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    Is passion for Hockey dead in India?

    Hockey - is our national game. There was a time when Hockey was one of the few games that India was the best in the world at. We were the undisputed champions of the Hockey field once, but now when I see the forum space allocated for discussions on Hockey under the sports section of ISC forum empty, I wonder if there is any passion left for Hockey among young Indians at all.

    I believe their are multiple reasons behind the recent unpopularity of Hockey among Indian youngsters and common people.

    . Cricket has overshadowed everything else as the sponsors and the spectators are only interested in cricket.

    . The constant poor performances by Indian hockey team has made the fans turn away from the game.

    .The corruption in all departments of Indian administration has gripped the Hockey federation and has degraded Indian Hockey.

    These are the few reasons that come to mind at this instance but I leave the rest of the discussion to the members of ISC to figure out the true scenario of Hockey in India.
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    Hello Bhaswar,
    Hockey in India is shrinking to zero level.
    who is responsible for this unpleasant issue? I think it is none other than Government and Hockey federation of India. They didn't take any initiatives for the upliftment of hockey level in India. There are many hockey players in India who cannot afford to for their hockey bat. National level players are hardly earning one lakh rupees in a year. so, government should come forward and extend its helping hands for the betternment of hockey in India.

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    Hello T Krishnamoorthy,

    I totally agree with the facts highlighted by your post. The reasons you have stated certainly contribute in the degradation of Indian Hockey to the level it has sunk today, and to think that it is our national sport really makes me feel ashamed. If we do not respect our national game what prestige will it have internationally.

    I really feel government should come forward to resolve this issue to reinstate Hockey to it's former glory.


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    Hello Bhaswar,
    Wish you all the very best for becoming an editor. Keep on contributing in the same momentum as earlier.

    A true soldier needs both military and spiritual training-S C Bose.

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    T Krishnamoorthy sir,

    Thank you for your kind words of motivation. I will try my level best to do a good job as an editor of ISC and also keep contributing to the site as much as I can.


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    Hi Bhaswan ,
    I totally agrees with you the position of Hockey game is almost in dead in INDIA . There are many causes for this to happen all are who attached with this game are equally responsible for this bad situation . Governmament ,sport lovers , players and sponsors all should join hands to re fame the game of hockey in India

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    Hello Bhaswar,
    With great sorrow I will also have to say that the Game of Hockey is fading away from the minds and Hearts of Indians. Government and the Hockey federation must take the responsibility for the poor performance of the Indian Hockey team to which the Legend Dhyanchand belong. To bring up the team spirit we have to take some steps.

    Firstly, all players representing the nation at the International level championship should be paid equally. Let it be the players of Cricket, Hockey, Football or even the athletes. Everybody who represent India should be paid equally. If we make discrimination here, how can we expect the National team to perform well. Government should find some ways to make our National game once again popular and the game of the mass.


    Rakesh Nair

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    Hello everyone

    I thank you for your responses to this issue. I think most of us agree that the situation is becoming worse for hockey day by day and in this fever of Cricket going on around us, specially in this season of ICC World Cup I once again realize how neglected our national sport really is.

    The past glory has now turned into shame as India is barely qualified to be seated in the same row with world champions of Hockey anymore. Regret and more regret but it doesn't get improved. System with corruption and authorities turning and blind eye to this burning issue they all are equally responsible. Pray for Indian Hockey as it has already turned to it's deathbed.

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    No, Passion for hockey is not dead but it is hidden somewhere. We have to dig and bring it out.

    Improving the knowledge on the national game itself is the beginning of passion for the game. Let the candle burn and throw light all over the world. Try and collect more and more information on the same, of the earlier matches and the sportsmen which will make the candle burn brighter and brighter.

    Hockey also will become equivalent to cricket in the coming future. It only need lot of hands to lift it up. Team work can bring it back to the first place. Come let us all join hands for this cause.

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    Hello Bhaswar,

    I think the hockey of India is losing its value just because of Cricket.
    The value of Hockey is replaced by Cricket, now everyone knows the player names of India cricket team but Hockey players name is still not renowned.

    In the last I would like to say the main reason of Hockey failure is the success of Cricket in India.

    With Regards,

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    Dear all,

    Hockey is our National game. Hockey has its own followers in India. However hockey is not popular like cricket. The main reason for this unlike cricket, hockey cannot be played by everyone everywhere. The popularity comes when people play and follow the rules of the game. Unlike cricket hockey is more physical game and we need proper arena and equipment to play the game.

    It is true that cricket has overshadowed all other games in India including hockey. The class of people who play hockey and cricket are different. Most of the people who play hockey are from middle class or poor background. They take up playing hockey with a purpose of getting a job.

    Most of the parents encourage their children to take up cricket and rarely they encourage them to take up hockey or other game. Whereas in foriegn countries professionals like doctors and engineers also play hockey and other games as hobby.

    With Regards and Best wishes,


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    We cannot say dead, but feeble. Cricket is a moon and hockey is just a star if we consider sports as a sky. Hockey is our national game. But we forgot this fact. Government should encourage hockey players by giving more remuneration. Actual mistake is from our part. Only a few are interested in hockey. Reason is unknown. May be things may turn round one day. All are behind cricket now. But nothing is permanent. Even moon have to disappear for few days.
    Think before act.

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    Hi Bhaswar,
    Yes passion for hockey in India is dead just because of Cricket 50-50, 20-20, IPL matches all are behind money lot of betting, match fixing are going on for cricket team and player it has become like Horse race. No body is interested to see other games like Hockey, football etc. Cricket is no more game its a gambling.

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    Yes, it is dead. And I am sure it won't revive ever. Do you think why did that happen. This is because of the fact that hockey's management is completely the responsibility of Indian government. Earlier hockey had an autocratic management under the name Indian Hockey Federation, run by Mr. KPS Gil whose policies and sense of regionalism completely destroyed hockey. There was a tussle between him and other members over the selection of players from Punjab. Hockey has been the sport of states like Punjab, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. He always wanted dominance of Punjab, and therefore players from other states never got a chance. because of IHF's bad policies people like Dhanraj Pillay were forced to quit hockey. Hockey management in India is totally a joke. Now they have formed a new organization called hockey India, but it is no good either.

    The most popular sport in India is Cricket because it is run by a private organization in a professional way. Yes, BCCI is a private organization. BCCI is a society, registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act. It is a "private club consortium". Similar governance is needed in hockey and other sports.
    The Government of India doesn't really know how to handle sports.

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