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    We should learn from Manipur people.

    In the recent election, there is 82% turn out in Manipur. Different terror groups threatened Manipur people to boycott the election. The Manipur people gave them a strong reply by participating in the democratic process. So, I feel it is the time, the whole India should learn from them. Overall we achieved below 50% turnout in major elections. So, we appeal our Indian people to take them as an example and participate more and more in the elections to choose good representatives.
    Dear members please share your views and appeal the India to participate in the elections to strengthen our democracy.
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    That's really inspiring !

    We should also be careful of people who vote on others name, like our family happened to shift our house after we sold our own house to nearby locality to the previous one, but still by the time we reach the poll station somebody else vote on our name this has been repeating since few years while we made a complaint no action is been taken on this issue.

    So I am now applying for the update of my voter card and shift my booth to the new locality.

    What I observed that most educated avoid voting and as you said the unlettered starts early morning sincerely to the booth stations.
    I saw my grandparents and other elderly people in my locality, they just gets ready for voting very much early as if they are going to attend some important function, I still have a visual memory of them.

    I learnt the importance of vote very lately when things in my region are not happening well and I realized how important it is to elect a right person and our vote decide the fate of the state and the place we live.

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    Well said by you Mr.Vicky, the entire India should learn from the Manipuri people. Normally on an average, the poll percentage will 65-70%. But more than 80% shows the involvement of those people in voting. Atleast from the next elections, we can expect the rise in voting percentage.

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    educated people from UP and Bihar should learn from this small state. UP and Bihar is still underdeveloped because the voters are uneducated and from villages who don't even know about the candidate. most of the educated people don't vote and they show their patriotism in facebook. twitter and other social sites.
    this time I am out of state, so unable to vote but I will try.

    Awaiting for replies.

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    Bihar people are really hard workers and are very strong people compared to other parts of country, In my experience, there are no people from other parts of the country, who dare to work on high rise buildings, it is only biharis, but they should be educative and know their right and vote in elections to chose better leader for them,
    Until now, maximum number of leaders from there made people fools and become more corrupt, because of non=interest of the people in elections

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