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    Cooking rice; Direct method, through pressure cooker, through electric cooker- Rate it ?

    Cooking rice; Direct method, through pressure cooker, through electric cooker- Rate it ? Cooking rice is the great art. Not every one can cook rice fit for eating. For the information it may be noted that 12 minutes are enough to cook a rice on direct method, it takes 20 to 15 minutes on pressure cooker method, and it it takes 30 minutes for the electric cooker to cook good rice.

    I want your experience in this regard. You may not have gone to kitchen, but knowing this is important as this information leads to conserving energy ?
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    Hello Sir,
    I would state that the Rice would be at its best when it is cooked directly rather than Rice cooker or Electric cooker where the gas gets compressed within the cooker itself which causes gastric problems and affect the health of the individual.
    In a scale of 5, I would rate as follows:
    Directly : 4
    Pressure cooker : 2
    Electric Cooker : 3

    I think the Rice cooker makes Rice faster than that of the direct method. and when It come to conservation I would go for pressure cooker though it is not a healthy practice It conserves more energy.

    With Regards,
    Sudhan A

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    I too like the rice cooked directly as it contains the aroma and freshness of taste that is retained there.
    K Mohan
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    Respected sir,
    I know that you have a experience for conking rice and also know what you have like method.
    For my exp. When i gone 2mounth in colcas(near chikhldara) for help my father, that time i know what is cookin on farnence. Is very_very creatical but test is best.

    For cooking i rate first
    1) P.COOKAR
    3) ELE. METHOD

    For test for rice
    2) P.COOKER
    3) ELE. METHOD




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    Its no doubt direct cooking is the best of them all, but convenience and simplicity drive us to suitable innovations. So pressure cooking came into being. Its fast to cook and there's no need to drain all the starch out which I am sure all mothers are going to say that its a tough job to do. But the latest entry,the electric cooking is an alternative to energy saving. I mean with rates of gas cylinders shooting up like never before I would surely like to save some money with my gas. Also there's an added advantage of rice never being burned.

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    I would rate it like this: For taste - Direct method is the best and Pressure cooker and electric cooker are just satisfactory. For speed concerened _ First Electric cooker, Second Pressure cooker, Third direct method. For health concerned - First Direct method, Second Pressure cooker, Third Electric cooker.

    For best taste and health is: to cook in earthern pots in a conventional wood fire. Can we go back to our century old system in this modern era. I think, it is not possible and not preferable to present generation.

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    Yes cooking rice with earthen pots is more tasty and good for health too.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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