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    Government has hiked the price you want that current government should change......?

    Price of Diesel is hiked by indian government.It is hiked by Rs 5/- .
    Moreover we will get 6 Gas Cylinder for Rs 400 and after that it will cost Rs 750 for a year.

    Means if a person is going to buy 7th cylinder then we will have to pay Rs 750.

    As government has hiked the diesel price then it will surely effect on the price of other goods.

    So what do you guys want to say about the current government.

    Did you want that we need new government...??
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    I don't think these price hike and the current central government has no connection in the election point of view. Because the current price hike is because of the petroleum price fluctuation in the world market. In the same time, the government can reduce the taxation on major petroleum products like petrol and diesel. But it is the policy of the country that whatever the party comes into power won't come forward to reduce it. This taxation alone pays a good income to both the Central and State government and no government will think of reducing this income as it may cause huge shortage in budget. So in my opinion, this price hike is not depend on the party that is ruling but depends on the policy of the state. So eventhough there is a change in the government there will not be any change in the fuel price.

    MS Ananadam

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    Nishanth, use necessary punctuations only in the title part of your forum thread, aviod unnecessary inclusions. The central government has failed in all fields. Governments makes promises of developing common man during elections but at the time of ruling they brakes all promises. The latest price hike of diesel and limiting the number of subsidy gas cylinders to 6 per a year directly shows its effect on middle class families and common man of India. I don't understand why governments fails to bring back the black money deposited in Swiss banks. The government always taking the side of oil companies neglecting the livings of public. Public should oppose these decisions and have to raise hesitations and protests in order to make government to withdraw such merciless decisions.
    There are some things that money just cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

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    Its high time this government should be kicked out! Not only because of this ever increasing fuel prices but for all other reasons too. Every common man is sick and tired of their scams and corruption. There is not one thing good these people have done but only pulling each other (political parties) down and filling their own pockets!!

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    Friends, this thread is about whether the current government can be changed because of fuel price hikes alone. It will be better if we revolve around the topic alone instead of pulling all the scams once again in this thread.
    MS Ananadam

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    It is true that the Central Government have come out with increasing the price of Diesel by Rs. 5/- per litre. Naturally it will cost a little more in States depending on the duties levied and transportation cost.That indirectly will increase the prices of other goods in the markets.
    Though the price of cooking has not been raised a ration has been announced on its use. Only six cylinders will be supplied to a family during a year. If anybody needs more non-subsidised rates will have to be paid – something near Rs.800/-, for the extra cylinder.

    Together with this one should read the reports already came out earlier that the petroleum companies such as Indian Oil Corporation have announced dividends to their share holders based on their profits.
    These hikes in petroleum products are always claimed as to compensate their losses !


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    In my opinion the Government can hike the price of cylinder, diesel etc but in some limit. The Government need to do so because the price of these things are hiked in other country markets. The Government already suffer from Subsidy which is given to each Indian. The Government should have to to these things but in limit.One thing also when Government hike the rate of these things the money or profit gain by the various company's should be invest to the growth of country not for any party fund or corruption.
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    hello friends,
    You don't worry about this increase diesel price. Actually they need to increase two or three rupees. It is a trick of Government.... first they increase five then people will start questioning. then they decrease two rupees... that time people stop questioning.

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    As i know, Petrol has been subsidized from 14 to 9.
    But, I have one question??

    Why should petrol be subsidized. Is it an essential commodity like food. It is a luxury and a person can decide whether he needs it or not. Diesel used for public transport needs to be subsidized as it is an essential thing so is LPG used for domestic purpose. But in the name of subsidy corruption is happening . Real beneficiary of subsidy is not the deserving people. Diesel subsidy has increased the market of diesel cars which are not bought by the so called poor people. Subsidized LPG for domestic purposed is misused in gas vehicles and autoricksaws as well as in hotels. Black market thrives like anything. It is these balck marketers are getting affected when subsidy is going. Because if there is no subsidy then there is no scope for black marketing. Yes it will hurt in the short term , but I thing taking away subsidy is good for long run.

    What I think is that first govt should be reasonable about the pricing and remove excessive taxing on this particular item.
    Then the govt can talk about the subsidy and taxing heavily the private vehicle owners.
    At the time on Manisankar Iyer ONGC was more active , not any more.
    There is no audit done to verify whether the claims by the oil companies about the
    cost for producing these products are correct.

