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    Teachers focus should be on students instead of syllabus. Do you agree or not?

    Teachers have the habit of focusing on syllabus; they always act towards completing the subject syllabus and preparing notes in time without giving any priority towards the students. In between sometimes they focus on merit students neglecting other students. Well teachers should focus on all students studying in the class instead of syllabus. As teacher only knows the exact strength of students, by focusing on them helps students to correct their mistakes and perform better in their Studies. Members do you agree with the statement of teachers focus should be on students instead of syllabus. Post your views.
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    Dear Ramprasad,
    Yes, I agree with you. Teacher should not only focus on the syllabus , but should also give personal attention or focus on all students and not only on merit students. When teacher focuses on only syllabus completion, some average students might not be able to graph the things properly and as a result of this the average students performance will be low in exams, It is also true that teacher knows the exact strength of students. So on these bases she should guide the students properly where they are lacking. Sometimes due to heavy syllabus and due to shortage of time , teacher might focus on the syllabus, in that case , she should devise such techniques which will help all merit students along with average performance students to understand the syllabus. Apart from this she can keep various practice tests to know the students performance and to give them advise on their shortcomings.


    Thanks and Regards,
    Varsha Naik

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    I feel that you are right in saying that teachers should not focus on completing the syllabus alone. Instead, they should ensure that the student has learnt the topics in the syllabus. Teaching should be student-centered. The syllabus specifies the scope of what is to be taught but that should never gain primary importance. In their anxiety to complete the portions, teachers often teach continuously while the students listen passively. In such situations the teacher is able to capture the student's attention only for about 10 minutes, and after that the student loses interest.
    Active learning takes place when classes are interactive and the student participates with keen interest in the learning process. Teachers can make classroom sessions interesting by posing questions and discussing the responses from the students. Whatever the response, the teacher should encourage the student who comes forward with an answer and never criticize or stifle a student. Group discussions, role plays, group presentations promote self-study and stimulate enormous interest in the learner.
    Using computers to display simulations, diagrams and tables of data can save a lot of time, so that the teacher doesn't have to hurry up with the lessons. With good planning, the teacher can select topics for group discussion, for presentations and for self-study so that the students are always kept busy. Once a student's interest is kindled, the process of learning accelerates and teaching becomes a collaborative effort. The teacher need not worry about the syllabus anymore because the students will willingly cooperate and, together, they can ensure that learning takes place.

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    Dear Friend,
    Yes, You are right the teachers focus always at their syllabus. I think it is not correct. A good or an efficient teacher should focus both on the students and syllabus. If students are not interested at the the teaching then what is use of focus on syllabus. The teacher job is not a single faced job . It is multi faced job. From entering in to the class till to the end of the class every moment and his movement should be in his control, otherwise no use of the teacher effort in shaping the the students for their future in a closed class romm.

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    I partially agree with you. Syllabus is necessary to measure the standard of the respective course. Neglecting the syllabus will decrease the standard level of teaching I think. Because it is almost impossible to take personal care to a 200 student's classroom. So, if we go through personal care, we will miss some of them. So, it may be a better option to focus on the both.

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    It is the matter of fact that out of 40 odd students in a class, the teacher has some soft corner for few students who listens to her advice and act as the attendant and in this process, they get edge over the others. Basically a teacher must understand the behavior pattern of each student and try to inculcate good reading and writing habits. She must remember that every student is bright in his own respect and she needs is to give a proper fillip to get the things done. By creating a competitive environment, she can be accessible to even average students. Therefore she should not show any favor to any student.
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    A teacher has two set of responsibilities - one to complete the syllabus in time and the other to ensure that every child in her class has grasped the lesson properly.

    Most of the teachers try to finish the easier task first, by completing the syllabus. The dedication of teachers has started taking a backdrop. They try to prove themselves and satisfy their ego by cocentrating on the bright and intelligent students. The average and dull students just keep mum out of fear of getting scolding s from teachers or they are not interested in the class at all. The prime duty of the teacher should be gather the entire attention of the class and ensure that every student participates in the classroom teaching. Teachers should ensure that all students are free to ask any questions and if the clarification of doubt would take time then special attention can be given to that student after class hours. Yes, the prime responsibility of the teacher is to enable students grasp the subject and not just comp,Erin of syllabus.

