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    Are you going to worship your pen tomorrow.

    Tomorrow is Maharnavami. The 9th day of the Sarannavarathri. This is a custom in both the Telugu States to perform Pooja to the machines they work or to perform pooja to the weapons they use. Almost all the factories and offices perform pooja in their workplaces to the equipment they use in their daily working. After that, the management will distribute sweets.
    There are many content writers on ISC. They write not only here but also on many other sites. For all of them, the pen is the weapon or equipment they use for their work. So they should worship their pen tomorrow. Are you going to perform worshipping of your pen tomorrow? I wish all the members of this site a happy Maharnavami in advance.
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    Happy Saraswathi Pooja celebrations to all. The goddess of education is invoked today on the 9th day ie Mahanavami and in every house hold the children would pray for the good education and even the house hold articles would be prayed for the good performance and thanks giving so far being with us. Early in the morning the whole South India would brace up to welcome Goddess Saraswathi to invoke the wisdom out of education and being the challenging time for education, there has been increased activities among the parents to pray for the Goddess. What ever learned in the life must be remembered and followed and this day is important to all and not only the studying children. So give the time for praying and take a bow at the feet of Goddess Saraswathi to give the strength and energy to tackle all challenges with wisdom.
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    Happy Saraswathi Pooja. On this day, we worship Goddess Saraswathi. We keep all the materials related to education such as books, pen in front of the deity, and worship the Goddess for good education, wisdom and knowlege.

    Mr. Rao,
    We don't worship pen, but seek the blessings for the pen to help us in writing.

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    I have seen many people placing their pens and pencils in the temple night before the exam or worshipping them on the occasion of Basant Panchami when Saraswati pooja is performed, also about the worship of iron implements and vehicles on the day of Vishwakarma but never heard of this particular pooja. It is nice to know about the different practices followed at different places in India with similar ideals. Happy Mahanavami.
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    It was in our practice well to start a work with worship of our respective Gods, start to eat with prayer. Everything was there well in all religions but we ourselves changed the practice by thinking we are over smart. Worshipping Goddess Saraswathi by keeping all our books, pen, tools, tailoring items by tailors for betterment for the forthcoming year.
    There is temple separately for Goddess Saraswathi in Koothanoor near Mayuram, Tamilnadu. This is the only temple in India for Saraswathi whereas in other temples there are shrine for Saraswathi along with other Gods. In that temple all parents do Aksharpyasam for their children before admitting into schools and pray at the time of examinations.

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    I remember that in my childhood when we were going to school then during this festival especially on the day of Vijayadashmi or Ramnavami, we were asked by our parents to keep our books and school bag near the puja place and get the blessings of Maa Saraswati. That time we could not understand the significance of doing that ritual but today when I recollect those memories I find that pen is definitely a big tool for those who are engaged in creative writing in any platform. So during these festivals it makes sense to take the blessings of Maa Saraswati for giving us wisdom and ponderings for creating better and better writings using the mighty pen. Technology is slowly replacing the pen with hand typing and voice typing but symbolically pen is still the figure that deserves special respect and attention from all of us. Remember, pen is mightier than sword.
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    In many households, there is a Puja of Goddess Saraswati on the Vijayadashami and it is the time for the children folk to keep their books and pens before the feet of the Goddess and they would like to have her blessings. We had to follow the instructions of our parents since in that time, we did not realise the importance of such a celebration. However, there has been some changes in the old pattern where Internet has taken place for books and the students are habitual in typing the words in the internet. But still the pen is considered the most powerful tool to be used in the different examinations and no tool can take its position.

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