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    Discuss: Is US have any role in kashmir issue ?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Is US have any role in kashmir issue ?'.
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    Why we are allowing the outsiders to poke their nose in our personal business?

    I am of the opinion that our govt should announce that it will not allow interference of any outsider in matter of Kashmir.

    US is acting like monkey in the fight of the cats. Kashmir is an integral part of India and none has right to say anything about it.

    US has number of internal problems of its own, why can't any other country comment on their problems.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Kashmir is an already internationalised issue, having taken up with UN at that time. This is seen by many as a mistake done by the then Prime Minister Nehru.Due to this we have lost some leverage in the issue.

    It is usual for one or both disputing parties to call some third party in support of their claim. With the special relationship between US and Pakistan, both of them will have their own interest to be on one side. US never misses any chance to be the Policeman of the world.

    But as India is a major democracy, US will not like to overtly displease India by interfering explicitly. It will rather use diplomatic jargons but indirectly support Pakistan.

    India has to be aware of this and hence the many moves to engage Pakistan in direct talks rather than third party exploiting the situation. There are others like China who are waiting on sidelines.

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    In Kashmir issue no body has a role except India.That is the stand of Indians.The other countries like Pakistan,china are trying to involve internally and other countries tried externally.

    As every body know,Pakistan attacked and took some parts of Kashmir.Still they are ruling in that area.Like that China also occupied some parts of Kashmir.Recently china started more activities on Kashmir side.It should stop and India has to do something to prevent it.About Pakistan,it became an international issue and two wars happened between both countries in the name of Kashmir.

    Countries like US and some other European countries trying to involve in this issue and they are offering help in talks between India and Pakistan.Every body knows that they have vested interests in Kashmir.

    Also we should not forget the name UK ,who made this issue.When British left India in 1947,they want India should not come up internationally.Their efforts won by half way.Still we can not solve this issue and an enormous amount of blood spread in Kashmir and other parts of India for this issue.


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    US has a habit of poking its nose in other country's affairs mainly for money, sometimes for nothing at all and sometimes for reason which only they are aware of. Even if US does not show completely that it is taking any part in the Kashmir issue, we can certainly believe that US is definitely in it. They just cannot mind their own business.

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    If India fails to take any concrete steps on some nagging issues then US is bound to intervene. Today they are expressing concern over Anna Hazare's restraint issue. I wonder how US is concerned any way in our internal matter.

    Like this the days are not far when US will start dictating terms on the Kashmir issue too. I think Dr Man Mohan Singh is listening to us.

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
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    I feel US may not have direct role to solve Kashmir problem by it can help indirectly. It can put pressure on Pakistan to solve in a peaceful manner. They have to support openly India and criticize Pakistan for his proxy war against India. Up to this much US could be involved. Remain things should left to us. Kashmir is integral part of India. Nobody can interfere this. So, It may be Pakistan or China they have to left Kashmir and surrender the area to India. In international level US can help India to gain more support for peaceful solution of this crisis.
    Thanks and regards,

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    Apparently, the USA should not interfere with the internal matters of India. This is the stand we all take. But given the history of USA, it may happen in some form or the other. However, in view of the recent developments of relations between USA and Pakistan, any role, be it indirect, needs to be read with caution.

    Quite often we question the wisdom of our then Prime Minister about the decision taken about J&K. In doing so we often read it out of context. The circumstances prevailing over six decades back might have forced this decision.

    Unfortunately, the issue has become more complicated as so much time has elapsed and Pakistan has succeeded in internationalizing the issue. No wonder the matter may heat up further and the role of USA may become inevitable, directly or indireclyt.


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