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    Cash credits for Updates will be alloted only to descriptive text.

    Dear members,

    As per the recent instruction of webmaster, there would be a significant change in the point allotments for posts in Updates and Correction for Colleges and Schools.

    Uptil now editors have been giving cash credits for all contact related fields like email, website, add etc. But from now on, such updates would only be eligible for point allotment.

    Like majority of ISC sections now updates with descriptive text would only be awarded cash credits. The pattern of cash credit allotment would be similar to the one followed for resources and reviews. Good descriptions about the college/school will fetch members good cash credits.

    You can refer these posts for samples on the type of text we are looking for in the school and college section.
    Sample 1 : Description in the post Vivekananda College for Women, Kolkata
    Sample 2 : Descriptiong given for Sanjivani International School, Navi Mumbai

    Only good descriptive text for the description field of college/school would be awarded cash credits.

    The new format would be followed from today's date. The updates posted before 28th june would be edited according to the old guidelines and rules only.

    Please feel free to ask your doubts or queries here in this thread.
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    This is really a good initiative. This will make members to posts good qualitative description in Colleges and Schools sections.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Varsha Naik

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    This is really a good step taken by webmaster to improve the content quality. Thanks for bringing this new method in front of us.

    " If you judge people, you have no time to love them"

    If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

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    This is really a good step towards maintaining the quality of the content posted in school and college section. ISC is know for its quality and this action would further add beauty to its core idea of maintaining quality.
    Change is the only constant.

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    Indeed, a good move has been made by the webmasters to improve the quality of contents being posted in ISC. This will differentiate the school/college postings from the other websites providing the similar type of information.

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    Great step taken by webmaster to improve the quality of content.

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    In case if we find a school or a college where there is no description of the school or college in the "Additional Information" and we provide that additional Information regarding the school or college through update, then will we get cash credits? or will it be deleted?.

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    Madam, great initiative from ISC. I have a doubt. Can I post complete description of my college or I should post only the additional information to update my college information? hoping reply

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    Hello ma'am,

    I have certain queries about the review I posted in the college section of the site. Can you please tell me the alterations or corrections I should do with it. It is my first review and I saw some of the reviews and tried to follow their format.
    Kindly tell me how to correct it because I am not exactly getting the editor's message that appear above the post.

    Following is the link to my post-

    I will be highly obliged to get a response from you.

    With regards,
    Himanshu Malik

    Himanshu Malik
    3rd B.Tech. Chemical Engg.

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    Please make a separate forum message regarding your problem. It usually takes 2-3days for a review to be checked by the editorial board, so be patient.

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    Hey Akansha

    This initiative would surely help ISC stay clean and crisp!

    One suggestion would be

    1. If you could open a portal where in people can review colleges/Universities outside India (or even under the Universities/Colleges/Courses portal) that would sure help people know better about that from a fellow Countrymans' point of view!


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    this is an awesome initiate towards a better quality of posts.due to this traffic of the posts will be of good quality


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    This is really a good work as many were posting not descriptive articles.Your this turn would make me and others to write much better than before.

    All will get benefit out of that.
    Reader and the writer .

    Great Job!

    Success is a journey not a destination.

    Vikram Narang

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    Hello members,

    Past few months I am actively contributing in updates sections and happy to see this new change in section.

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    Really a great initiative by ISC to encourage great writing by writers.
    Farid Akhtar
    ISC-Joined for fun but learn and earn.

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    This is really a good change.Such changes in future also will make the members of the ISC to work upon quality content so that ISC will become a quality website and not a quantity website.


    Success is a journey not a destination.

    Vikram Narang

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    It is indeed a very smart move by the webmasters towards improvement of the quality of contents being posted in ISC college and institutes section. This will will give ISC an edge above the school/college postings from the other websites providing the similar type of education institutes information.
    Namita Terse

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    In such a case, you will be rewarded points and cash credit on the basis of the quality of information provided. Better the information, higher will be the reward. For example, mentioning name of the principal is not good information as it can be changed at any time. Also, if the information is copied from any other source, then obviously it will be deleted.

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    @ Mandeep,
    Since it is your own college, you can write and post about your college in the review section of ISC. It will serve you with higher points, cash credit as well as smarter Adsense.


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    Yes if you provide an update for an incomplete post you would get cc based on the quality of the information you provide. Please make sure whatever description you write it should be in your own words and should not be copied from the official site or elsewhere.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Akanksha P.V
    Lead Editor(Ask Expert)

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    It is a good move by ISC. It will certainly mentain the quality ISC have and also it will enhance it.
    Koushikinath Misra
    Oracle Database Administrator,

    Proud to be a member of ISC.

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