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    Thanks a lot guys for your response and i hope that you will give same response to my upcoming forums.

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    I hate politics at the time of election they give promise for development, education up gradation, farmer friendly policy for sale of aquiculture's product and what happens once they won all the promise go to hell. As election is coming i notice that even in news paper all news comes that band of cotton export is not fault of government, high of petrol CNG is not our fault is depends on VAT system of state government etc. And for your point i want to say that even if government changed nothing will going to changed because we dont have option to choose good or bad person rather we have option to choose from bad or worst. Even if we choose for bad it will going to convert in worst...

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    Changing government will not reduce the price of crude oil in international market. Also changing government will not increase the profit of these public sector companies, like BP, HP etc. Moreover government has no relationship with the prices of crude oil in international market. And there are lots of scams about LPG cylinders also. Also why should government always pay for your petrol, diesel and LPG gas. Yes the government should help for poor people in country and it should also infrastructure for peoples but it is not required to pay for the expenses of people.
    Regards Sachin R. Kukale
    Forum & Ask expert Section Editor.

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    The petrol price is hiked by the petroleum companies. The authorities of petroleum are given permission to alter the price of petroleum products. The permission is given by the central government only. The taxes are increased so that there is incr price of the petroleum products. The rupee rate in the world market goes on decreasing these days. At the same time the dollar price is also increasing. So the petroleum rate is high compared to that days. So that the price of the petroleum items get increased. The price is raised for about seven rupees and get reduced to three rupees. The change in the government may change many things. So I wish there should be change in the next government.

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    In India only 15 percent of the vehicles(SUV's, cars, Taxis ) runs on diesel. Other vehicles which uses diesel are used for Public transport and shipment of commodities used by common man.

    There can never be reduction in using of these fuels unless prices are too high for common man to afford it.
    Once price is raised the price of commodities will go high. Then obviously demand will also comedown.
    This might take some time but without raising the price this is not going to happen.

    Dreaming for an IDEAL world is out of the question … Politicians are not SAINTS.. They are the ones who has power in our country.. And with great Power comes Great Corruption . That's how the system is designed..

    And coming to the price hikes ,common people started considering that as a part of their everyday lives. Owing to the fact that the number of Diesel vehicles have increased drastically on the streets , price hikes are inevitable as long as the govt. is not sensible enough to provide subsidized fuel for public and goods transport alone and not for the Luxury cars(the percentage of Diesel usage by them has jumped from 10 to 17% in a year time) and gensets that drink a considerable amount of the fuel subsidized by the money which again comes from the common mans pocket. There are n number of factors that affect the fuel prices and x number of solutions and as Maths says , x is always the UNKNOWN.

    And Moreover,

    It is not about survival of fittest. It is the question of whether subsidy is going to the right hands. What are the mechanisms that are in place for ensuring subsidy goes to the right person. Tell me given an option each of one of us will prefer to circumvent some rule so that we can get the subsidized rates. And it is not only politicians it is we the " Common Man" is also responsible for it. So unless this exists it is a fact that rich will be become rich and poor will become more poor. Reason being the deserving people are not getting the benefits and it is cornered by people who has bargaining power.

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    Dear Members,
    Diesel and LPG is the basic commodity, which is going to affect the transportation fairs and prices of goods.The economical balance of people is going to disturb and ultimately the stress label of people is going to increase.I think this is the worst situation I ever seen in my life.Water is over flowed from its capacity.
    Girish Bhatt

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    I think that the government has a very little role to play as far as the petroleum and diesel prices in the country are taken into consideration. The prices are fixed in the international markets mostly from the Arab nations. Moreover we are having heavy debts that are making the goods more valuable than it should be. Though the government can lessen the rates the petroleum, I think by decreasing the prices the government has to go through an extra burden of adjusting the cost with the tax factor. Moreover the other factor that influences the price rise is demand of petroleum in our nation and as we are using more number of vehicles it is not possible to decrease the demand and on the other hand the supply is less and so the problem would exist.
    We cannot change the situation by changing the government as the next government may also face the same problem and end up hopelessly. I would take the example of Tamil Nadu in this concern, Once DMK was in rule and the electricity problem was more, ADMK and public stated that the electricity problem can be solved only if their is a change in the government. The government changed but there was no change in the problem that still exists. Hence changing the government is not going to do any favor.

