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    Will new initiative from central govt. work?

    Central Govt has announced some measures with regards to Jammu and Kashmir. What is going to be the fate of these measures. Will there be a long term peace in valley?
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    The out of the box overtures of the central Government by sending the parliamentary delegation to smoothen the ruffled feather of the Kshmiri people has stopped the further cementation of the sense of alienation minimizing at least any further damage.

    The delegation meetings with separatist leaders had the calming effects. A message went into the valley signaling to the people that a fresh dawn had descended on to the torn state and the coming day will bring relief and scour to the troubled people. Their genuine grievances will be heard and speedily redressed to.

    The people have got the assurance that cases will soon be reviewed and the political youths in jail against whom there were no serious charges would soon be released. All the excesses against them will be revisited and the wrong doings on the part of errant forces would be probed and those found guilty would be severely dealt with. Though it is too little too late but doing something is better than doing nothing in the name of establishing peace and harmony into the valley. .


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    Although any progress made on Kashmir Front is very encouraging. These measures alone will not solve the problem. I always believe that the Kashmir Problem is not a part time problem so care less attitude will only complicate the matters.

    Problem with our political establishment has been that they forget Kashmir whenever there is improvement in law and order situation. Whereas that is the time to consolidate the situation.

    As all of us know majority of the problems in Jammu and Kashmir emanate from proxy war launched by Pakistan against us, but any external aggression can not work in isolation. External interference only succeeds if there is a bit of local support.

    What I have heard from most of the people of valley is that there is excessive security presence , frisking and checking etc. I think we can surely improve this situation. Our security should be less visible but more effective. I think if infiltration on the border, LOC is checked we will contain terrorism.

    On the political front people should be engaged but we should not compromise on sovereignty. Some there is a perception that Govt. is too lenient on separatist. Separatists must be dealt firmly.

    Governance is an issue. Current state administration has not acted on the trust given by people. It is perceived by the people as ineffective. The message must be clear to Pakistan as well that India will not be deterred by external pressure on the matter of National Importance's. Pakistan has no business to meddle in our affair.

    Situation their demands mature yet firm handling.

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    Hello Pradip,

    The centre has announced an eight point package to quell the three months old turmoil in Kashmir taking into accounts the inputs of the all-party-delegation that visited Jammu and Kashmir recently, which is a good attempt to take a holistic view of the ground reality. This includes the proposal to release stone pelters by withdrawing charges against them, which is something which needs to be implemented in good faith.

    To begin a sustained dialogue with all sections of the Kashmiri polity and civil society, a group of interlocutors have also been appointed which a healthy sign in the direction of bringing the normalcy back to the burning valley.

    But talks cannot be one sided and there needs to be a sincere effort on the part of the Kashmiri representatives to come to the negotiating table. Hardliner separatist leader Sayed Jeelani 's rigid position on "Azadi" is counterproductive, as is his tactics of issuing one Bandh calendar after another. Keeping schools and colleges for months o end is highly reprehensible.

    It is very important that political discourse on Kashmir is inclusive. In coming up with solutions, the aspirations of Jammu and Leh need to be kept in mind!

    It is extremely wrong that the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits has not been dwelt upon at lengths. The repatriation must figure in any discussion.

    A distinction must be made between the political process and the conduct of daily life. The former should not hamper the later.

    Governance needs to be replaced by vibrant, democratic local bodies. The centre has made the right noises and peace in Kashmir is bound to prevail in near future.


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    Dear Ashish,
    You are dead right in claiming that sustained dialogue must be ensured.
    But I don't share your optimism for peace prevailing in near future. Centre must adopt a pragmatic but firm policy. We should not give undue importance to Geelani and company. There are some people who are Anti Indian from the core of their heart. Whenever I have listened to him, it is all India bashing.
    Kashmiri Pandits somehow have not been on the Radar of Central Government. They are living a hard life in their own country. There is also an issue of inequality of resource distribution among three regions of State i.e. Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. Government will be well advised to address this issue.
    But we must ensure that not an inch of land should be negotiated otherwise that will be the win of two nation theory.

    I hope people of Kashmir will see the reason to live in peace and prosperity, because so much of destruction has taken place there. Our future generation will not forgive us if we fail this time.

    Pradeep Dimri

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