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    From the rocking horse to the rocking chair

    Some of you may recall the rocking horse, a wooden horse with handles at the side to hold on to while we enjoyed the to and fro rocking, imagining ourselves riding a horse. Another similar one was in the shape of two blue and white swans at the sides with a short seat joining them. As we grew older, such toys were sold off or given away to make way for a small tricycle and later maybe a bicycle as well.

    Then there is the rocking chair, a much-loved piece of furniture in some homes. With a cushion to sit on and one to support the back, younger family members rocked vigorously, while the older family members gently did so, often falling asleep in it as well.

    Do you recollect any fond memories of a rocking horse or a rocking chair? Do you have either in your home today?

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    I would like to share a photo of mine in a rocking horse. This was in a photo studio, when we went for a family photograph with my Dad, Mom, Maternal uncle, aunt and their daughter. While on the rocking wooden horse, I yawned, and the photographer never missed to click it.

    Due to the poor economy, it was very difficult to acquire even a wooden horse to ride then. Now I can afford to have a Lamby, Chetak, Hero Honda, Padmini, Alto and Accent to ride.

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    In my childhood, we used to have a rocking horse in our house. My grandfather purchased it. We used to spend daily some time on that. Afterwards, my grandfather gave it to somebody else. In the house those days 4 children used to be there and they used to enjoy this rocking horse. Sometimes they were quarrelling also for time. But grandmother used to fix the timing for each child and accordingly we were enjoying that.
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    My thoughts went to my childhood days where in the rocking horse was there in our neighbor house and since our family was big with so many children such rocking horse cannot be arranged and therefore we would be insisting to play on it at our neighbors house and that one child would not tolerate to even sit on that. During those old days the parents were unable to provide the required things for the children due to poverty or over population in the same house and thus we missed such type of rocking chairs during the childhood. That is why some times I feel visiting my childhood again.
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    The one rocking horse in my home during my childhood was then passed over to younger siblings also. It was a local versionmade by the ocal carpenter and not the usual colourpainted one. But it was functional. But I could not play with it more as I my sister followed me closely to claim that.

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    I never enjoyed that rocking horse in childhood. In fact, I have not seen any real wooden rocking horse in my whole life. Once we were in Bangalore and saw a shop selling plastic rocking horses along with many other toys. I asked my son if he wants to have that but he denied saying that he wants to have a toy car and not rocking horse. His response made me think that now the generation has changed hence the choices are also changed.

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    I can't clearly recall whether or not we had a rocking horse, but I do remember that we had two horses that were covered with some soft felt-type of cloth. One was blue (don't remember the other colour) and both had golden tapes decorated around it. These horses my Dad used to take along to the photo studio for family photos on a birthday and somewhere in an album I have one black and white photo of me standing next to it.

    Now, in present days, we've never had a rocking chair, more due to lack of space as we didn't want to add more furniture and also decided that it is too expensive. There is one in a relative's house but when visiting I don't really like the idea of constantly rocking back and forth in a chair and prefer sitting quietly in it.

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    We had a rocking chair in our house which was very old and my father got it from some relative who went on transfer to other place. It was very good quality wood and though it was not very presentable having its paint and varnish torn off, but it was working and very sturdy. I did not use it for fear of falling down but my father used it in leisurely hours resting and sometimes rocking on that old chair.
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    I did not a rocking horse during my childhood as we could not afford or maybe I never insisted on buying one. But yes, I did enjoy riding a similar type that was placed at the nearby park for children. During our times, many would come to the park to play and we would form a line to take turns in riding it or using other equipment like the see-saw, merry-go-round, swing, slide, etc. I always wanted to buy one of its kind buys was never able to or could not buy one, not due to financing problem but as my mom is old and needs help to rise from the chair. Some of the things that we enjoyed cashlessly have changed to money. Rocking horse to the rocking chair also takes us to the growing age or becoming old. The younger generation uses the rocking horse while the old ones use the rocking chair. As the time flees so also our thoughts and when we sit on the rocking chair, our thoughts drive through the gone days.
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    We had a rocking horse in our house made of wooden and it was small enough to accommodate only one person. When we were coming from school then whoever reached earlier took that and sat on that for quite some time and others waited for their turns. We were two sisters and two brothers and some days some of us did not get a chance to ride that. Soon one by one we entered the college and I do not know what happened to that horse as we shifted to other place and never saw that in our house. May be it was disposed with other old items.
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