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    Which is the mother land of kashmir?

    India had a big and best army force combare to pakistan.
    Also india won the 3 wars against pakistan.

    The India's map show full kashmir was ruled under indian goverment.

    But really some part of kashmir was ruled by pakistan and china. So we saw the FAKE india map.

    Why indian goverment and army did not show the interst to won the Pakistan Occupaid Kashmir (POK)?
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    Dear Sravanan,

    It is not so simple as said and done. There is a lot of complication in the issue. There is an international pressure if any side take a drastic action now. It is not difficult to win occupied Kashmir by the Indian army. But an attempt to do this, will have immediate reactions and repercussions from the international community most of which are Muslims. It would have been a different matter if the Indian forces had overtaken Kashmir fully during 1947, but a ceasefire was imposed by the UN security council. So it is not a case of strength of the Indian army. It has become a complex problem which cannot be solved by simple means of war. If the problem has to be solved now, there has to be a spirit of sacrifice of some of the rigid stands taken both hy India and Pakistan. Both the countries have to take the public opinion into consideration while taking any decision on this matter. China is actively supporting Pakistan in all its good or bad activities. India has to be watchful. The other day one general of the Indian army has cautioned the country about China's presence on the borders of occupied Kashmir and Ladakh. The government has to remain alert and cautious about the situation on our borders.

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    Hai saravanan,
    You have a good observation that the India map is not a real one. Already we have lost a huge part of our land and that was declared as POK. This is the main area for the terrorist activities from the Pakistan side. Actually, the land under the control of India is just below the 'elephant pass'. India always want friendly relationship with Pakistan but on the other side is not trustworthy. In fact, both the countries spent a huge money on the Kashmir issue by which you can buy land of more than thousand Kashmir but still the dispute is going on. This is totally politically motivated and both countries staging a eye cover drama during their respective election period. At present India is spending such a huge money to Kashmir as a every year package. In the view of emimant political experts, the Kashmir issue will be an unresolved issue for ever.

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    You are right Mr. Saravanan, we are looking fake Indian Map. One part of head of Indian map is considered as Pak occupied Kashmir. But it is more painful the look the Indian map without showing the POK. The struggle is there since the Independence. It is said that Pt. Jawaharalal Nehru, then prime-minister is responsible for that, at that time Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel was the Home minister, who was taken the decision to occupy the Kashmir completely, the Indian military is almost in winning stage, but Nehru announced the seize fire and stop the war, for two reason, so that his respect should increase befor international community and second the credit should not go the Vallabh bhai Patel.

    After that it became never ending crisis, the politicians of both the nation making political gain from the issue and no body want, it should come to an end. So the the green crown of Indian become red by painting the blood of innocent civilians and soldiers.

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    Yes it is the great issue for every citizen of India and Kashmir has become contiguous issue for us since Independence. Right observed by you the India map shows the Kashmir at the top with style, the fact is entirely different when it comes to reality.

    Some parts of the area is under the control of China and Pakistan. Neither they are developing them nor they allow India to interfere.

    What is more surprising and really unable to digest is the fact that the locals of Kashmir not allowed to buy any property there. The buying and selling of property restricted there.

    Is that real freedom for us. Just ponder over ?

    K Mohan

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