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    Did you cook traditional Onam Sadhya this year?

    The harvest festival of Onam began last week and will continue for the next few days till 2nd September and we convey our wishes to all on the occasion. In the current pandemic situation, though it involves low-key celebrations, did any of you have the complete delicious traditional Sadhya meal served on a plantain leaf?

    Share your experience of Sadhya in present times. Were ingredients for all the more than two dozen food items easily available?
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    For the first time we are not going to taste the regular Onam Sadhya being offered to us by our Malayalee neighbors as we sold the house and came to a distant place. And the pandemic fear has kept everyone apart and there was no invite from them for the great sadhya. But last year we had the soumtous meal of Onam Sadbhya with twelve or more dishes and especially the Payasam was splendid and the Avial or the mixed vegetable preparation with coconut oil was always my favorite. I miss the kind of celebration this time and still feel that some one would surely call for the lunch.
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    I was having a colleague who is from Kerala. They used to celebrate Onam festival in their house in Hyderabad. He used to offer me this dish on the day of Onam. But he is also resigned and went back to his native place in Kerala. He left to Kerala in the year 2017. From then onwards I am not getting it. I am in touch with him and I will convey my wishes to him over the phone for this festival every year. This year all the festivals are being celebrated in a very low profile. So I think the same may be the case with Onam also.
    The Lockdown was announced on the day of Telugu new year day. I think the whole year will be like this and we have to wait for the next year.

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    Let me serve an Onam Sadhya-
    Plaintain leaf- the first participants are banana chips, Sharkaravaratti (again another variation of banana dipped in jaggery and fried) and pappad. Then comes pickles- ginger, lemon and mango. After that Kichadi- a mix of cucumber/ beetroot with curd, Pachadi- again a mix of vegetables with curd but cooked, Avial- a mixed vegetable dish, Thoran- a single vegetable or mixed dried fried one with grated coconut. That is what invites you to the table. Once you are seated, rice is served. Then comes the dal (or parippu as you call it) followed by sambhar. Then you have the koottukari which is generally made of potatoes and grated coconuts with the masala. Then comes the Payasam or pradhaman (google for the interpretation), that is the sweet dish. After that, there is again a dash of rice and rasam (said to be good for your tummy) and to finally wind it up, clean up your leaf, fold it towards yourself and put it in the dustbin/ the designated spot. So, that's it!

    More than the dishes and their numbers, it is how you get together and enjoy that makes your Onam a different function altogether. Happy Onam!

    With the fear of COVID around, the getting together and celebrations are on a lesser note but Onam is Onam and we celebrate it at our own level- low key or high key is something about which we are not bothered.

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    After many decades, I could trace one of my best family friend who lived with me in Vizag, through Facebook. They are also living in Bengaluru. Yesterday, they invited us for Onam Sadhya. Though the actual Onam is on 31st August, they arranged it today being Sunday and a holiday. We had a good Onam Sadhya. It was not with too many dishes but with simple dishes. It was served on a banana leaf.
    What the Banana leaf contained?
    From left to right.....
    Salt, Chips, Upperi, Mango Pickle, Ginger pickle. Lemon pickle. Mixed vegetable(Aviyal), Cabbage fry, Beetroot fry, pumpkin Koottu, Olan, Potatoe curry, a yellow banana. Papad.
    They Served Rice, Thuar Dal, Sambhar, Rasam, Butter milk & curd, Ada paayaasam, Milk Paayaasam, Semiya paayaasam.

    Enjoyed the Onam feast in advance. Happy Onam to all my fellow ISCian.

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    A very interesting thread , I have read about this festival, when I was studying the festivals and culture of India, it seems to be a very interesting festival, in which very tasty and healthy food is also famous, I have also read the ancient belief that Onam festival According to King Bali was the king of Kerala, the subjects in his kingdom were very happy and prosperous, there was no unhappiness, King Bali was also a great donor and he conquered all the three worlds with his strength. Once Lord Vishnu brought the Vamana avatar, came to the door of King Bali and through him and three steps of land, he took his entire kingdom and saved King Bali. It is believed that King Bali has come to the earth once a year to see his subjects, so this festival is recognized. Is my information correct? I feel very happy that I am getting new information about the new culture directly from the people associated with that festival.
    Swati Sharma

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    Thanks to members for sharing the detailed information on Onam Sadhya which is generally prepared and relished at this point of time in the year. I have interest in cooking but I have not gone through this one. From the description it appears equivalent to the Rajasthani or Gujarati thali which contains so many local items and customers are thrilled with its palletising appeal.
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    Onam, a festival that is celebrated by everyone in Kerala irrespective of religion or caste and the same pomp is seen in everyone's eyes and home. A festival that gives a thought of unity and oneness among its people is celebrated in the month on chingam(Malayalam calendar).

    Even this year though I was not with the family, they were able to meet and make the Ona-Sadya (Feast) that is the highlight of the day. My sisters, nephews and nieces gather at one home, prepared the banquet/sadya, dressed in the usual traditional attire, had a dance on Onam song and everything felt the same even in this pandemic situation. The festival actually refreshed us with the same memory that we all share and enjoy with eagerness. I have attached a pic of our family Onam celebration that we had yesterday.

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    I am from Tamilnadu. After having enjoyed the Onam feast at my Malayali friend's home yesterday, we prepared our low profile Onam Sandhya today at my home in Bangalore. All the dishes prepared by my wife and daughter deserve appreciation. All dishes were up to the mark, especially the single payasam that I ate with pappadam and banana. Attaching the food served on a banana leaf.
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    Where is our beloved member Venkiteswaran who used to participate in Onam Sadhya recipe preparations and how it went with him and his family. We want his mention here.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Many thanks to all who shared their experiences, especially with those photos that set my mouth drooling! I've had the full Sadhya just once, when we had ordered it from a nearby restaurant. Most of the dishes were really delicious.
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