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    Discuss: Should Armed Forces Special Power Act be withdrawn from Kashmir?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Should Armed Forces Special Power Act be withdrawn from Kashmir?'.
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    AFSPA is a sacrosanct act and should not be removed.People have a misconception that it gives the armed forces a free licence to kill but that is not so. It does not in any way allows the killing of innocent citizens or any atrocities to be committed against innocent people.It has provisions for the security forces to act only if the people are equipped with weapons and explosives. But the tension among the armed forces and people's violent attitude has already inflamed the nerves of security forces that they sometimes forget the difference between peaceful protests and violent protests.
    The killing of 6 to 18 years old has brought the temper of people on boil but we should not consider AFSPA as the source of this problem. If one tries to go a bit deep matter we find that why so many young Kasmiri youths are participating in stone pelting is because they have nothing else to do, about 35% of the population of Kashmir is below 35 year old and they are mostly unemployed and thus their anger and frustration is coming out in some other form.
    As Jaswant Singh one had said that though Quran is the religious text of Muslims and many Muslims don't follow it but it doesn't mean that we should abolish it. AFSPA should be properly explained to the people so that they are able to appeal if they think they have been betrayed and tortured in any way. This would help the security forces to work much better and would also remove the resistance against AFSPA

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    No, it should be. They are our own army men, our own people, keeping the spadework's done for the political initiatives to be taken to instill some sense of sanity prevail in the valley.

    We must know that the army is not our enemy. But all the ground worked done by the military has been frittered away by our political leadership. Omar Abdullah has taken recourse to the only escape route he could think of by blaming the Indian Army for over hundred deaths in 100 days. Diluting AFSPA has become his sole strategic move to survive.

    It is to be noted that not a single death has resulted due the army action in the ongoing crisis at the moment Kashmir. It is strange why the army is being targeted for those bullets which came from the guns of the J&K police and CRPF. The fact is very disturbing that why the separatists and militants have in the valley has never demanded to disband the CRPF and The state police. Why is Army the lone target? This tactic is only only intended to break India.

    We should ask the Government why it took those 100 days to call the all party meeting. Why they did not talk when there was peace prevailing there all around? Omar Government had earned the trust of the people of the valley which it frittered away by its criminal negligence.

    Pakistan is trying to fish into the troubled water in Kashmir as indicated by reports of infiltration during the last three months of the unrest. There could be the possibility of some linkage between the infiltration and the ongoing unrest castigating the Army alone. Therefore dilution of AFSPA at this critical juncture could be resorted on nation's own peril.


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