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    Is milk a vegetarian food or non-vegetarian food.Discuss

    Dear members,
    I say that cows milk is a non vegetarian food since we get it from a Cow denying the milk to its own calf. Please discuss.
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    We all know that milk is a complete food and most of the people believe that it is a vegetarian food but I think cow's milk is non-vegetarian diet as it comes from an animal origin. We all know that milk contains protien but as this protien is generated ìnside animal body so we must consider it a non vegetarian.
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    Cow milk and for that matter buffalo milk is purely vegetarian as the animal feeds on grass and not any non vegetarian.
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    Scientifically speaking milk is the secretion from the mammary glands of the Cow. It is a secretory product of its body. There is no need to kill the Cow to obtain that milk or proteins present in that milk and hence it is strictly a vegetarian food.

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    In my opinion, non-vegetarian food means food that is not of plant origin. Milk is an animal product but it is considered to be a vegetarian food because it is a pure product. Milk is a complete food.

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    Sun, your doubt is genuine, but the logic is not right.

    Vegetarian or non-vegetarian is decides based on the source of the food. In that way milk is not vegetarian. But why it is not abhorred by most vegetarians is they are all fed by mother's milk from birth. Hence milk is treated separately from vegetarian or non-vegetarian and people who consume milk but do not consume other non-vegetarian foods are called Lacto-vegetarians. In India most vegetarians are Lacto-vegetarians. They consider cow also as mother- Go maata.

    I happened to hear a wonderful explanation that why God has given milk white colour is-- to absolve the child from the sin of drinking mother's blood.
    I feel horripilated to think on that.What a wonderful explanation!!

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    If you all can say that cows milk vegetarian since cow eats only grass which is considered as a vegetarian food, why not people think about others milk like. Camel milk or donkeys milk etc. They too vegetarian animals live on grass or papers. Even elephant is a vegetarian animal and can yield milk. why not these milks considered for human consumption.
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    Any milk is treated as lacto. People take different milk as per their taste experience. 'Lacto vegetarian' applies to all vegetarians who consume any milk.

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    If you give explanation (for milk being non vegetarian) that since it is originated from animal, then it is completelty wrong. Anything that is considered non-veg is living tissue in one stage or other during cource of its life. Milk was never a living tissue.

    On other hand if you say milk is vegetarian because cow feed in grass then also it is a wrong explanation. Goat also feed on grass, its meat is non vegetarian though tissue and cells of meat are also synthesized by a same bio-chemical mechanism (from which milk is produced.)

    I would consider milk as vegetarian food because it do not involve any living part or any other part that was living once.

    god bless all


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    Sun talk logic here. Cow and buffalo are considered our domestic animals and can be kept at the back yard of the home. Camel and donkey also gives milk. Camel is rare animal for the south and cannot give more quantity of milk and donkey is considered the forbidden animal because it is used by the washerman and hence its milk is restricted to taken in small quantity for some ailments and cannot be expected in large quantity to be used in tea and coffee.
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    I created this thread out of sheer interest. It is agreed that God has created the animal cow and buffalo for mankind to provide milk as a food for all ages and sects without any parity. Though the milk is for its calf, a calf can not consume the whole of the milk produced by a cow or buffalo. It is always excess and abundant and abnormally high in quantity and varies with varieties.

    The discussion was very smooth and interesting. Milk is neither vegetarian nor non-vegetarian, but it is Gods neutral creation.

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