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    Posting limits in IndiaStudyChannel (updated)

    Many of you are probably unaware that there are certain limits to the number of posts you can contribute to some of the ISC sections.

    This is a comprehensive list of the posting limits:
    1. Schools: 10 per day (24hrs time frame)
    2. Colleges: 10 per day (24hrs time frame)
    3. Updates: 3 rejections in the last 7 days will cause an automatic posting restriction until the 7 day period is over. The member will be able to post soon after 7 days from the first rejection.
    4. Question papers: 100 per month (30 days time frame)
    5. Polls [section closed in May 2012]
    6. Polls – votes [section closed, hence no votes can be cast]
    7. Forum posts: 15 in 7 days
    8. Forum responses: 2 consecutive posts in one thread, after which you have to wait for somebody else to respond before you can post a response again
    9. Articles: you can post as many as you like. However, if 3 posts are in New submission/pending status, you cannot post more till those are reviewed. If 5 posts are rejected or you are suspended from the section you cannot post.

    Updated November 2019: As of May 2016, the maximum limit restriction for posting new resources for Diamond and Platinum members was removed. They can submit an unlimited number of articles even if their previous articles are not yet reviewed
    10. Jobs: 15 per day and posting permission will be automatically blocked on 5 deleted jobs.
    11. Reviews: no limits
    12. Ask Experts questions: 2 per day
    13. Ask Expert answers: no limits. However, if 20 responses are in New submission, you have to wait until they are reviewed.
    14. Gifts: not more than 5 gifts in 5 days
    15. Links: section closed
    16. Closed sections to all members: business directory, classifieds, polls, bookmarks, projects, learn English, practice tests, links, training centres, universities, the main database of courses, My India new submissions for cities, towns, etc.
    Update on 20th August 2019: Links to Google maps are also no longer accepted.
    17. Special permission required for: schools, colleges (including adding courses to an existing college post), updates for schools/colleges/My India updates.

    If you have any queries about posting limits in any section, please post it in this thread. One of the editors or Webmasters will answer your query.

    Update 12th February 2012: Posting limits is different from posting permissions. Posting permission is removed by an editor if you violate a rule, whereas a posting limit is something that is applicable to all members including editors. So, the 'restricted access' message means different things in different sections. For example, in the business directory, you will see it because the section itself is closed for posting. If you see it in the articles section, first check if 5 of your articles there are in the pending/new submission section. In that case, you are restricted from posting till these are reviewed by the editors. If, on the other hand, you do not have any article is pending/new submission, it means that your posting permission was removed due to a violation of ISC rules. You can raise a forum thread to clarify.
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    Many members are not aware of their limits in different sections and nice to see this post with all relevant information. Good effort on your part.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Vandana Ma'am,

    This list was something I've searching all over ISC from the time I joined. Thanks a lot for sharing this informative piece with us. Initially, it is only after we've crossed the limits that we used to realise that there was such a limit. That happened to me in poll voting. This will be helpful to a lot of members. Thanks again,

    'Do Your Best and Leave the Rest'

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    I am new to this site and I really don't know this type of restriction that's why I had tried to post and got message of restriction I then want to post for this but I had crossed this this post I understand actual mechanism
    Thank you.

    Not failure but low aim is crime.

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    These all are some vital informations for a member like me who just started in ISC. Knowing all these matters in the starting itself will add the confidence of members. I have some topics to which I would post as resources in detail, but I have some confusions regarding the tagging and HTML. If you can make it clear for me, then I will be more happy. Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Anoop Poduval
    Life is too short..keep smiling always...!!!

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    Vandana Maam,
    Thanks for collecting such a valuable information and posting it here for member's awareness. We will remember these limits and manage our work accordingly.

    K K

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    Indeed, this thread will be ready reckoner to know the limits at ISC. You have done a great job .

    No life without Sun

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    Nice to see this thread as many of members not aware of these guidelines regarding posting limits in various sections of ISC. This information certainly releases some kind of work pressure from Editors.
    There are some things that money just cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

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    Hello ma'am,

    Thanks for sharing this information with all of us! Even I was not knowing many of the lilitations in IndiaStudyChannel. These forum is really very useful for new as well old members.

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    Thanks for this initiative ma'am. I think it is rather more clear about where and what to post. I think it is now crystal clear about the members being restricted from particular sections permanently and also some need permission. I think this thread is applicable to the current scenario. We have seen recently huge influx of question papers from no where and it is good to see a limit put on those as it gives some breathing space for the Editors to review these. Also many members have been raising threads about restrictions imposed on them. I hope they all read this thread and will no query again. It is good to see the top brass interested in what is happening currently at ISC and I am fully supporting such initiative. Also I think it would be better if a user is forced to read threads like this once he logs in for the first time. This has been done on many other sites as well. It would be a good idea.

    Also ma'am is pulling out threads allowed? Like bumping threads for more responses? This might break the 2 consecutive post rule but becomes sometimes necessary.

