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    Why is there a drastic fall in AdSense earnings this week?

    Hello members,

    Have any of you, like me, seen a drastic fall in earnings from Google AdSense revenue this week?

    I referred to the Google AdSense Help forum and found that it seems to be a global phenomenon.

    Check it out:
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    Hello Vandana

    In this week, there are too many holidays like Baisakhi, Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti and other holidays. Due to holiday season the AdSense revenue can be low.

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    Hello Dinesh Sood,

    It is not for holidays, as our Lead Editor said it is a global phenomenon.

    Some drastic changes are going on at search level at Google which they have termed as search Algorithm and this process has been implemented since 4th of April this year.

    For more information kindly check at Adsense Forum, there were lot of complaints about drastic decrease in Adsense Revenue and few members have complained that their revenue has reached '0' status that means nil revenue.

    They opined that only genuine and self written contents will come for search not the other way, hence the revenue will dip down further in due course of time, for more information kindly refer Adsense forum.

    Overall around 60% revenue fall out after implementing this new search algorithm process.

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    Hi Vandana mam

    I don't know why your adsense revenue fall this week. My Adsense revenue increases 4 times this week and within a span of 20 days i completed my adsense century. Every day i get very good earning from adsense.

    Raj Kumar Singh

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    I think something bugs affects Adsense. I have searched and found out too many publishers' complaints regarding this and it is a fact that most of them got 40% decrease in their earnings from April first days.

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    Google is making significant changes in their search algorithm. The pages with low quality content or scraped content will be given very low value. So, if your content is not really well written, unique content, chances of reducing traffic and revenue is high. For example, if you have been posting 100s of jobs taken from other sources, Google may not consider it as unique content any more and your revenue may be significantly impacted more than others.

    Bottom line is, only self written, unique content will generate revenue in the long term.

    Some sites in our network have noticed about 25% reduction in revenue.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    In fact on 14th April i got $ 1.23 on a single day. Please note that my contribution is nil in resource section and no contributions in spider sites too. My daily earning are around 0.60 dollars per day. I am not seeing any change so far.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan sir,
    It is because your contents in the forum are unique. Keep going.


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    Dear Vandana,

    There is a 50 per cent fall in Google adsense revenue as compared to the last week. So, it may be because of the global phenomenon change as you said or some changes brought about by Google in search algorithm as Tony sir has pointed out. Let us wait and watch.

    "Teaching is my passion and sharing knowledge is my motto"
    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor Forums Section

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    Hello Biddies
    Yes I do have the same to share as Vandana Madam, I think the CPC has gone too low on these days. I dont have much of Post in ISC but I do have it in SPK, CPC is some times low as $0.01, usually i dont get that low CPC

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    Dinesh Sood,

    Please note that there is no holiday for Google adsense. As Vandana said, it is a global phenomena. Google is making some changes in their search algorithms. and as Tony said Google will give very low value for content with low quality. Definitely the revenue will be reduced if your content is not unique and not self written.

    So always try to post a self written, unique content which will always fetch you good revenue in future.

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    Hello Vandana mam,

    I too agree with you, my Adsense earning is also decreased. Lets see when everything become alright.

    With Regards,

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    Hello , vandana

    I too agree with you . The reason for this can be as follows :

    Since there are so many holidays this week such as Baisakhi , Ramnavmi ,Sarhul , Mahavir jayanti .
    Because of the low value posts there is less earning .

    Hence of this reason 50% of the account has fallen

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    Hello All,
    Today only i got my Google adsense approval. Hope from now there wont be any fall in Google adsense revenue. I also do not think because of holidays the Google adsense revenue will fall.

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