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    Discuss: Do you agree with iron lady of Manipur Irom Sharmila saying that the Anna Hazare campaign

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do you agree with iron lady of Manipur Irom Sharmila saying that the Anna Hazare campaign is somewhat artificial'.
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    In the forums section, you are required to initiate the discussion while giving your own arguments in favour of or against certain topic of discussion. It is not merely an opinion poll. The purpose of making opinion poll as the integral part of forums section is to discuss the topic and give your opinion on the subject as well. I request you to adhere to the norms to be followed by starting a new thread. Otherwise, the members will use the thread only to get points on clicking any of the radio buttons in the opinion poll without knowing anything about the subject. Even some of them may not even have known about Sharmila's fast for ten long years and even may not know the cause her fast and struggle. You could have thrown a little light on the topic and then ask the members to give their poll.
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    The context of "artificial" has been misunderstood by many people who have not heard her interview by Anubha Bhonsle.

    I have voted Yes for the above poll opinion after hearing what she really meant by "artificial" . When asked why she said "artificial" she replied that she "used" the word very often and it meant seasoned/temporary and not fake to her.

    According to her, Anna is a NOT a permanent campaigner of hunger strike and he does it only from time to time.

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    We have right to protest but we should not forget our responsibility. When ever we are talking about security of our country and its people then we have to sacrifice something. We can not blindly protest it. I am not criticizing her. If I will sit for hunger strike to pull down whole army from Indo - Pak boarder then do you support me? We have to observe every step of government but we shouldn't oppose every step of government. I salute her patience. But I should not support her when she compare his works with others and give a comment as she is grate. Anna Hazare did not fight for single region, he is fighting for whole country, he is fighting for common people. At last I want to say both the governments should talk with her and understand the situation and take proper steps welfare of Manipur. I request all the people to put pressure on both Central and State government to lift the blockade in Manipur to bring normalcy in that region.
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