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“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This is a very true saying where if one works and works and does not have a social life and any sort of entertainment, would not “live” their life. Everyone looks for some sort of entertainment, a way to relax oneself and get re-energized and activated for upcoming work and tasks.

IndiaStudyChannel presents the Entertainment forum for discussion and updates about the various entertainment activities going around in India. This forum deals with leading movie discussions, music discussions, actors discussions and discussions about awards and ceremony. It also talks about the various movie industries in India, television and channel shows, latest movie releases, and more. Share information about what is hot and popular in entertainment.

Give your views about the various new and old movies, your favorite musician and artists and how they help you in making a getaway from the tensed world. Discuss the various reality shows and soaps going around on the various television channels and networks. Find information about the best movie blockbuster and top box office income shows to watch!

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Jagdish Patro
17 Nov 2018
Aishvarya Karthikeyan
07 Oct 2018
Sanjeev Gupta
25 Sep 2018

Sanjeev Gupta
10 Oct 2018
Pratikshya Mishra
16 Sep 2018

Syeda Heena Taj
06 Aug 2018
Mallela Jyothi
10 Jul 2018
09 Jun 2018
Sutopa Sircar
11 Jun 2018

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