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    Chak De India: India qualified for London Olympic after 8 year

    It is really a time of celebration, where on one side Indian Cricket is at last position in ICC rating; in other side Indian Hockey Team qualified for London Olympic after a long 8 years of tenure. Today on its qualified match against France, Indian Hockey Team won with 8-1 points. The team's maximum part goes to Sandeep Singh, who did 5 goals. On this concert Madhya Pradesh govt declared to give prize of Rs. 1lac to each player. Let us celebrate and pay the Indian Hockey team a great hope to win a Gold medal in London Olympics.
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    Congratulation India! Hockey India qualified for England Olympics.
    After eight year gap India is able to regain its glory and able to qualify for Olympics. Hockey India continued his unbeaten journey and beat France in the crucial match today with a great margin of 8-1. Our hockey players put their hundred percent efforts to defeat the mighty France to enter into the Olympics. In front of courageous Indian hockey players, France could not able to survive and lost the crucial match. Though Indian women hockey team failed to change the old history and lost by South Africa. Indian Hockey player Sandeep scored five brilliant goals against France in this match. He even scored a three goals continuously and broke down the backbone of France defense unit. Remember in the inaugural match India defeated Singapore with 15-1 goals.
    So, join hands to support Hockey India.

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    It is a great celebration for all hockey fan players. Hockey is getting more importance in today's entertainment table. After a long gap of 8 years India won against france with a striking 8-1 match win and each player has made the match more interesting one. Sandeep singh has played a wonderful match in his career and India qualified to London olympics and We can hope that India will be getting a Gold medal in olympics. We can wait for this goldon moment.
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    This is really a great news for Indians. Our hockey team has really done a great job by defeating France by 8-1. I think now its the high time that we should give our full support to Indian hockey team in the London olympics. Three cheers for Indian hockey team for their heart winning performance.
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    My hearties congratulation to the Indian Hockey who has qualified for the London Olympic games after missing the 2008 Beijing Olympic. This is really a celebration as Hockey is our national game but the people attracted to the foreign game i.e. Cricket. Hope the Indian pay respect to what we have and what belongs to us rather than ape about the foreign products.
    We all members of ISC family wish our hockey team all the best for the forth coming London Olympic and pray that the team brings home the Gold which India has been wishing for a long time.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    As the saying goes of one door closes , another opens. Our Indian cricket boys have done so badly in that game and our super stars of Hockey team made us proud by defeating five teams and qualifying for Olympics too. This is the great movement for India as they have enhanced the prestige of this game and also the sagging image of the country due to some hopeless defeats in the cricket.
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    I think we should celebrate all the good occasion and events that come up in our life and that what is really important and I do believe that one events should not be undertake because of any other sad event.

    We qualified for Olympics that is really a very good news and we definitely should celebrate it and even we came up last in the cricket game; that really don't mean that we should cry and forget the good part of the games.

    That is what I truly believe in and I do think that people should alo have such type of attitude to celebrate all events.

    Veena Sharma.

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    Congratulations to the Indian Hockey team for playing well and to qualify for England Olympics. It is a happy news. The Madhya Pradesh government took the right decision to celebrate, motivate and encourage the players. It is nice to know that Hockey, the National Game of India is being played well and reaching the news headlines. Greeting and best wishes to the Hockey Team of India to play still better and be a winner always.

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    Indeed a great and good piece of News. Really made my day and made me happy. I had not expected at all this time that India will be able to qualify in this Olympic 2012. Thanks for sharing the news. And these kind of news need to be promoted so that, Indian Hockey team could revive its prestige back.
    I wish and hope Indian hockey team would be able to bring laurel for the entire country with their Gold medal win in Olympic 2012.

    Ataul Haque
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    It is one of the happiest news in the middle of failure of Indian Cricket. The hockey team simply rocked and let us hope for a good performance in Olympics too. Sandeep is in good form and his ability to take free kicks are superb. Now the guys of India should be ready to leave cricket and support the hard working Hockey team. Best wishes to Indian Hockey Team.
    Chak De India.


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    It is a great news and I congratulate the Indian Hockey team for making it to the London Olympics. Recently when the Indian failed to qualify for the Beijing Olympics, many had started saying that this would bring a period of decline for Indian Hockey. Adding to it there internal rifts between the administration and the players. But the Indian Hockey overcame all hurdles and improved its performance on the field to show that We can still dream of those memorable moments of the past.

    But we need not forget that the tough part starts now when India plays in the Olympics. It will be a tough tournament and if the Indian team emerges a winner in it then it will bring some prestige to this glorious game in India and bring more followers. Certainly we should rejoice this moment and hopefully we get a bigger reason to rejoice in the coming months.

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    Thanks for providing this piece of information.
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