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    Why the Hindu Gods possess lot of weapons in their hands ?

    You all must have observed that the Hindu Gods possess different kinds of weapons in their hand. They are mainly used for fighting. Lord Shiva has a Trishul in his hand. Lord Vishnu has a Chakra in his hand. Ganapathy too has Trishul. Lord Karthikeya has a Vel in his hand. Lord Yama has a Gatha with him. And many other local deities are provided with leathal weapons like cutters, Swords, sticks, Trishul etc;

    Should God possess all these weapons? Why Gods have enemies ? Is it true that Gods too have enemies to fight? Or is it only stories created by human about Gods? Can the members throw some good light on this topic.
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    Each and every incarnation of the god has come into being to punish a demon or Rakshas who has been bothering the man kind with whole lots of boons received from Maha Shiva. So gods do have existed with lots of weapons in their hands so that there should be a fear complex among those who worship or revere them. More over the gods always punished the bad elements with these weapons and won the people heart.
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    We all know that according to hindu mythology there exist many gods and goddesses.Equally there also existed many demons and rakshasas.They might have possessed them to safeguard people.It is also a symbol of their power and might.It corresponds to even our daily life like having a large army isn't sufficient but also enough weapons.the gods portray themselves as supreme and powerful and are the protectors of the world.

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    The saving God is having a responsibility to punish the evils in general as well as which are giving harm to their devotees. It is similar to the scale or stick in the hands of teacher.

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    While God is the Almighty with great powers, Can't the God do magic without any weapon. Why a weapon to fight? While God can bless us with his palm, He can curse the demons or devils with the same palm or the palm of his left hand. God can have his right hand for blessing and have his left hand for cursing. I think, it is not God made weapons, it is man made weapons given in the hands of Gods. I too wonder why Gods should have weapons.

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    Each god has promoted one weapon or other. Lord Sri Ram is well versed with Bow and arrow, Lord Krishna is well versed with Bow and arrow and even Gadha Yudham, Lord Hanuman always poses a Gadha. Lord Muruga has the Vel in his hands. Lord Vishnu has the Sudharshana Chakram. Godess Kali has the Javelin in her hand. So we can see the battery of weapons that were used by the gods.
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    It's very simple, Mr.Sun. They have weapons for only one reason - Dhushta Nigraham, Sishta Paripaalanam meaning "To destroy Evil, To protect Good.

    Hope you agree with me.

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    There are many Gods in Indian Mythology and each weapon on their hard refer to a particular power and ability. They also uses it to kill the demons and to destroy evil from the world and to make the world a safe and to bring balance.


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    Thanks for your good answers. While the Gods of other religions do not possess any weapons, why should only Hindu Gods possess weapons. The Christian Gods, or Muslim Gods, or Buddhists, Jains do not have any such weapons to fight against the evil, Why only Hindu Gods need weapon to fight with demons and devils. As Rajee said, Can't they just use their powerful right or left hand to destroy their enemies. It is rightly said that man made the weapons and handed over to Hindu Gods to fight. We need to think well about this weapons in the hands of Gods.

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    @ Sun
    The depiction of weapons with which the several Hindu goddesses and gods are adorned are all based on Hindu mythology. The description why they carried these weapons even if they were gods and goddesses is also explained by the people who do research on Indian mythological literature. I think the maximum weapons are carried by the goddess Durga who is shown to possess ten hands. It is said that the conch shell in her hand represents sacred Om or the Pranava. The thunderbolt speaks of firmness of mind. Bows and arrow carried by her display her energy or strength. Sudarshana chakra held by her is supposed to be given to her by Vishnu. The revolving Sudarshana chakra signifies that the whole world is at her command. The trishul or trident reveals three distinct qualities of Rajas (activity0, Satwa (inactivity) and Tamas (non-activity). It may also mean to eradicate three miseries from the world i.e. mental, physical and spiritual miseries. Some of the weapons got associated with the earlier time gods and goddesses because they were also the rulers of dynasties. The gods Rama and Krishna belong to this category. These weapons mainly signify the powers that good destroy the evil doers or demons. You will realize that the saints like Jesus Christ, Mohammed prophet, Gautama Buddha, Mahavira etc. and the saints of the medieval ages like Guru Nanak etc. did not carry any weapons because their stories are not based on mythology.

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    Mr.Sukhdev singh and others,
    Good to see a very good elaborated response. However, the Gods of other religions too had good magical powers. Moses could divide the sea and make entry. Jesus could heal the deceased. He could convert five fishes and few bread pieces into many to feed many thousands of devotees. Jesus could rise from the dead bed and resurrect on the third day. Yet they did not possess any weapon in their hand. Why?. There were devils and demons during their time too. Why they did not think of any weapons. A great logical question for discussion, my dear members.

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    Hindu mythology is absolutely depends on Vedas. The Vedas has a great and deeper meaning. There are four Vedas Samaveda, Rig-Veda, Atharvaveda, Yajurveda. The great holy book Sree Bhagavath Geetha tells all about, what is life, god, the ultimate power etc. The weapons in the hand of Hindu gods and goddess are representing the power. There are several types of weapons like, Agneyastra, Brahmastra, Chakram, Garudastra, Kaumodaki, Narayanastra, Pashupata, Shiva Dhanush, Sudarshana Chakra, T rishul, Vaishnavastra, Varunastra, and Vayavastra. These weapons also indicate that, the evil spirit and Adharma or injustice will not rule the world in any time. It is not necessary and good to compare various religions and gods; as all the religions has their own beliefs and way of devotion. The weapon doesn't indicate that, their arms have no power.
    All the religions in the world are aiming the good spirit and correct path for the wellbeing of humanity. We all are not thinking about the actual ideology and principles of a religion. We just think about very simple and non important things. The important thing is that, is it possible for us to follow the principles and ideas of our religion for a peaceful humanity.

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    I must say a very deep thought given by you. Yes it is true that the Hindu god have many weapons to carry with themself; but I really didn't gave a thought to this thing before; but it seems that they are kept for weapons.

    It is believed that god are here to protect us from all the evil which is raising day-by-day and once when it will be intolerable then these god will use there weapons which they hold to destroy the evil forever.

    Just as it is said that truth always win; in the same why goodness that is god always wins.

    Veena Sharma.

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    According to Hindu Mythology, Gods like Siva and Vishnu fought against the Demon Asuras or Rakshash Kings. Goddess Durga the wife of Lord Shiva also fought with Demon Kings. My question is: Are these true stories or history. If they are true, and If Siva Vishnu and Brahma are the super Trimurthy Gods performing the duties of creation, protection and destruction, who created the Demon or Asura or Rakshasas and provided them great powers. If they are not created by these Gods, there is some super God who created these Gods and Asuras the evil powers. Who is the supreme God according to Hinduism? Is there anyone above Lord Siva, vishnu and Brahma?

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    The ultimate true power is Brahma according to vedas, the brahma is not brahmavu. The word Brahma is not indicating any persons or any light as we imagine. In bhagavath geetha lord sreekrishna explained all bout brahma. He tells that all things in universe are part of brahma. That is known as Adwaitha. The lord Mahavishnu,Siv,Brahmav, and all gods are not different from brahma. The humanbeings, animals, plants all are created by him. Actually all these facts cant be explained easly in such an discussion. If any one wants to know about these, please read BHAGAVATGEETHA atleast for once.
    Please don't over question the beliefs in any religion .

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