    Aparna Shankarraman

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    Due to adding blue tag, I have been pulling back this thread. In order to fulfill their real duties, teachers focus should be on both syllabus and student. In hurry of completing the syllabus teachers fails to poise attention on students which in result affects their performance. Teachers role is only crucial in the bright future of the student, concentrating on syllabus may not allow the same on students.
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    The focus should be making the students comfortable and learning smooth to achieve the target of finishing syllabus. But even if there is some arrears on syllabus, they should not allow half baked learning.

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    Yes, I agree with you. Teachers should focus on students before the syllabus. Syllabus is only for getting knowledge about particular class but students are taugt with how they become perfect for their future.

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    The role of teachers is very important for the student. They have to prepare the students for the future, so that a student will be able to get perfect knowledge to establish in life. They should not do the classes only for completing the syllabus. They should treat all students equally and try to deliver their lectures every possible way so that each student will able to understand easily. He should try to solve every difficulties of students related to teaching. But completion of syllabus is also very important for examination.So teacher focus should be on both syllabus and students.

    Tulika Devi Nath

    Tulika Devi Nath

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    Teachers should first concentrate on the students and then on the syllabus. If students are not able to understand the topic, then the hard work of teachers will go in vain. So, teachers must not be in hurry to complete the syllabus. Teaching is their profession and must teach with full interest. They should pay attention to all the students and must see that each student is able to understand each and every topic. After all, the success of 100% student will be success of the teacher itself.

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    Yes I would agree with you that teachers do want to complete the syllabus as soon as possible; without even knowing whether the students are able to understand it or not; that is the problem.

    But I know one of the teacher of my school. She was very nice teacher as she used to make us understand the topic till all the students don't get it. She never used to get angry to explain it again and again.

    We do need such teachers; who can make us feel comfortable and also who teach all the students equally.

    Veena Sharma.

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    Ramprasad, I am totally agree with you! Even I feel that more than completion of syllabus it is required for teachers to give more attention to their students. This attention has to be for all the students and not just for schollers. Even in my school days there were few teachers who were only running behind school syllabus. I think more than that they need to understand about student's educational problems.

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    Completing syllabus is not good attitude of teacher rather than focusing on development of students and practical knowledge which makes student more powerful among world. So Student can grow practically. Teacher also teaches values to students. Teacher should also give knowledge about current growing world which is beneficial for students.

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    One of the best example of a contributor teacher(focusing on students) is that of the role played by the female actor in the movie "Freedom Writers Diary". In the movie the teacher teaches in a class of junior school in Long Island which a place where there is lot of racial discrimination and Violent & anti social activities going on. The students of the same class do not sit together or even talk to each other. Rather they hated each other to the extent that they were ready to kill each other and this was just because they belonged to different races.

    In such a class the actress is given the responsibility to teach. She does it so well that no other teacher in previous years could do.The students of the class were not even provided with proper study material because of their anti social activities. But this new teacher made them read books about people who stood against anti social activities and racial discrimination through her creative and innovative teaching methods.

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    Yes, I think that the focus must be given by teachers on students rather than always talking about syllabus and blaming the problem of vast syllabus.

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    Yes, Teachers focus should be on students instead of syllabus. Teacher should uncover the syllabus but not to cover them. He/she should make the subject interesting by giving additional information on subjects and Should give the relation of subject with real life problems. Students became more interested about the subject when he/she will understand the real value of the things he studying. These things are never the part of the study so if we will consider them important it will boost the level of students then they can learn more about the topic. In engineering students should be made clear what is the objective of the subject/syllabus If the teacher is able to do this students can learn the things easily. Like I am studying Strength of Material(SOM) an engineering subject If teacher gives the example of use of Why we use such material, What type of loading and what should be the shape and size of the object. These should be related with real life things which we are using.

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    I will say like the teachers should equally concentrate on students as well as on the syllabus. Suppose if they are taking care of the student and their creativity and their area of interest alone without concentrating on the subject or without concentrating on the syllabus then it will be very difficult for the students at the end of the year. So its the duty of the teachers to get concentrated on the students as well as the subjects.

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    Dear Ramprasad,
    yes, I am agree with you.. Most of the time teachers use to focus on completing the syllabus instead of developing students' mind.. At the result of it, students can't prepare their lessons fruitfully.. Even I am a college student.. I also see our teachers are so fast in complete the syllabus though the students understand or not.. If this situation going on like this then students will loose interest in studies in future.. And what will the result of it, you also know that.. Teaching is not the process of completing the syllabus.. It is a process by which the students can be comfortable with the situation.. One should teach his/her students in an enthusiastic way so that students can take part in every learning section.. It will not only increase the knowledge of students but also students will become very energetic..


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