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    Recipe of Lemon pickle needed

    I am looking for a tried and tested recipe of sweet/sour black lemon pickle. Does anyone knows how to make it? Kindly share the recipe.

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    First clean the lemons by washing them.
    now put the lemons in boiling water for about 2 to 3 minutes.
    remove them from water and dry them,them cut each into 4 equal pieces.
    use food grade sterilized containers for pickles or they get spoilt,sprinkle asafedita powder and half salt over the base..
    to make a smooth mixture grind all the paste ingredients and put it over all the lemon pieces. drop these spiced lemon pieces into the container.
    squeeze about half the lemons used before over the mixture in the container and sprinkle salt.
    cover it with a cloth and keep it sun,it will be ready in 2 weeks.
    ingredients for paste mixture,
    25 black peppercorns
    black cardamom seeds-1.5 tbs
    salt-3.5 tbs
    redchilli powder-3 tbs
    cumin seeds white-1 tbs
    cloves 20
    sugar 3 tbs
    vinegar 3 tbs

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    Anshu I think it is a question to be asked in ask expert section. I am not sure but you would definitely going to get many good answers if you asked this question in that section.
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    wash the lemons and wipe them with a cloth
    squeeze out half cup of lemon juice and cut 5-6 lemons into quarters Place the lemon quarters and squeezed out lemon skins in a glass jar.
    Mix the lemon juice, salt and turmeric powder and pour this mixture over the lemons.
    Press the lemons in the jar tightly so that the lemon juice covers the lemon pieces.
    Cover the jar with a lid and place it under the sun for 10 days or until the lemons are soft and toss the contents of the jar occasionally.
    Add the sugar and jaggery and toss well.
    Leave aside for 8 to 10 days stirring the contents of the jar occasionally.
    Add the chilli powder and mix well.

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    Thanks all for your prompt replies.


    Thanks & Regards,

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    Your this thread is fit for Ask expert section. If you want to make good lemon pickle through discussion we can never make good pickle. The pickle can not be an expert pickle. We can call it as discussed lemon pickle.
    My suggestion to make good lemon pickle with simple and cheap preparation is as below:
    1. Prepare the lemon by cutting each lemon into 8 good pieces.
    2. Fry it in little oil for few minutes.
    3. Put it inside a Jar.
    4. Add chilly powder, salt and asafoetida.
    5. close the Jar and shake it well to get mixed.
    6. Add venegar.
    7. Preserve it for about 10 days.

    Your Lemon pickle is ready to taste now.

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    Here I am sharing a traditional recipe of Lemon pickle which I found in resource section of ISC. One of the member has shared this recipe. I have personally tried this at my home. So go through it and enjoy the taste of this pickle.

    Recipe of Lemon Pickle

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    Thanks, all for sharing good recipes. I'll try making the pickle at home now.


    Thanks & Regards,

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    Take 10 lemons big size and wash them and dry it up with a cloth.

    Cut the lemon into 8 qtrs equaly and remove the seeds. 5 lemons squeeze them and take the juice in a bowl.

    In a bowl take the cut lemon pieces add turermic, garlic, fengreek powder mix all these well and then add squeezed lemon juice into it and keep it a side for 3 days in a jar and when ever you need you can remove some and add tempering to it or u can temper immediately.

    For tempeting take a pan add oil, red chillies, mustrd seeds, cumin seeds and mix well and switch of the flame and add hing, curry leaves mix this to the lemon pickle.

    keep this pickle for more then 5 days to have, if you u want to have immediately u can but the lemon will be very sour.

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