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    Do you know who is Irom Sharmila, also called iron lady of manipur?

    Irom Chanu Sharmila has attracted nationwide and international attention for her cause. She has been fasting since November 2000, when the armed forced gunned down 10 civilians in a village Malom Tuliyaima in Manipur. She is being forced fed since then through a nasal tube.

    Her demand is that the Indian government should repeal the Armed Forces Act(Special Power), which she blames for violence in Manipur. She says the corps cannot shoot on people just on behalf of suspect. I would like you to share your views in this regard.
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    Yes, Irom Chanu Sharmila is also known as Iron lady of Manipur. She is doing the longest fast strike and she is doing that fast protest to repeal Armed Forces Special Powers Act.
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    It is very good to know that many people have information about this great lady and the struggle Manipur, a small forgotten state in the nort east part of India is facing.
    Please refer my resource I have written on this great lady.
    Irom Sharmila the Iron lady


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    Our sympathies are with Irom Chanu Sharmila wjo is leading a crusade against the atrocities of armed forces. But you say that she has been fighting since 2000 and what is the progress of the case so far. Please give more updates for the benefit of all.
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    Irom Chanu Sharmila is a social activist who has been on hunger strike since 2 November 2000. She became activist to the atrocities of the government against the people of Manipur. She has been forcefully taken to finish her fast but she is still on fasting for the past 11 years. Her name is in the Guinness World Records for being on the hunger strike for straight 11 years.
    She has been kept in AIIMS of Delhi for treatment number of times but the government has never paid heed to her strike. Now she is in the news only because she has given statement in support of Anna Hazare. This is the state of our country where people remain hungry for 11 years to make their voice heard in the Parliament.

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    I bow before the steel will of Sharmila of Manipur continuing her fast for last 10 years.

    The people with conviction stand for their cause and fight for it whether they get support or not. But when the support is weak or no support it is taken that the cause does not stand in priority. This is the problem of democracy functioning on numbers. When the mass rallies behind a person fighting for a cause, it naturally gets attention, and the party in power takes note of it and tries to accede to the demands either in full or in part by an open or secret deal. This truth we cannot deny.

    In Manipur Sharmila's case, the subject was of local nature, relatively of a small geographical area who do not have the structure or personnel to convince the full masses of the nation. Moreover, the Special Powers help the major section of the population. A repeal of it can also help the militants who are getting help across border. For the people of the country as a whole,it is a relatively small matter of micro level. Hence mass involvement is not there.

    Anna Hazar's movement attracted mass involvement all over the country because corruption touches all. But the government and tainted political parties make all attempts to divide the people and finish the movement by making it look as if it is the work of a few people, or helped by foreign countries , and of a certain section only.Government with large resources in its disposal may succeed in it also. God Forbid that.

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    With due respect to Irom Sharmila I still have doubts about AFSPA, its removal and the consequences.

    Lets make this straight. The AFSPA was put to safeguard the integrity of this great nation. It was put to counter and protect the people from the uprising insurgents.

    The govt of India never initiated this act to harass the people of NE and J&K.

    With the removal of AFSPA there is a strong chance that the militants will spread its wings and start to trouble the troubled society all over again. This will lead to anarchy(NSCN-IM) like the one which is happening in Nagaland. If this happen I am pretty confident that the India which is now will never be the same again (geographically).

    So the question arises to all the people of India as well as to the govt(state and centre included)..

    Do you want to save Irom Sharmila or Do you want to save India?

    Till now the govt says India...What about you all?

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    Since Iron sharmila was fasting from 2000 and since hasn't got any support from the government officials,this clearly shows that her movement against armed forces was not in good environment.Give more threads associated with us.Someone please give detailed information about the case in manipur

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    It is true that withdrawal of this law will give a breather to the ugs. But we are not asking to ignore this issue. DDT kills mosquitoes but ever since it came to the notice of people that it is doing harm to people too it has been banned. Also the appeal to repeal this law didn't came out of sudden. Many innocent people were killed including an old lady and a small girl in the malom killings. Now can anyone justify how can an old lady unable to note join a terrorist organisation? Sharmila had no relation with these people but is still starving for the sake of manipuri people. It will be far better if government comes up with better and humane laws to curb terrorism.


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