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    Numbers around us in our life

    Now in this era of technology our life surrounded with numbers. ATM pin, OTP in any purchase, cab ride, Pin in debit card.

    Recently two days before we have crossed this interesting date 221122 which is palindrome as well as short and cute numbers 1 & 2.

    Members may come up any kind of numbers around them.
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    Yes, I too noticed this date and found it interesting. I even brought it to the notice of my colleagues on that day. Even the date 111122 was quite interesting. Not a palindrome, but the day and month add up to the year. And yes, rightly said, these days we are too dependent on numbers in the form of passwords, pins and OTPs. Kind of makes me dizzy at times trying to recollect them.
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    Yesterday I received an OTP for some transaction It is 12121. This is a palindrome number. As soon as I received this OTP I remembered the name of the author of this thread and her threads on such numbers. Yesterday I interviewers a candidate whose date of birth is 18.11.88. Then I asked him whether he knows about the Palindrome concept. But he answered in negative.
    These days numbers are playing a very important role. For each and everything, OTP has become an important point. Even the gas cylinder supplier is asking for the OTP sent by his office to the customer when he is delivering a gas cylinder against online booking of a gas cylinder.

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    Yes OTP plays an important role in the process of transaction of different items. Though in the past, there was not the introduction of such number. Whenever, we book a cab, the driver would ensure that the passenger is the genuine one who has ordered the cab and so is the case with delivery boy asking for OTP number before handing the products. In that it is right to know the genuine consumers. Unfortunately, sometimes disclosing OTP number is not always safe. Some antisocial people might take advantage of such situations and we should always take precautions.

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    Thankyou members and @Dr.Rao and that is the beauty of ISC which gives memory of members even at outside ISC.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Palindrome's first time I heard it was when I was learning the basics of programming in my school and the teacher told us it in a very fascinating way. Numbers like
    square of 11- 121
    cube of 11- 1331
    cube of 7- 343
    I guess there is no direct interconnection but My brother his name is "NITIN" his name is read the same from both ends and he is born on the 7th of July so on his birthday in the year 2007 date was written in the manner 7-7-2007 not exactly palindrome but can be if it is written in that manner which was kind of interesting, and that was called very lucky by many that year since the such number will happen again only in the year 3007.

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    Many times we are reduced to mere numbers.
    At certain places like hospitals and even in mobile service centres we are reduced to some token number. In patients are known by he bed number.
    In train travel or long distance bus travel or even air travel we are identified by our seat numbers.
    Room service personnel talk about their clients by room numbers. If we closely listen to those serving in restaurants we can hear they refer us as per table number.
    Game players are referred by their jersey number unless they are very famous. In sports and other competitions participants are identified by their chest numbers. In examinations we are known by registration numbers.
    There are many such examples in daily life where we are reduced to mere numbers.

    God forbid, a day may soon come when we will be known only by our UID numbers.

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    Thanks @Neelam and @Venkiteswaran your responses added value to the thread.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    The following i wanted to share as it has the the magical number 22222 and tamil people will understand as this is published for 22222 days continuously i.e 61 years and the daily itself sharing the picture and news.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Yes. The 'Kanni theevu' pictorial story coming in the Tamil daily newspaper reached to that 22222 level. That story we read in the paper since our childhood. In fact immediately on buying the newspaper or reading in the library we just go to the page 2 for reading the story. It is somewhat interesting one as it is in simple Tamil to read. My brother, who is 71 now, used to tell that he is reading this from his eighth year of age. There is joke also used to tell in our side that one can say that he can repay the debt immediately on the day of 'Kanniththeevu' ends.

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