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    Reason of corruption in india

    In your views,
    what may be the Reason of corruption in India. Let us share our views to all and come to a common conclusion whether corruption is dominating in making India's future in darker side..

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    Thank You.

    Pankaj Gupta
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    Hi pankaj

    There are to many Reason of corruption in India.

    1.Government-without money u gets nothing
    2.Education-practile number's = how much private tuition’s d u get (teacher)
    3.TV Serials-Main reason
    4.Scholl and College-roots of corruption.

    but the main reasion is that: every buddy want to be a rich man



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    Today in our country there is a lot of corruption because the people

    in our country are not going normally.Everybody wants to get an extra in every place and everywhere

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    Both politicians & people are responsible for it.Politicians contribute more.People ask for money for voting ,politicians provide it.After getting elected,they try to make money by all possible means.
    It is so deep rooted that it is difficult to eradicate.Right from class 4 to minister,it is there .It is said that in Govt offices one has to "either pay or pray" to get the work done.Many intelligent people who join private jobs after getting highly educated,don't get any extra income by all these means.In contrast less qualified people who are occupying Govt posts are earning like this.

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    the main reason is politicians behind curruption and ecsept of it. one more thing is unemployment in our country and our film industry is also responsible for it.everybody wants more money and for getting more money they choose wrong ways which is also increases corruption.In GOVT.offices the employees who have powers,uses there power in a wrong way and make money.because govt pay less salaries than the private sectors.

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    Hi Shyam
    Its very easy to blame on politicians or any one else for every bad things, but if you see every where there is same old story, I have seen even in private firms where employees are getting salary in six figures are making false medical bills for a few thousand bugs, Govt employees are out of question, and now even the army officials are joing in fray so why to blame only politicians.

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    The most disquieting aspect of the widespread corruption in India is the fact that it is not anymore confined to politicians or the government machinery alone. It is prevalent amongst almost every section of the society at every level.

    Corruption is not only prevalent amongst rich who are greedy in spite of possessing enough but also prevalent amongst poor.

    There is little that we can do as an individual to wipe out corruption from India but whatever little we can do we must do. It is always easy to get your work done by paying off a little sum of money under the table but if you refuse to do that, it may take a little longer and you might have to run from pillar to post but your work will be done. It will be done if you remain persistent and honest in our approach. And if, for some reason, the person on the chair wouldn’t do it without a bribe then please dial: 0800-701-701, the National Anti-Corruption Hot-line for the Public Service.

    You can visit the

    Let’s imagine India with no corruption. Let’s contribute towards it.

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    we cant say he or she is responsible fo rcorruption in india except the government tendered jobs. because when a government tender of executing the laying road in a particular street or elsewhere it is laid at very low quality because the contractor has to take huge amount next he has to give bribe for the local ruling party's MLA or counsellor otherwise nexttime he will not get his tender sanctioned even though he performed well.
    but in other categories we are also responsible how means if we need a community certificate we will approach that member and in the file we have to keep 20 or 100 then only we will get the certificate without delay

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    People and politician and equally responsible for corruption in India. In government jobs right from the lowest to highest level mostly there is lot of corruption. So a common man get affected. Most of the Politicians don't care about anything other than their personl growth. Even sometimes if a ruling party try to implement some good scheme this is not been accepted by the opposite party. So implementing a good scheme for benefit of all is very difficult.

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    Corporations & Govt jobs means corruption will be there.It varies from dept to dept.Revenue,police dept. will have more corruption.Corporation purchase committees means there will be commission,etc.A good person also has to get involved otherwise he can't survive because otherwise he will be thrown out of the system-he will be transferred to some remote place,etc.Also good people will also be asked for money for transfers,promotions.So they also get involved in corruption & earn

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    Everybody want to earn money in quickest way.that's why the corruption and crime activities spread all over here.

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