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    Our own estimation of our worth could be misleading

    Many people have some perceptions about themselves which may be totally different than that of what others think about them. This mismatch can result in wrong estimations of ones own capabilities and calibre. We may perceive ourselves as a better performer but it is the other people who know our worth and can assess us objectively. So, we must take the criticism and observations about us from the other people in family or workplace or society and then only we would understand our own status correctly. Thinking oneself the best of the lot is not going to help in real life. What do the members think about this?
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    How much worth we are must be assessed by others and not by us. When we see the alliance for the bride, we inquire about the groom not at his residence or the relatives but with the neighbors and work place and that would give the right assessment of the groom and that would allow us to take right decision. We can have so many credentials , certificates and also medals and trophies. But those are the waste when we try to convince others with our possessions. However even a small merit of us told by others would become a permanent feature in us because it was reviewed and appreciated by others even without asking them. We have to self assess not for our credentials, but for the setback meted out to us during the course of life and we should try to improve upon our position to be noted by others and given the advantage chit.
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    True. One should never think very highly of himself. The moment one starts thinking like that, the downfall starts. So when somebody points out something, let us not ignore it. Think about the remark and see whether there is something you have to do. But neglecting others points and thinking that we are perfect is suicidal. We need not think the other person is biased. But we can introspect ourselves and see that if really there is something to be improved, we should do that. That will be good for you and you will progress to higher levels in our lives.
    But there are some people who always try to find fault with others. Their attitude will be like that. Such a person's remarks need not be taken seriously but never ignore suggestions and remarks which will be helpful to you.

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    I think that assessing oneself is a difficult proposition as it would never be correct. People time to time assess themselves but it would be only for self satisfaction and nothing more. Our real assessment is done by the peer groups or public or society. They are the real ones who can tell something about us with great certainty even those things which we might not be aware or never bothered to think of.
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    The author has pinpointed a very relevant issue. We all have an opinion about ourselves but that may and is not the final one. What we think of our capabilities and what people see in us are totally different.

    That is why when we face competition we are able to find our shortcomings. So it is better to give our best but never be too sure about oneself. When we face the real World we see the real things and what all is needed to succeed. But there is one more difficulty that other people also may not be the best judge of our potential.

    So it's best to explore and experience and arrive at judging as the last option.

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    The author is right, almost every person's opinion about himself is correct even if he gives one back, in which he then gives the blame to the society or the world or the family. We cannot observe ourselves properly until we see ourselves from the eyes of others. Instead of looking at the evils of others, if we look at our evils and remove them, it would be better. Everyone should think in his mind what he is doing good or bad. On the day when the distinction between good and evil will be understood, then through his intellectual ability, he will be able to progress further by developing himself. No person is perfect nor is any person useless, everyone has some special qualities and some shortcomings too. Estimate itself by others is an opportunity to know ourselves by which we can make an effort to make ourselves perfect to some extent.
    Swati Sharma

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