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    Had we thought about this kind of uttarakhand????????corrupted..

    had we ever thought about such kind of state????????????we fought for this and at the end i think situation and condition of this state is not different from all other states.....corruption is there,corrupted ministers are there...........then why we fought???????nothing is changed....still the power is in the hands of corrupted peoples......
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    Mamta you are right when every one is thinking that this is the good govt the worst corruption charges as come into focus. Raking up the issues of corruption and inflation, the Bharatiya Janata Party is contemplating on holding state-wide rallies in Uttarakhand. Illegal mining activity in Haridwar is the great concern for the BJP now.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    See change does not provide best results. It can be termed as an alternative from the available resources. If the available resources are not good then change will not be able to bring desired change and the condition will remain the same.

    So it is up to us to carry on with the Good politicians and leave the corrupted persons as early as possible.

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    for choosing good politician we need to have good person in the field of election and if we don't vote people think that is not not good,hence everytime when elections come,i get very confused to whom i should vote ?Anna is right that there should be an option if we don't want to vote for any one.

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    I myself is from Uttarakhand, and is very disappointed from such issues. Every next path you'll seek for, is going through Bribing probelms.

    Doesn't matters, if it's for admission of student, or their waiting for admit cards and results for a long and sometimes an 'infinite' time.
    Or if it is about our Police. (well, Our Police is not that much into it.)

    Now comes to the other side of the topic, mainly and Highly in Govt. sector and jobs, If a person needs to get transferred to anyy other place for his job, because he/she is facing problem regarding his/her small kids and thier healths or some other important issues like this, Just an application is not enough to start dreaming that someday they will work and respond to your problem.

    A BoxFull of Sweet(Cash) is really and necssarily needed by the senior officers and managing staff. Otherwise, We will be left unanswered to our request.

    I hadn't ever dreamt to see such an Uttaranchal when I was a small kid, but as the time I reached to an understanding age and ability, I was totally disappoointed that Is this happening in my state? my place? with my own people? Perhaps Bitter, but True.. Our Uttarakhand now is a Corrupted State.

    Almost Everyone is Corrupted in today's date. Some are Corrupt people, rest of the other are suffering. And in Either Ways, We all are spreading it in watever form, but we are contributing in it. That is what really matters.

    Wish You and Country a very Happy New Year in advance!!

    Together We can make a better India.


    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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