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    Adamant children can be changed with gardening importance and they can even become calm ?

    Adamant children can be changed with gardening importance and they can even become calm ? Yes bringing up growing children is the greatest task before any parents. A recent survey as proved that if children are exposed to the importance of gardening , they can change their attitude to much extent. Children will come to know that uses of garden vegetables and develop a love and bond to eat them when they are offered food. More children have shown their maturity after exposing them to gardening. I want the parents of this site to share their views in light of this new findings ?
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    Hi Mohan sir,

    It is very true that gardening is such a habit, which concentrates the body, mind and soul. This is how, I'll explain here. While gardening, due to our movements the body gets exercises; due to the fragrance of flower, leaves, and the clod our mind becomes freshen; and as the mind becomes freshen and body exercises while serving the plants and caring them with heartily our soul also purifies. This nature activities are earlier taught at residential schools and ashrams. Nowadays, we can see this activities in rural schools and residential schools. However, every parents must teach this act when their child are at early stage.

    Naresh Kumar
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    Naresh once again thanks for answering first. If children exposed to garden, especially with vegetables , they wont even reject to eat good food ?
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Good idea and really very useful information for the newly parents.
    I was unaware of any such experiments.
    Really useful, thanks Mohan sir for sharing this information.

    Ataul Haque
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    Very nice information. I hope every parents will use this tactics. And i agree with this fact, Same situation is there with the child of the farmers who supposed to grow the crops. And thus they taught same to their child and i think based on this fact, Those child of the farmer is also very calm.


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    Ataul and Jeevan it seems my post is liked by good thinking members like you. If the information is useful to you , then my intention posting this thread is already achieved.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I am fully agree with Mr K mohan.
    I want to share some of my personal experience.
    I do gardening everyday.
    believe me when ever I feel frustration I go to my roof and do watering I cant express I just drain away all my frustration.
    Even it give me a feeling that This is my assignment and it help me to reduce the rude ness in my mind.

    I request all member of ISC when ever you feel frustration please do some gardening and feel the difference even it help us to stay healthy.

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    Being close to nature has always been beneficial and will always be. When children takes an interest in the way nature works, grows, give and wither away, they'll come to terms with so many things that puzzles them. Being in close association with nature develops our patience and endurance level. So, they instead of becoming spoilt will become well- behaved and sympathetic and appreciative of life.
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