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    Time management....

    Do you think managing time can make us succeed in the future??
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    Yes, I believe time management is very important for success in life.
    This is the time if multitasking, and it can be achieved only by time management.

    Our future is depend on what we do with our today's time, if we waste our time today, than we will reap negative result in future. And if we use our time in constructive way than we will get positive result in our future.

    No doubt, our future is depend on time management.

    shabina wahab.

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    It is only in our hand to manage the time efficiently. When we are going to railway station/Bus stand to catch the train/bus,we set asides the other activities and give priority to the movement to railway station/bus stand, like this we have to set preference to the work of us,then no problem in managing the time.

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    Time management is very very imortant if one has to succeed in all aspects of life, be it professional or be it personal. Please refer my resource article as given below:


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    Yes time management is the key to the success in which the time which we spend in the various work we manage that make us a manager of our life.

    Effective management leads to the top of the world

    Thank you,

    Well done is better than well said

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    Dear Femy,
    Another good question from you but the response is very minimum.In my opinion , the replies are not upto the mark and upto the point.
    Managing time alone is not sufficient for success in future - it is one of the essential requirements for everyone.Success will come only when you have the drive , skill , leadership , personality ,etc., As such , i do not agree with others' view that success will come to you if you are able to manage your time.

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    Dear Femy
    Little bit correction. Time management is very important factor in succeeding life in future.

    World spoken successful members like Dr.Abdul kalam, Anil ambani, Dr.Cherrian, Cardio thoracic surgeons have given speech regarding the imoptance of every second in life in their carriers.

    In this occasion I would like to dicuss an incident happened in my life.
    I am Dr.Kartikueyan MBBS, PG Diabetology. I am working in JIPMER Hospital pondicherry for the past one anf half year. Nearly i wasted first one year in job without caring much about my future studies.I was conscious only about job satisfication and salary. I was posted for some time in busy departments like Neurosurrgery, Cardio thoracic surgery departments. Seniors from that department showed me how they are moving each and every seconds usefully. Because of those great peoples advice i started studying whenever i get free time. Mostly i will get only 4hours a day. For 3 months period i utilised every minute properly except sleeping period for 6 hours. I had cleared DNB Exam Priliminary as my 1st step for higher studies. I felt i have achieved a great thing at that time. That moment i felt about the importance of time.I know i have to still work hard and utilise the time properly for next step.So i say Time is Very precious. If not properly utilised life cannot improve.

    Success in life needs
    Perfect time managment
    Hard Work
    Right Guidance.

    With Best regards for your future
    Dr.R. Kartikueyan

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    What is the need of those ... in the end of the title?
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Time Management is very essential in life. Every one respects time and if you are not then its the waste of time. Once the time passes it wont come back and hence it must be used productively and to the satisfaction. Always planning ahead is important to reduce the risk of negativeness. Proper planning helps good time management.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Dear Tony sir ,
    I am not able to read in between your words - will you please spell out what does your message "What is the need of those ...... in the end of the title" mean ?

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    Hi Femy,

    Time Management is definitely the most crucial part of life. If you want to live a successful life, you should respect time.

    Hi Mr. Subramanian,

    It is the title of the forum that Tony sir was referring to.

    Did you see the title "Time Management...."? What he mean is, those continuation dots at the end of the title is not at all required.


    ISC Editor

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