websites, books, news papers etc) is not allowed. They will be eventually deleted and your posting permissions will be removed. Read posting guidelines.

You can also post a summary of other external articles, with a link to the original article. The summary should be written in your own words.

Also, you can post the content of various school/university question papers.

Can I quit my job and try to earn more money from ISC ?

No, we do not recommend quitting your current job and try to earn more money from here. You may be able to make more money from ISC than your current job, but still you should not fully depend on us. ISC revenue should be only your second revenue source and you should not spend more than 2-3 hours per day for posting content in ISC.

The revenue from ISC comes through Google Ads. If our agreement with Google terminates for any reason in future, we may not be able to continue this revenue sharing program. So, it is always a good idea to stay with your current job and work only part time for ISC.

What is "Points" ?

We evaluate each and every post from you and assign points based on the quality of the content. This is called 'Revenue Score'. Your earnings and gifts/awards may be based on this. The more points you get, the higher the chances you have to get cash awards and payments.

The points assigned to content varies by category as well as quality of the content. Also, when any content is posted, our system automatically assigns some points based on certain rules. This page shows the default points assigned in each category.

Are "Points" same as money ?

No. Points are used only to determine your member level. Points indicate the quality of your post. In some section where we pay cash, the payments may depend on the points you received. Read more about each section to find if there is any relation between points and cash in that section.

What are Member Levels ?

Based on the total points earned by a member, we promote members to various levels like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum etc. Learn more about Membership Levels.

What is the highest amount anybody could earn from Google AdSense ?

We do not disclose the AdSense earnings of any of our members. However, here is a report of some one who earns a really good amount from Google AdSense program - $132,994.97 from AdSense in 1 month. (None of the members in ISC makes that much amount yet.)

There are several members who earned above $1000 from Google AdSense through ISC. You can read some testimonials here.

Who verifies the content posted in ISC ?

We have editors who review each and every piece of content posted in ISC. Depending on your member level, in some categories, your content may be auto approved. They will be still reviewed by our editors within few days. Content posted by new members will be reviewed and approved/rejected within 1-7 days.

What kind of content I can post in resources section ?

The resources section is a place where you can post almost anything educational. If you have any questions to the webmasters or other members of the site, please post in the forum. You can even use the forum to socialize with other community members in ISC.

Read the instructions here.

How do I trust and know that you will really pay us the money you promised ?

Simply post a question in the forum section and ask the members whether anyone got paid so far. I am sure several members will reply soon. Or, take a look at the credits & awards section and see the list of people who have earned cash awards so far. Read some testimonials here.

Has received any awards and recognition ?

We have not yet participated in any awards program and hence we have not received any awards. However, one of our partners (Tony) is a recognized technology person and he has been selected as an MVP by Microsoft. You can see his name and name of this website listed in Microsoft website. Read more here.

How to join and start making money ?

Here are the steps to participate in ISC:

1. Register as a member in ISC.

2. Introduce yourself by posting a message in our forum section. You will get a warm welcome from the active community members in ISC.

3. Post various educational content in resources section or discuss various subjects in the forum.

4. After you become a GOLD level member, Create Google AdSense account.

If I have any questions, whom should I contact ?

Simply post your question in the Forum section. We will answer your question as soon as possible.

Where I can know guidelines for the various sections?

To help out new members to understand how to contribute to ISC, we have created a page where you can check out the section-wise features and guidelines: Sectionwise FAQs

How many editors do you have ?

As of January 2015, ISC has around 26 editors, 7 lead editors, 1 Managing Editor and 3 webmasters actively helping our members.

Can I become an editor in ISC ?

Editors are recruited by lead editors, site coordinator and webmasters on need basis. From time to time, we add additional editors to our team to support our fast growth. Please find more details about editor hiring process.