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    What is illegal interview questions?

    Have you ever be asked illegal questions in interview? How to handle illegal interview questions?
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    Hi ella,
    Please read the guidelines of ISC before you start posting here.Forum sections are used to discuss new topics related to our country.You can't post questions here,the right place is Ask Experts section.Please read the rules before continuing in this site.

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    Tks so much!
    I don't know how to remove. Tks admin for helping me.

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    Ella Pacey, You are correct for bringing up this topic in this forum to know the views about illegal questions and how to handle it during an interview.

    Ajaibmaliackal, you can discuss it if you have any knowledge about illegal questions. I think this fits in this forum section. I do not know anything about illegal questions. Members who are aware can throw light on this please.

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    There is nothing called illegal questio. It may be objectionable or irrelevant question. You have not specified your question. I am also new to this site and i should not give any advice but you please observe the forum questions, ask expert section before writing.
    thank you

    Awaiting for replies.

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    If a interviewer is asking illegal questions out of the context, then it can be taken as a white wash interview and you need not take the questions to the heart can reply them vaguely.
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    Ella pacey,
    How did you come to know the term " illegal interview questions" how were you informed about the existence of such questions. Since you are the author of this post, you are supposed to give some clue about this. Unless you say it, we can not suggest you the handling techniques.

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    Sun, right point. Just asking some question is easy. The thread initiator should say why or i what circumstances he is putting it for discussion. Why it is relevant.
    It is easy to frame questions in forum. I and you also can ask What is timbuctoo.
    Probably such questions may be illegal(irrelevant).

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    Generally the questions may not be pertaining to the post or appointment or touching the personal qualities of a person being interviewed. The author could be confused with irrelevant questions or inappropriatequestions and quoted as illegal questions.

    Questions of illegal nature can be of sex related only. In such cases one should politely and diplomatically answer the question and get out of the office,and lodge a complaint to the highest authority, and if required, approach a journalist of a magazine to bring out the reality of the office.

    Here the doubt is; whether the interviewer is a gentleman or a lady.And also the gender of the person being interviewed.

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