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    Fruits and vegetables are missing from our daily diet

    Hi friends.

    Do you think that fruits and vegetables are missing from our daily diet these days? Are we eating a lot of non-vegetarian foods and fast foods? Is this good for our health rather just accumulating some fat on our body? In olden days, people used to eat bananas, mangoes, jack fruits, gooseberries and all. Now even if we buy fruits and vegetables from the market, those are cultivated using harmful fertilizers. How will we change this scenario?

    If we all are aware of the health issues we might get due to the over consumption of Fast Foods and non- vegetarian foods, then why are we so dependent on these. Don't say you are not for there are lot of new fast food corners coming up. It will not happen if they do not have sufficient customers.

    Your opinions and arguments are welcome.
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    Yes I agree that the intake of vegetables and fruits are getting less from our plates; but I will not say that it is completely vanished; because still they are many peo who make it compulsion to have one time full meal.

    And yes I will also agree in the part that today what we get as vegetables are not the original one and also about all type of fruits as well; so it is actually not healthy to such stuff on regularly bases.

    That's what I believe; and it is best to choose all the vegetables and fruits with your own hand for the welfare of your family.

    Veena Sharma.

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    Vegetables and fruits are the best substances to maintain health and it is not good to avoid them. But in the modern world more prominence is for fast food and non-veg items. They are unhealthy and brings in problems. But I don't agree that the fruits etc. are vanishing. Many of us are still using them. We should try to give out good yielding fruits etc. without any harm. That is the only way to promote good items. This will help in increasing the availability and consumers. So I request all members to have some fruits and veg tables in diet and just don't worry about the pesticides. Wash them well. It is better than fatty non-veg food.

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    Dear friends,
    Fruits and vegetables are the natural food which can not harm at any age of ours. Today these would take major part in the diet for some age groups and some cinema actors. Most of the people whose below age 40 will allow non-veg in their diet. The teenagers and college going guys avoid raw food like fruits instead of that they prefer pizzas/burgars/gunk food adding with spicy non-veg. The people whose age above prefer mostly fruits and vegetables in their diet.
    The non-veg is delicious and spicy food with so many chemicals mixing made no use further.It is meat, one animal meat becomes another animals meal do damage the health of meat eater.

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    I recently got my hemoglobin to the lowest level that is 5, so i had to take up lot of vegetables in my diet and that day I realized that how long we are going to search for the healthy diet there is no comparison when it comes to vegetables and cereals, I think one must have green vegetables which are good in providing iron, milk which is good in taking calcium rich diet and also beet root which is very helpful in blood generation.
    Iti Tyagi
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    Vegetables and Fruits are considered as a natural source of all Vitamins. But now a days we see that the consumption has gone down.

    The youngster generally go for the fast food,junk food which is very oily and spicy. These types are food are good for the taste but on the other hand it is very harmful and unhygienic, it increases the level of cholesterol and fats accumulation in the body resulting in the risk of developing many complications.

    Also nowadays the vegetables and fruits we get are not harvested naturally,Artificial colors and chemicals are used to increase the production of vegetables, fruits which looks very attractive are harmful.

    It is better to go with the natural ones which are also available than the artificial ones.

    Ravi Shetty

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    Rightly said by you, we and our children are missing the essential vegetables and fruits in the daily intake of food. In those days the head of the family used to insist and serve the food for all and make the point use best vegetables to the tasty liking of the visitors. Like wise after the meals, good fruit salad is being served. Fruits serve as the best appetizer.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Yes its true due to some reasons. But it is also important that the vegetables and fruits we are buying in market are fully treated with chemicals and it has very adverse effects on our health. There is no one to look after such conditions of customers. There should be something to stop this and save the lives of billions of Indians.
    Regards Sachin R. Kukale
    Forum & Ask expert Section Editor.

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