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    In Haryana Congress Vs Anna.

    Anna decided that to do campaign against Congress in recent bye-election for the Hissar Lok Sabha constituency. Congress accusing that Anna is a RSS and BJP agent and doing politics in Hissar. But they are forgetting that congress is the only major party who always tried to demoralize Anna team. They attacked Anna as a most corrupt person. They attacked Kejariwal in with false obligation. But now shouting on Anna for his anti congress campaigning. Anna first asked all political parties to support Janlokapal bill or support to bring a strong Lokpal bill, all parties given written letter to Anna showing their support for Jan Lokpal bill but congress yet neither supported Jan Lokpal nor showing any intention to bring a strong Lokpal. Do you feel Anna is little bit hurry to take this step? Are you support Anna for his anti congress campaign? Do you feel it is wrong to influence people to not vote a certain party?
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    At this point of time, it is imprudent for Anna to go against congress and campaign against congress. He should remain neutral with out favouring or opposing any party. If he continue to go according to his plan of opposing congress in bye elections, he may lose his image and will be considered as a politician than a social activist. Anna should be careful in chosing his path.
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    Yes, I concur with Sun. I view it as a bit premature from the side of Anna. But Anna would not have taken this stand , unless he would have got some strong signals about the hidden intention of the ruling party.After all, all may have their own channels of inside information.
    He would have got convinced that Congress is doing something which goes against the passing of Jan Lok Pal Bill. Hence he would have taken this gamble.

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    I do favour Anna for campaigning against the govt.
    This is a clear cut strategy of team Anna to show their strength to the govt. and also will act as an eye opener for the central govt. and it will show more comittment regarding this issue.
    Although the candidates standing against congress also dont have the clean image and they will be benefitted from this move of Anna but for Janlokpal bill this consequence can be neglected.

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    Dear sun sir,
    Till today India against corruption is a neutral body. Today also we are not supporting any party. Today also Anna not influencing voters to vote a party. He is bringing the truth to the voters. They can promise thousand to attract voters and to false allegations to demoralize some person. How is right that we will not speak truth to the people?

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    I think Anna is making Hissar as a testing ground to test his base for formation of a political party. Anna will surely succeed, if he takes little more time to plan and make his move in the right direction at right time. He should prove himself great in next parliamentary elections. He has very good 2 years for his efficient and effective preparations of plan and move. I too like Anna team , but Anna should not hurry up and lose the battle.

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    At least we have somebody who is in favor of us. many of the politicians have started to blame him. I hope he satisfies their thirst of greed with a great and strong lokpal
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