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    Colours of India Independence Day Photo Challenge 3 - write it

    This is the third in the series of the special Photo Challenge (PhC) contest to celebrate India's Independence Day. In the first you put a caption, in the second you composed a poem. Now it is time to pen a story.

    PhC #3 - A photo is posted in the first response in this thread. Submit a short fiction story in English associated with the photo in any genre of maximum 300 words (use the MS-Word tool which is under the 'Review Tab' for Word Count). You may give a title if you so wish, but this is not mandatory. Submit your entry in a response to this thread. Only one entry per member is allowed.

    You can make any changes you want in the story when the thread is open.

    Points and cash credits will be given to worthy entries (maximum up to 30) and one or more entries if found to be award-worthy will get a cash prize of Rs.50/-.
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    This is the photo for PhC #3 =
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    National Flag Merges the Souls

    "Marriage is a Wastage" a film was released on 15th August 2019, the Independence day. There was a long queue outside the cinema hall. Sundar bought a national flag for Rs. 10/- from the vendor, and waving that national flag in hand, approached Sunanda who was standing ahead of the queue. He gave the flag to her and wished her, "Happy Independence Day," and requested her to buy a ticket for him. Sunanda smiled and obliged, and got two tickets. The seat was adjacent to each other. Sundar thanked her and they got into their seat and started watching the film.

    During the show, Sundar took out his mobile and was fiddling with it. During the interval, Sunanda said, "Instead of watching the film, what are you doing with your mobile?" Sundar said, "I was watching for the results." 'What result?"Sunanda asked. Sundar said, "I have submitted a story for a contest and the result is awaited today." Then Sundar started narrating about ISC.

    Sunanda got impressed and said that she would join ISC. But she regretted that her English was poor. Sundar said, " You will learn good English through ISC." They both became good friends.

    Sunanda joined ISC and performed well. Within six months Sunanda's English writing skill got improved. She received the Rising Star award from ISC. They continued their friendship and ended with a proposal for marriage. They informed their parents and they concurred their proposal.

    They wanted to marry on 15th August 2020, Independence day and the day they met first in 2019. They got married in the presence of 20 family members due to COVID-19 restrictions imposed.

    On the night of 15th August 2020, Sundar asked, "Sunanda, Is marriage a wastage?" Sunanda smiled, shied and switched off the light for a pleasant night.


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    Rajendra was from a poor family and his father worked as a labourer in a construction site and mother did some petty jobs in the neighbourhood. With great difficulty the family was managing and were literally living hand to mouth. Rajendra passed class 12 but he had nothing in sight as a job. He did not like to work like a labourer as he had seen the plight of his father while working at construction sites.

    Many times Rajendra heard the words 'Self Employment' being used by many leaders visiting their town and also from the elders living nearby. He asked his uncle, a retired teacher, as what does that mean. His uncle explained him in details that if a person can do something himself by starting a small business which has a demand in the society then he can earn money by such activities and need not search a job. This was much exciting for Rajendra and he asked his uncle whether he can also do that. Hs uncle gave him some ideas like running a road side tea stall or snack corner or some service like providing things at the door step of people. Rajendra got an idea as 15th August was coming and there was always a demand for flags, flag signs, stickers etc during that time so he asked his father to spare some money and rushed to the main market where these things were available in bulk at a cheaper rate. He arranged these things in a tray made with some old ply pieces lying in the kitchen shelf and started to sell them in the nearby area. Many people just purchased from him to encourage him but Rajendra now fully knew what self employment meant.

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    On 15 Aug 2019, all the students from standard first to standard 12 were gathered in the school premises. There were 30 minutes to start the function of Independence Day. There was short function and then all the students had to participate in the rally organized by Nagar Panchayat, Rampura.

    Suddenly a voice of man reached to the students. The man was selling tri-coloured Indian flags which were small in size and made for the small students. Most of the students purchased the flags for the rally. Sohan who belonged to a small village near Rampura and whose admission was under RTE could not purchase the flag due to lack of money. His father was very poor and never gave a penny to him.

    After school function, all students were told to be ready for going in the rally. Sohan also joined the rally with his friends. He was also taking the flag in his hand and his friends were also sharing the flag to him. Most of his friends belong to Rampura city and had their flags.

    Rally ended in the Dashara ground, and the cultural programme started. The students of different schools started presenting their programmes like speech, dance, patriotic songs, etc.

    Suddenly Sohan saw that most of the flags were thrown on the ground after the end of the rally. He was very disappointed. He started collecting all the flags. He collected all the flag which were thrown on the ground. His friends were making jokes of him.

