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    India-we need a change.

    Today India and other countries facing a lot of problems starting from corruption, war, black market, crisis,etc. We now are lacking a knowlegeable and true politicians. Presently, all politicians are busy in making money for their family except few and those who are truely cares about the country are not given a chance. Those peoples are suppressed in our country. Nowadays, politics became a best source of making money. All are corrupted. If this continues then what will happen to our lovable country India. The thought of future really worries us. We donot want India still developing. We want India to be developed and powerful in the world. So, we really need a change for better future. Hope for the shining and developed India.

    Warm regards,

    Sweety hems.
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    To become the fully developed country no doubt that there is a need of change in many sectors. It is a worst fact of India that politicians have only concern of money and nothing else. So the most important is to have such people in politics who can think about the growth of our country rather than having growth in their bank balance. Then only change will happen across country and will become the developed country.

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    Hello M.Hemasri,
    Going through your thread just become little bit emotional that in which direction indian politics is heading on. we are lacking in quality education,sports and other infrastructure as compare to leading country.
    The dream to become a developed country in the world need many comprehensive landmark in indian economy. It is duty to every indian to provide their support and emerge as a truley leading country in the world.

    with regards,
    Neeraj Kumar

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    Hello Friend,

    It is nice to see your awareness about the nation. Yes, it is very true that many politicians are still engaged in developing this property rather than developing nation. Them have strong point wise description about why there is a need to hike the price of diesel and kitchen gas but they have not a single topic to discuss why and how can the corrupt politician get kicked out of the party.

    Still feeling worry about my nation. Hope one day we got a strong personality as a Prime Minister who will really work for us not for the party and politics.

    With warm regards,
    Bhagat Singh

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    Hemashri, I can feel your feelings and anger over the current happenings in the political arena of the country. Not only you but there are atleast 75% of people in the country are in the same mindset. The current status of the country is not because of the evils of the bad but because of the silence of the good. I have been seeing numerous people for the past 2-3 years who are really worried and sometimes become emotional because of the lack of good politicians. But they are not willing to serve the country if we ask them to stand in the ground to eradicate these.

    We all know that we need some more good politicians in the nation to uplift the nation. But if someone among us wanted to become a good politician we are not really supporting them or atleast encourage them. Everybody from parents, friends, relatives are really discourage him, warn him or even sometimes scolds him. Then how come a good leader will emerge. So I recommend all these friends whoever see my post kindly support the person who aspire for a political change. Only from a society which supports politics, a honest and good politician can be made. So friends, instead of looking for a change Be the Change to See the Change.

    MS Ananadam

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    I would definitely second your opinion that something constructive should be done to improve the overall standard of politics at national and International level. However before going into International level politics problem, it is very important to improve the things at home i.e. in our country. Current Government is fully busy in managing scams and troubling poor people of the country on the name of economic reforms. At this point of time country really need knowledgeable and true politicians who can perform their work honestly. In this scenario team Anna has emerged as a hope but now that hope has also gone considering the difference of opinion between team Anna. As per my understanding it would be quite difficult for UPA Government to return to power in 2014 elections as they are a totally failure on almost all the fronts.
    Warm Regards
    Ankur Garg
    Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

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    The future of India is in the hands of the youth and we have the power to change our nation from all the black marks.

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