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    Government in Uttarakhand

    Congress is forming their government in Uttarakhand with help of BSP and UKD,earlier their was tough fight between BJP and Congress as their was difference of only one seat between congress and BJP,but as Sonia Gandhi personally asked Mayawati for support and BSP won three seats,so now congress is going to form their government with BSP but still their is suspense on next CM.
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    I am surprised with the characters of our politicians. i think they are simply opportunistic. In U.P. elections, congress was criticizing BSP and both parties have contradictory thoughts and agenda. So how they join with each other in Uttarakhand?

    It is not be surprising if a person from BSP will become CM in the state. Anything is possible in democracy of India and Indian politics.

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    You never know what might happen with politics and politicians in India. I am sure that a day will come when we will see BJP and Congress coming together to fight against a common enemy. I will not be surprised even then when that happens. The world of Indian politics is too capricious to be surprised and amazed.

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    Ajay sir, I think one need not be surprised by seeing the opportunistic attitude and moves of the political parties in this country. They have been opportunistic since a long time so much so that the whole country now only expects them to be opportunistic. Yes, it is correct that Congress criticized the BSP in the elections in UP and Ms. Sonia Gandhi has just shown her facet of opportunism by literally requesting for support in this dire hour of need. This just is purely opportunistic and hence one really need not feel anything new about. For example, Rahul Gandhi himself had commented that the Elephant in the UP was eating away all the funds allocated by the central government. I do not know with what moral authenticity did Ms. Mayawati accept this request. This is a pathetic situation where the public has been left with no choice but to choose from the pool of corrupt politicians only.
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    This is expected move. I thought and responded in this forum after result that congress will make government there. BJP had lost ground. B.C. Khanduri lost in there who is leader of BJP and chief ministerial candidate and loose in election is bad news for BJP and there were less chances of BJP making government. Another thing is that BSP never give support to BJP as they will look for some advantage and congress is in ruling in central. It is clear that congress will form government.

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