    With Regards,
    Sudhan A

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    In international market cruide oil rate is inreased rapidly from last 5 years and also rupee rate in the world market decreased and similiary dollar price increased.

    All these changes in the cruide,dollar and rupee affecting pertrolium product and it result in increasing rate.

    In such scenario increase in petrol,LPG and diesel is real necessary and goverment should increase the rate but they should think first about common people before increasing it.

    Increasing price in every 3-4 weeks is not at all aceptable and should give subsidiry to these product at least for BPL(below poverty level) people.


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    Right from the beginning this govt is enhancing the price of the fuel many a times without taking the Parliament into confidence and giving free hand to the oil companies to decide the pricing. Moreover these price hikes are always effected after some elections are over and thereby deceiving the voters and their expectations. I think this UPA govt must find place in the Guinness Book of World records for having enhanced the fuel prices for umpteen times so far.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Since the price of petroleum product in international market is increased and also Rupee rate is increased.
    Because of all this Government raise price of Petroleum product.We cannot say only on the basis of Hike in price this Government should change but in last 8 years tenure of this government,many scandals,corruption cases comes.

    On the basis of that we can say that current government should change.


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    Yes this is right that the price of everything these days is increasing with a great speed. But I don't think that this problem can be solved just by changing the government.
    Every government party is corrupted and you can not trust any of them.
    None of our leaders think about our country. They all only think about themselves and waste the money of people.
    Main thing is that our leaders are not educated enough that they can understand the conditions of our people.
    This problem can be solved by increasing the literacy rate of our country.

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    Yes , i definitely want that current govt. should be change because they have no petrol or gas policy .They hike the prices when ever they want and always said petrol products prices hikes in international market, but when ever elections held in any state they don't hike price ,I want to ask at that time international market doesn't move up or down .And they always said we are giving so much subsidies for that i want to ask are giving from their pocket they charge so much tax on petrol products .They said more we have lake of funds if they looted our country with both hands then how we have funds i don't know .If they are serious why not catch corrupted leaders and declare their asset national property ,and do more transparency where the money has gone.

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    Dear Nishant,

    Which ever political party comes into force, the plight of the common people will remain the same. So I wouldn't look for a change at this moment. We will hope that the politicians will change.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Dear Nishant Its definitely hurt for middle class people in India when the price of Diesel, petrol or cylinder get hiked but none of the Government can not do anything in that.

    We can not blame any particular as those price depends on the global market and the revenue of the country.

    SO instead of always blaming any Government we should try to stop corruption which will help India to increase more revenue and that will cause low cost living expenses to every Indian.

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    Friends, many here mentioned about the subsidies for diesel. For the past few years, we have seen petrol price hike more than 10 times. But anybody remember when is the diesel price hiked and in the past years how many times and how much it was raised. Upto my knowledge it was did in last june and for the past 3 years it was hiked only 3 or 4 times. As many experts in the field says this is a right move at a right time and I agree with them. With the slow growth and growing inflation, let us welcome the government's decision for the sake of the country's economy. I also agree that common men will be affected too much with this but we have no other option to control the inflation immediately.

    We are one of the largest importers of petroleum in the global market which affects our economy as well as rupee a lot. I think its the government's role now to encourage non-petroleum fueled vehicles like solar or ethanol as soon as possible. Else we would have to face the same problem one more occasion in the near future. But that once again related with the vote bank politics which in turn stops the people in power to implement short term adjustments instead of introducing a long term reforms.

    MS Ananadam

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    As per my understanding the role of UPA Government cannot be denied as far as the petroleum and diesel prices in the country are considered. It is a fact that petroleum, diesel and other concerned products are deregulated now but still petroleum companies cannot increase the prices without the nod from petroleum ministry. Government talks about fiscal deficit control through petroleum, diesel and electricity price hike. However they have no answer about the black money which belongs to India and deposited in Swiss banks. This money if brought to India, can bring a high change to the growth of India. A huge amount wasted through different scams has still not been tracked by the UPA Government, and then it is not justified to put the entire weight on the common people of the country.
    Warm Regards
    Ankur Garg
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    I think every and each of us likes in reducing the price level because its rising high each and every day.

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