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    Shahrukh Khan Became A Messiah for Seven Villages in Odisha

    Seven villages in Odisha, Ahriajpur, Banhipal, Okilapala, Palachua, Rangani, Denlasahi and Gupti, for which Shahrukh Khan became as a Messiah by funding for solar electricity; which was implemented by The Energy and Research Institute (TERI). As per TERI, Shahrukh Khan fully funded to implement the project in these villages of Odisha; where there is no proper communication to reach, people even for 61 years after independence stays dark at night. I can imagine the movie 'Swades' of SRK, which he dreamed and comes true today.

    Thanks Shahrukh!
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    It is great to hear this news. What Shah Rukh did is really a noble thing. I hope it becomes beneficial to many upcoming generations from these villages. Children will be now able to study late night. I am happy to see wealthy people like Shah Rukh Khan spending a little of their money to hepl the needy people out there. With more similar moves from other actors and directors, definitely there will be a change in India.

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    That is really a very good news, few, but people would be benefitted from it and the best thing is, other people will also do these kind of activities, following SRK.

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    This is really a very noble and pious job done by Shah Rukh Khan. It really shows the kind of person he is and his feelings, love and care for the down trodden and the unfortunates of the society.

    Personalities like Shah Rukh could really help our society to move ahead with time by giving their little care and value towards the not so fortunate ones. Even we as common and responsible men and women of our society could do our best to uplift the life of the poor people by sharing our little happiness according to our capacity and will whenever possible.

    So these little steps taken by the responsible citizens of our country would really do good to the society. I hope more people follows the footstep of Shah Rukh and come out with the positive intent of helping the poor and needy so that one day we could proudly say that, we are Indians and we take a pride to help each other in trouble.

    A. K. Singh.

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    Thankyou very much for Sharukh khan. Hats off to him. Keep up this good work India need these types of people.

    Mayank bindra.

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    Sharukh Khan has really done a great job. The contribution in terms of developing infrastructure in any form is a contribution for empowerment of people. This is much more than financial help. This help the people in the area to live a better life which they could not have for many many years. Let other actors also set some examples like this.

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    That is why we love Bollywood so much. They love their country and do things which no other politicians can do or will ever do even after so many promises of development and understanding. With Shahrukh in this social work, I am sure there are other actors who will come to the rescue of other places that need much more than promises of politicians. Good job, Shahrukh!

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    Its good to hear that bollywood is realizing its social responsibility.
    Keep it up Shahrukh!!

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    I fully appreciate such a noble gesture of the great star Shah Rukh Khan. This shows his concern for the society and his efforts to uplift such backward villages. I feel it would be very nice in case all the wealthy people from various fields of our country take up such noble / welfare activities as projects, each person taking up a particular section / area for development, and provide necessary funding for the upliftment of these weaker sections of the society or for the development of remote villages. And in such a case development of our country is for sure. Hats off to the great star for such a great job.
    Thanks & Regards

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    I appreciate Shah Rukh Khan's efforts to fund for solar electricity at Odisha. His efforts will help in education and development of children of the village. He has set a great example for others to follow.

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    If all popular and wealthy persons in India take up these steps of philanthropy, they will be doubly blessed. They will be blessed by the God as well as by the people whom they help. Their good works will be remembered even by the posterity. The wealth will not go with them to the grave. But their fame will increase even after death if they take up such activities in their present life. I wish all the so called stars of Bollywood or Tollywood or wherever they stay must wholeheartedly participate in such projects to become the real stars in the eyes of the people.
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    I think it is the same will of his that he carries every time, and I am so much influenced by his deeds that he always motivates the others looking at him.
    I wonder that why many other stars are not there for these causes, they have ample of amount which they spend lavishly on several other useless items just like Cars, home etc but very less are there who are actually funding all these causes.
    I am a great fan of Vivek Oberoi that he took one village after Tsunami and he is doing all the development on his own.

    Iti Tyagi
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    SRK donates a solar power project for an Orissa hamlet

    In Swades, Mohan Bhargava (Shah Rukh Khan) lit up a village. No, the actor is doing the same off-screen too, for the people of the Banhipal village in Orissa. The actor has funded a solar power-harnessing project in the Kendrapara district giving power supply to thousands of villagers.

    SRK Rukh is part of the NDTV Greenathon initiative called Lighting Billion Lives. Sources reveal that before donating funds, Khan sat down with experts and studied the power crisis scenario in the area. He was appalled to see the condition the villagers were living in and the lack of basic power supply in their area.

    As a part of the harnessing project funded by SRK, six other villages in the district have also been able to generate solar electricity. Through the initiative, each village has been given around 50 solar lanterns that are charged through solar panels put up on the rooftop. Even though SRK hasn't been able to personally visit the area to follow up on the project, regional officers keep briefing him at regular intervals.

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    Its really good to hear this. Actors also behave the same as politicians some times where they say they would dedicate half of their earnings to poor but in fact they dont. But I should appreciate Sharukh khan for his deed. He used to say he would help poor from his property and he stood on it. He kept his promise. He really gets a whole hearten blessings from those people. Long live Sharukh.
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    This is great news for me as I am a very big fan of Shahrukh and to see your favourite star do something special for the society pleases me even more. I am absolutely delighted to hear this and I hope he helps many more villages and needy people in the days to come. He already does a good service by entertaining the people of India and if he can emulate these social deeds at regular intervals, then, it would be an icing on the cake. God bless him!
    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    Really a great initiative from Shahrukh Khan. We should not start a stupid story as our media that Shahrukh gonna make big money out of it(Investigative Journalism) or whether he is doing it for the sake of his upcoming movie but sincerely thank him for his noble action which will bring light and happiness to this villager in Orissa. Shahrukh Khan is doing good in movies and if he can do that out of the screen our admiration for him is gonna increase for him surely.
    Farid Akhtar
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