    Suddenly, the CMO of Rampura observed the work of Sohan. He reached him and carried him to the stage. He appreciated his work and awarded him in front of the huge crowd.

    This small child had taught a big lesson to all the people of Rampura.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Ravi and Priya were going home on a bike with their father, then their eyes went on a person Ravi said, Papa, I want to buy this, Ravi was only 3 years old, he did not understand that what is this is - Priya also said yes Papa I also want the Flag, Ravi said that this is such a beautiful colorful thing, Papa said, take only one you need it only for a day's work. Ravi asked why is there for one day only, father said that it is hoisted only on Independence Day and Republic Day, this is the tricolor flag of our country.

    The seller of the flag said, "Children, it is not just the flag, the pride of our country is the pride of our martyrs."
    It is the soldiers who protect the country, they protect everyone. Leave everything and live for your country. The soldier of the country never thinks about himself, his family, his life flows in his country. The soldier of the country says that we will live and die. A soldier never sells his faith , even if he has to die for it. Fights till his last breath. We should protect and summon our country. He did all sacrifices only for this Flag.
    Now Ravi understood how important the flag is, and his father just kept wondering why I did not think so much, then a message came on the phone of the seller of the flag and he smiled after reading it. . The father of the children asked what is the matter, brother, you are looking happy. He said - My Mother's messaged me . My elder brother is a soldier and next month he will come home after 3 whole years.
    Seller give flags and other accessories to both children, father asked for amount, seller did not say anything just smile and go a ahead. Father and children smiled and went home with the tricolor.
    We should always respect our country, our national flag and our martyrs. Jai Hind...

    [Exceeded the word limit.]

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Buy four, get five

    Sagar, a young man who completed his degree last year was working in a cybercafe in a remote village. His parents were well settled with his brother in Bangalore though he was left in their native place to support grandparents. One day there was a theft in the shop, the owner was at a great loss. Hence, he asked Sagar to search for another job for himself.

    He moved to Bangalore, along with his grandparents to settle down here. Unfortunately neither the parents, not the brother raised any support for his living. He somehow managed to share a friends room, sent the grandparents back to the village convincing them to settle the issues.

    Soon he found a job in a garage who paid very less wages. Sagar was now familiar with the city life planned to start a mobile hotel. Pandemic gave him a hit hard on his business. Now he was struggling to earn a living. One day he saw a child playing with the National flag and singing Vande Mataram. On the eve of Independence day, he saw a young gentleman selling flags and hand bands by the roadside, also collecting orders through messages on his keypad phone.

    Sagar learnt a lesson, a ray of hope was visible to him. His grandmother was good at making pickles and papads. He rushed back to his village with the ingredients and came back to sell through virtual orders in Bangalore. He is now a businessman much better than his brother and taking good care of his grandparents who are supporting each other for their livelihood. His key to selling was "buy four, get five" packets of pickles and papads.

    Sagar saluted to the National flag for showing him a path towards success in life.

    [This entry is the co-winner of the cash prize of Rs.50/-.]

    Lead the leader

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    Today is 15th August and people are going here and there. A poor boy is standing near a crossroad. He usually sells peanuts and grams daily, but today having his basket filled with India flags and tricolour caps for sale. He has hope that today he will make good money to his home and his mother will become happy. People and school children are buying items from him.

    Next to the crossroad, in a big stadium, a function has been jointly organised by various schools in the city. All the schools have planned that after flag hoisting, National Anthem and well-organised programmes in their campuses, they will leave the schools to start a rally which ultimately reaches to the stadium where they will celebrate the Independence Day together.

    While entering the stadium, most of the students bought India flags and caps from the boy. When the programme got started, all the students were watching and the poor boy who was selling the India flags was also watching towards the students curiously. All the students enjoying the programmes and they eat sweets that were distributed at the end of the programme. Upon the winding up of the programme, when the students were leaving for their homes, because of their enjoyment, some of them forgot/dropped their flags and caps. The poor boy was watching continuously, and later he collected all the flags and started selling again. He is still thinking only about that "How can he get enough money for his livelihood and make his mother happy?"

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    Be a true Indian

    The bell of the school has rung, and the school is over for the day. The students are just waiting for their teacher to leave the class, as she does so, they scream at the top of their voice in excitement. The nest day is a holiday as it's 15th Aug, India's Independence Day, and after that, the following days are Saturday and Sunday mean three consecutive holidays. Woah! What a pleasure exclaim all the students except Sudhir, a twelve-year-old boy.

