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    Artificial intelligence a giant leap or a suicide mission?

    Artificial intelligence is the science of making engineering machines, especially intelligent computer program. That is making of smart machines which are able to think and act like human beings. There are so many researches are going on this field. On this time we have to think the adverse effect of the further development in this field, because when these machines came to understand that human beings are utilizing them, for war there will not be any freedom fight. It will be a total revenge against all of us as we have already seen in the science fiction film. So there is a necessity to think twice about further development in the field of Artificial intelligence. Will the development in the field become a giant leap or will it be a suicide mission. Members share your view on this topic.
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    Artificial intelligence can be achieved only by coding and so there is no point in saying that machines will take revenge. It will be like we have to eat to live. In a similar manner they will follow the rules in doing actions since they know nothing else. If some virus in infected, in that case too it will perform some coded instructions and not harm human beings. Note: They can act like human beings but not become human beings.

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    Yes the future is going to be the place for Artificial Intelligent made machines that can prove to be hindrance to the very existence of human life as it can over power our work with more ease. The use of these machines in the factories will be put to more use and the importance of labour class will be not be felt in future and this may lead to unrest in the near future. Machines and modern methods can be helpful to the mankind but it should not be a challenge to their very existence.
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    Artificial intelligence a giant leap and definitely not a suicide mission. What we see in movies is too fictional to be believed. I know what the science fiction movies predict is scary and sometimes believable but they can never be true. Artificial intelligence is sure to help mankind in every way, although it may make people lazy and too carefree.

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    Artificial intelligence is sure going to be a giant leap. It will be very much helpful to the human race and mankind. It will be able to produce effective results in minimal time frame. The task of human will become easy. It will really be a wonderful experience. But, as a human, we should not be totally dependent on machines. The only disadvantage is that people may become lazy and may lose interest in work.

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    Artificial Intelligence will be the next coming future and it will replace manual efforts. This will be a good heling hand for our life, but to an extent it is programmed like a machine, if anything happens it will become a enemy for our life. When we are programming we must use it in a proper way to restrict the damages.
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