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    Is Mr Omar Abdullah behaving over smart?

    There are four attacks in Jammu and Kashmir yesterday. Three grenades fired to different security posts. Two CRPF personal and one policeman injured by that attack. Initially without knowing anything National Conference leader Mustafa Kamal blamed Indian Army for that attack. He accused that Indian army did not interested to withdraw of AFSPA so they did such attacks. But now Jammu- Kashmir CM Omar Abdullah going for a damage control mode and make U-turn on the statement. Don't it appeared to be over smart? With draw of AFSPA is different issue but involving Army with that is not right. I feel all these statements are irresponsibility statements of Omar. He wants to hide his failures by blaming others. What do you feel?
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    Omar Abdullah always making controversial statements in order to gain support from one community. He is acting like pakka political leader, being a Chief Minister of terror affected state he has to behave in dignified manner. Indian army very much committed to the safety of people of Jammu and Kashmir so Omar Abdullah should support army in the fight against terrorism.

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    The history of the family is that they led life in London and the moment the father got aged they all came to India to get the Chair of their father Farooq Abdullah. Omar Abdullah is just not aware about the problems of the poor Kashmiris and he has become the CM only because in India we believe in hero worship. The CM of the state should be a person who is well versed with the problems of the people of the state and this will help in prosperity of the state rather an outsider sitting on the chair of the CM and giving stupid statements.
    I have logic that a person who was not able to keep his wedded life intact and is a failure in his personal life how can successfully rule a state.
    Just don't care what he says, it is only a political game, what else he can do!

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    If such statements are made by the Mostafa kamal then its very disappointing. I think he has forgotten that its the Indian Army which has saved Kashmir from militants otherwise it would be just like second Taliban.
    I dont find any interest of Army if the AFSPA will be removed instead it will help Armymen to be posted to more safer places.
    The statement of National Confrence on Indian Army cant be accepted at any condition.
    This is really an insult of the sacrifices of Indian Army.

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    Over smart means, one who hiding his dis-qualities. When we face any problem that are occurring our own mistakes, we start to accuse others. On all field it is happening. A well organised man never will accuse others. Only support will make a man good behavior. Even when he start to learn dis-qualities of others it will make his own behavior. One day he will also become an unwanted man in the society. It is not only the worst for him, but also for others in the society. So we want to learn a lesson from the politics that don't blame others.

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    Controversial statements being made for political gains. Just watch out what is the next move. Comments on Indian Army should not have been made.

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    He is in a real dilemma. We have to sympathise with him. He wants both worlds. Like the vernacular proverbial situation of 'living with mother and dying with father'.

    He cannot lose the local support and he cannot lose the centre's support. So many times he talks like in delirium. Victim of compulsions.

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    Mr Omar Abdullah is not acting over smart but is doing his duty as a chief minister of the state according to his own conscience or as per the dictates of his party. The politicians are very tactful and always want to win the hearts of their voters. They won't take into consideration whether they are right or wrong. The votes are the only criteria which they are concerned with. So there decisions are taken judging the pulse of the people over whom they rule.
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