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    Maintaining Time management

    Hello friends,
    Time management is an important aspect that should be taken into consideration by almost all the human being to lead a successful life, We can not gain the time back once it is spent out.There are various subjects that focuses on time management in the modern day syllabus as are maintained in many colleges.
    I want to ask the question that how many of you are maintaining the time properly and are planning your work for the future efficiently.
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    I am most time conscious because i learnt from my previous experiences. If somebody asks me to be at a place at sharp 11 am , i make the point to be there at 10.55 am itself. We should not bother the other person by coming late and you always have the right to ask the other person if he comes late ?.

    During train journeys also my father used to insist that for a 4 pm train you be there in the station at 2 pm itself. No matter you take rest at the station but never leave from home at the nick of the movement as any little obstruction will make the travel plan haywire.

    So time management is important to every one who wants to forge ahead.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Time management is very essential part of one's life. Every great person who has entered into history books has left a message regarding the importance proper usage of time. There's a famous saying"time and tide wait for none". Time misused is time lost. We can take an analogy like this: Everyday we are provided with 24 hours of bank balance which is made to zero at the end of the day. What we make out of it at the end of the day determines what our position is going to be in the times to come. Gossiping over useless things,doodling away time is going to make us repent in the long run. In this regard youth must consider it as a prime tool for the future which they are going to lay for themselves. It's the most productive part of one's life and whiling it away isn't going to be helpful in the long run. People like mahatma gandhi,swami vivekananda,abraham lincoln and many such great people have been ardent followers of time management. We must follow in the path shown by them and be a successful person in our life.

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    Thank you for your suggestions Mr.Mohan and P.Jayant
    With Regards,
    Sudhan A

    "The greatest achievement comes from the biggest challenges"

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    Hello Sudhan,

    It's easy to say rather than do, Time management is one of the biggest isues a common man handles these days. To make out a balance between work and family is really difficult. A friend of mine works as a CA in a leading IT industry, sometimes he comes home at 10 or 11p.m. How would time management help? and this is the case with the most of the people working in any mutinational IT industry.

    So i don't think it's easy to plan for each day but what one can do is
    ---> set the goals for one week and try to achieve them.
    ---> should not bring office work at home that time is for your family
    ---> declutter your place,organize it,it will save lot of time.

    Hopeu find these tips helpful.

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    Dear Friend Mohit,
    I too know that it is hard to plan your day today activities but if you plan them well, you can be successful in life.
    Time management does not only mean preparing a schedule it does means that we should not waste our time and use them in a effective manner too.
    You said that one of your friend is working as a CA in a company and he cannot manage time, If he has no ability to manage time he would be going to company only after taking some good rest say around 12 in the noon and he cannot say that he worked for 10 hours the previous day from morning 11 to evening 9 PM. he has to reach the work area in the stipulated period of time no matter what the problem is otherwise there would be a loss of pay charged on him.
    Time management is done to utilize the time properly without wasting any time.
    I assume as a CA he should reach the office at time, he has to plan his schedule and maintain all the records of books of accounts.

    for your points specified I would like to make some corrections,

    1. what is the use of making a target for one week when you are not able to achieve the daily target(total target divided by number of working days in a week), make targets daily and plan how to achieve them.
    2. You should do the jobs assigned to you, no matter in the office or outside. So if you are incomplete in your task don't postpone it to next day. accumulation of more and more work is not good for the company their may be a sudden IT raid and you should be ready to show your books in case of CA.

    With Regards,
    Sudhan A

    "The greatest achievement comes from the biggest challenges"

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