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    Osama Bin Laden is dead. Post all your responses here.

    Whether it is good or bad, whether it is true or false but just now I saw a news clip live from white house that OBL is dead.

    After a long journey of terrorism he is finally settle down to dirt.

    It's nothing but the good news for all those who suffered and wishes to hear the same.

    Still have no idea about the Osama Bin Laden is really dead or still alive because many news appeared in past too.

    Let's hope for the truth.

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    I found a link for the same news.

    Visit Click for Osama Bin Laden is Dead Link

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    Dear Arvind Kuril,

    It is not a false news that Osama Bin Laden has been killed in an operation in a farm house in a small city on the outskirts of Islamabad. An official statement has been issued about it by the American President Barack Obama. And most of the TV news channels are flooded with the news of his death. The Americans ten years' quest is over and the whole nation is celebrating his death who was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attack in America. The justice has been done and all those who believe in love, peace, brotherhood and stability in the world will feel happy and satisfied at the death of terrorist leader, the most dreaded one in the world.

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    Even I sound the same statement. Finally their quest is over hence for the world.
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    Dear Arvind,

    Thanks for this

    Regards, selvamani

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    It is better if America shows his dead body. Actually the news is that he is killed and the dead body is under the siege of military of USA. There can be more danger for America in oncoming days. We have to wait till we see his dead body.

    There were so many examples in the past re-appearing after the death rumours. Let us wait and confirm.

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    US President barack obama in his presidential address has confirmed the death of Osama bin laden in Pakistan. Barack obama has stated in his speech at White house that the CIA-led team killed Osama Bin Laden one of most dreaded terrorist in the world.

    The news channels also indicated that the body of osama bin laden is in the custody of CIA.

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    Get to now more about the master mind Osama bin Laden

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    The picture of dead body of osama bin laden has been released to news channel. Following picture is telecast in NDTV 24x7. These disturbing picure confirms the death of osama bin laden
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    Hats off to the American Intel officials for tracking down Osama bin Laden and a salute to the soldiers who successfully conducted the operation.

    Read about how & where Osama bin Laden was found: How Osama bin Laden was tracked

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    Now US has kept its word of cleansing the world with sans terror and perpetrators will be bought to justice. By killing Osama does US fulfilled its promise?

    From the day one after the collapse of twin towers, US was just fuming over the Al Qaeda and its head. They are consistently launching attacks on his hideouts in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And now they are succeeded.

    But one thing has become very clear to the world that Pakistan is giving refuge to all the terror outfits and Osama also got killed from their soil. So what India has been continuously claiming has been vindicated at last.

    Pakistan must change its attitude now. Otherwise the whole world will be isolating it anyway.

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    Finally the era of Osama bin laden has come to an end. Let us stand up and salute the great intelligence agencies, US commando force and the helicopter pilots for accomplishing this great task, and a very big salute to Barrack Obama the US president for ordering to send the brave but inhuman Osama under the sea bed from where he cannot rise again and pollute the world. It is heartening to know that Osama has been killed in his own abode Abode-abad at Islamabad by Obama's troop. In these days, terrorism is like corruption. Every effort should be made to put an end to terrorism and corruption. Every leader of the country should follow the principles of Mr. Barrack Obama in curtailing terrorism in their own country.

    2. However, we should consider the point projected by Mr.Chakravarthi. Impersonation is a major foul game which can be played by both a friend or a foe to mislead and misguide, to achieve the targeted goal.

    3. What is the hurry in disposing of the body secretly into the sea? Certainly some doubt arises. Let us wait and watch the future scenario.

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    This came as a surprise early in the morning for me. Actually at first when I saw the sms in my mobile that said watch CNN Osama is dead. I was still sleepy and I misunderstood Osama as Obama and I thought Obama is dead. I switched on the TV in a hurry and found out that it was Osama and not Obama. And that was a great relief.

    I believe that it wont be long that Pakistan will be announced as an Terror state.

    Also we should learn something from the americans in dealing with terrorism.


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