    It's not that Sudhir is unhappy for having three days of leave from school, but worries about his father. He comes from a humble background and to maintain the family, Sudhir's father utilises every opportunity. At times he becomes a hawker selling goodies and other items and roams around the town from one end to another. Sudhir knows that as tomorrow is India's Independence Day, today his father is busy in trying to sell the national flags of India and other items having a grand national look. He also knows that his father will never sell the products in front of his school. Sudhir, a sensible and emotional boy, delves into deep thought.

    He promises to himself that he would study sincerely to get established in life. It will make him a support system for his parents. Even dreams to buy a shop for his father where he can sit and sell whatever products he wishes to, but won't allow him to sell Indian nationalism. He feels Indians do not respect their freedom wholeheartedly. Buying a national flag or other items in national colour for a particular day, and then throwing it here and there is a gross disrespect to the country. He aspires to become a worshipper of India, his motherland.

    [This entry is the co-winner of the cash prize of Rs.50/-.]


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    Thought of freedom should not in clothes but within us

    Flag for sale Sir, Do you want any item for the Independence Day, flag, cap, clip, car dashboard stand, balloon? Shouted the sales boy seeing few people walking on the road. Daddy, shall we buy the clip and the flag for the 74th day Independence Day celebration which our college is organizing tomorrow through online. Don't you remember the theme for the celebration National integration along with Independence Day? Oh, Yes! Let buy for everyone from him. They bought a flag, 4 clip to pin on their clothes, 4 caps and few balloons. The sales boy was excited as they were buying in the lot and enquired about it. Arun explained him in a causal way and the sales boy said - Sir, you need to fuse it well with your traditional dress as that will give a good look for the theme and you will certainly win.

    Sir, one more thing that I would like to inform. Arun was not interested but gave his ear with a mixed feeling of yes and no. The boy set forth, after the celebration, please don't throw the flag casually as it is our pride and we need to value it. Our ancestors have fought hard to get this freedom and wave our flag high in the sky. Let it fly without any disturbance and with full gratification which reminds us of every fight and unity that holds our country as one even with so much diversity but oneness in our mind.

    Arun's father was well impressed with the recommendation from the sales boy and told Arun that he could use this as an elocution Competition subject as this is what every one of our countries must remember. Let the colour of Independence be not only on our clothes but within us.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Accept the challenge as it comes

    Raju was a mason working with a reputed builder for the past many years and he has been the only bread earner for the family of four and his wife being a sick person and cannot work, he has to work for the family hard to feed two children and his wife. The pandemic has caused him losing the job and he has to maintain the daily earnings. Though he tried selling, vegetables, fruits and even arranging for home delivery of materials through his cycle for the required customers. the amount wanted was not forth coming. He has started to sell what ever comes to his hand and thus hit upon idea to sell the Independence day flag, badges, and other materials at the traffic signal to eke out the living.

    But this is also temporary business for him, as today being Independence day some may purchase the merchandise he is selling but what about tomorrow? So he is making request to every buyer of the flag by saying that he is a mason by profession and needs some job to continue from tomorrow. Luckily he was spotted by great philanthropist of our city who promised to provide his family and children with free food and also assured monetary help till he gets the right job.

    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Earn while you learn

    Sastry is just coming back from school. He is thinking about his brother Sarma who is struggling a lot to lead the family. They are three brothers Sarma, Sastry and Sriram. Among them, Sarma is the eldest. Their father was a teacher in a private school. Their mother is a housewife.

    Two years back when Sarma was studying intermediate, their father suddenly fell ill and expired. They have become without any breadwinner in the family. Mother and three brothers have to sustain. No source of income also. Sarma discontinued his studies and joined a small private company to take care of his family. He told his two brothers to continue their studies. Now Sastry is in 9th class and Sriram is in 7th class. Still, a long way to go. Sarma is managing the entire show with the salary whatever he gets and seeing that his brothers and mother will be happy.

    Sastry is thinking that he should help his brother and see that he will support him financially. How I can do that? How to earn while learning? These thoughts are going in his mind.

    Tomorrow is August15th. When he is walking, he saw a young boy who is selling flags, caps and other items required for AUgust 15th celebration and many are purchasing from him. All of a sudden, a thought flashed in the mind of Sastry. He thought why can't he also use his leisure time and do small business like this so that he can make some money and support his family. He decided that he will do that. Now he is happy and walking fast to the house.

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