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    Discuss: Is Indian education system good or bad?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Is Indian education system good or bad?'.
    Indian education system is good. When it catch at the level of high qualification, it must be a good opportunity to perform all over the world. All world already realized the good skills of Indians, and it was the high beneficial to the Indian constitution and it's laws.
    There are so many ways to improve each one, to their capacity and ability. Art, music, dance all are allowed to improve as an Indian and he can catch the high post. All Indians were support all the skills.
    There are so many sources to complete the skills, because Govt has supported to give them education loan and scholarships. Scholarship in various field is a great thing to show his master piece to others.
    I am proud of being an Indian.
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    Hi Rajani,
    I myself ahve questioned our education system many times here in ISC and at other places also. I am not saying it is the worst but if definately is not the best one.
    There are many loose poles in our system of education. Hd our education system been good the creamy layer of students would not have opted to study abroad and serve some other country. Then our country would have been more developed.
    Major defect in this system is that there is lack of specialization. Every student has to study each and every subjects, some of which are of no use to him. The time devoted to those useless subjects if given to the subjects in which student is interested would have paid more. There are many such defects which I can point out. But this is the one from which I get bit annoyed.

    "God Bless All"
    Vineet Mehta

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    Ok. Vineet.
    It can be say that the higher education system is not good than other countries. But normally Indians were keeping a major role in all world. It is due to the base creation. He got knowledge from India basically, so he can perform more. I think, there are so many variation in education system, compare with other countries. But the education system in India, I meant that it provided to all kinds of people and it is very easy to get basic education, to all citizens in India.
    How you agree or criticize my words.

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    Rajini have you ever looked at the standerds of the Govt. institutions that provides basic education? Can any student from there compete effectively with the one who is coming from the reputated private school? It is difficult for them.
    "God Bless All"
    Vineet Mehta

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    Indian education system is not good rather it is bad. According to my experience as I am a post graduate student and articles read by me I think that Indian education is not designed to meet the requirements of today's growing industry needs or the needs of the youth.
    As we compare our education system with any other nation they are providing more of vocational education, they do not relay on providing degrees to the students but want students to be placed.
    Course design should not be rigid but should be flexible and changed according to need. Many top colleges in india adopts the strategy to teach practical things but most of the university only teaches theoretical things .
    So our education system should be reformed.

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    Is it the case, rare or all institutions in India? Yes. I agree with you. You pointed with the students, who face failure in competitive exams. But I am pointing the gained students in competitive exams.
    When some one failed in competitive exams, it should be belongs to all the world, not Indians only.

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    Indian Education system is good but it needs little bit improvement. We should improve this system by adding more project based or practical based education this will help students to gain more experience and knowledge. By this not only they learn subjects easily but also learn how to use their knowledge in their daily life.
    Thanks and regards,

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    Hello Friends,
    I don't think that our educational system is good. I can explain why I am making statement, the main aim of education is to provide good and quality education which is at present satisfied in almost all the schools but the difference is certainly there. There is a Difference between the schools based on CBSE mode of eduction, Matriculation mode of education and state board education. There is a difference between the students at the same age and same course don't you think this is the major disadvantage of educational institutions in our country. the system is too dependent on money and caste and gives less importance to talents of the students and this too proves that there is a big mismatch in the society and between the students.

    With Regards,
    Sudhan A

    "The greatest achievement comes from the biggest challenges"

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    We are not technically strong enough in educating, when compared to the well developed countries. We are still running schools with blackboard and chalks,where many countries have developed their infrastructure to teach using projectors and PPT.
    We can say it is all because of population. But consider china as an example, they are the number one populated country and their growth in all the sectors are tremendous. They are far better in infrastructure developed for education and for anything compared to India.
    India is not spending more money in the research and development for students. whereas many countries spend their most part.

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    Our Education system is not bad but when comparing with other foriegn universities our quality of teaching lacks.The students must come up with new ideas which will bring a new light in their life.The Indian Education system has many drawbacks and it should be eliminated to bring the best in it.Hope there will be some changes in the coming years.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with others and we will rectify our mistakes."

    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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    Our Education system is good. After you learning in your college is not give you all things. You can learn your self. Use Internet, Reference books, Magazine and other materials to increase your knowledge.
    Everything is possible.

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    Our Educational system is very good now. Many old new technologies has been developed in India. Many universities and colleges provides the courses about new technologies. Robotics programming and artificial technologies program in Indian IIT and other Engineering Institution.

    Many of universities provide the E-learning education through the Distance Eduction program which provides the lot of courses to learn with Internet. Medical universities inherited new latest machinery for sugary and good practice program

    Amit Kumar Saini

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    I think Indians are the most intelligent amongst the other countries. Only because of the education system it is lagging behind. Not only government schools or institutes but private and famous institutions are also losing their standards. Educational Institutes are new ways to extend the business. More or less all these institutes run only for money and not to educate people. Teaching level of the teachers is also losing its standards. If you compare present results with previous and also the question papers and method of valuation etc making students to study only exam point of view. Education system should be seriously improved.

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    Indian education is the best as off compared to all.Well it can be just known on the demand for the Indian students world wide. Even in Microsoft around 40% employee are Indian's. Once in the media, when a reporter asked to Biil Gates that if the American government puts an order that all the Indian's should be removed from your company, he replied that he will move his company to India as he mainly depends on the Indian's who are working than their own citizens. So from this we can just know the level of Indian's and their standard of education among other countries.
    Thank you,

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    Our education system is not good but not so much bad.The major drawback of our education system is not systematically arranged.
    There are so many courses but the in each course we have to study that subjects also which have no use to us.

    Concentration of system should be on the specialty of course.
    Whenever an Indian goes to foreign for higher studies has to do some extra efforts and either gives some test also.

    Education should be such no give stress to students but develop interest by concentrating on specialty of course.

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    It on average I must say

    The Indian education system is pretty good, but as with all other avenues it as been completely corrupted and its value undermined as a result.

    An Indian degree for this reason does not have too much value elsewhere, because most people know how easy it to buy a degree here. Apart from that bribery and leaking of papers are common place. The system itself in certain fields of education is extremely backward and too rigid with no scope for diversification.
    At the higher education level the amount of diversity and choice yo have in foreign universities is mind boggling, while here it's almost non existent. Our schooling system though is quite good.

    The courses should be design in such a way that it should contain latest induatrial courses

    The biggest problem here is the lack of respect for teachers and the attitude of the government towards its educators. Teachers are paid paltry amounts and often not paid at all for months. For this reason there is a reluctance among the qualified to take up the profession, which now results in sub standard teachers.

    Government is badly effected due to attitude of teacher. Most of student in india do self study and gain marks

    Should improve more

    Don't stand in someone else's shadow when it's your sunlight that should lead the way

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