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    @ Anup: please post your query about tags and HTML in a new thread. It is best not to post a query in a thread which is not related to your query.
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    @ Sai: If one member pulls up an old thread, then others follow, so do avoid it. If you find that your thread did not get any response or did not get a response which gave you the correct information, then what you can do is post a new thread & give a link to the previous one, requesting for information.
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    Um okay, another query ma'am if you do not mind. Is it okay if a member intervenes in a thread pointed to a particular other member? I mean sometimes, the member may be knowing the information being asked even though he is not the one who requested to answer the query by the thread creator. So in such cases, can we intervene and share our views? But I am aware that we should make derogatory interventions so what else is there to be followed while intervening to help other members?
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    Thank you for making it clear. This is something new for me and I was not aware of it.

    Can you tell me how many responses I can make PER DAY?

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    Thank you very much for sharing the information. For people who are new to the site, like me, it would be very useful. Although I haven't come across such limits, I shall certainly need it in the future.


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    I think it is a good decision and will help to new members to come forward. Because contribution of old members to this section will be decreased thus they will focus on other sections like ask expert answers, articles etc. This will also help to get new articles for all those who are interested to learn from articles.
    Piyoosh Goswami
    "If you are busy, it means you are happy"

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    Thank you ma'm for giving such valuable information for us.
    Ma'm I have one doubt, according to you if one members five resource posts are rejected then he will be restricted for the resource section.
    Does he restrict permanently or for a period?
    One more thing is that rejection of five resource articles means, five resources in a week or month or what? Please clarify my doubts.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Thank you Madam Vandana for bringing out a very useful thread especially for the guidance of the new members. It will also be helpful to the editors to properly guide the members in this respect.
    "Teaching is my passion and sharing knowledge is my motto"
    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor Forums Section

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    1. If 5 posts are rejected, the member will not be able to post for a short period of time (though not sure for how long). Of course, it is possible that if it is copied content (not any other reason such as less content) then the resource editor could have manually removed the posting permission for the member.
    2. The 5 rejected posts means five consecutive resource posts.

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    Mala Jaiswar ma'am (#287502),

    As you can see, there is no such rules or limitations for the number of responses done by us on per day basis, we can do as much as we can, with the correct information.

    The only limit is that we cannot make more than two responses continuously on the same thread. If one have to make a third response, then he/she will have to wait till someone else comes and replies to the thread query.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    I have only one doubt that if we are not posting more then one response in one forum thread; then is there any limits or not; how many responses can we post in forum thread and also in anybody's resources? Please guard me for the same; I will be waiting for your responses.
    Veena Sharma.

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    Veena didi, we can post any number of responses in a Forum thread. But it needs to be made sure that you don't post responses consecutively. I mean you cannot post two of your responses one below the other. Some other person has to post before you can post. So, there is no limit as such to the number of responses once can post but the above thing needs to be made sure of. Also pulling out very very old and relatively out dated threads through responses can be avoided.
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    The knowladge about the limitation is very nacessary to the all categories of users.
    this forum present the best giudeline in the posting of various section of ISC and also guide for the planning of posting,

    Phagu Mahato
    Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.

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    Thanks for your acknowledgment about of posting limits created by ISC. When I join this forum I don't know about of this posting limits. But today I read this post and I feel good.

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    I am new to ISC. Reading your post on limitations, was very helpful.
    I moonlight as a Content Writer. Whatever tips and guidelines, I recieve from all you fellow members, will be great.
    Currently, how can I submit a listing in the Business Directory section?


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    Please read the text in this forum announcement carefully. It is clearly stated that the business directory is one of the sections which is closed for posting to all members.

    For tips on writing please refer: Good Article Writing Tips

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    vandhana madam,
    Now i can't post some items in ISC. Please inform me that, why l can't do that. And how i can solve it.


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    Thanks a lot for providing such a nice and valuable information.
    Value has value only if it's value is valued

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    @ Vishnu: please specify exactly which sections you are being unable to post?

    I have put in an update in the announcement above to let members have a better understanding of posting limits and posting permissions being removed.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    I have post in ask question but it is not sending. there is some error in this section. If this is not error then I have restricted or something else I can not understand.

    Not failure but low aim is crime.

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    We will check out what could be the problem.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Thanks Vandana Mam!

    This is a valuable information for all of us and all the new members who have joined this site. Please keep up to date to all the members by posting these kind of post.

    Sabrez Alam
    "Knowledge will give you power, but character respect."

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    This post should be made sticky, in the sense it should always be visible on the forum page along with other important threads. So that all members become aware of these limits and avoid unnecessary questioning in the forum section. Honestly speaking, I only knew about one limit(5 links per day) out of so many, till now.

    Mohammed Umair

    Worship the Creator, not the Creation!

    Mohammed Umair

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    A very comprehensive and of course a laudable compilation. Hope all members refer to it. Thank you for the much welcomed information Ma'am.
    "Give the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you"

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