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    What do you do when you are angry?

    People do different things when they are angry? When I am angry I stop talking to everyone even with my family member. I want to take a rest to control my anger. When I get up after taking a long sleep I became normal. My family members also know my nature. When I stop talking they understand that I am angry. They do not ask me anything at that time when I became normal, they ask me and I always share everything with them.

    Dear members, Please share your experience what do you do when you are angry?

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    When I am angry, I will get into a room and I will sit alone for some time so that I will become normal It may take one hour sometime or less other times. I will not talk to anyone. If I was forced to talk I may become wild. So I keep silent. After waiting for some time I will be normal. Then I will come out and normal, My wife will understand that I am angry If I am not coming out of my room for that much time. After waiting for some time when see understands that I have become normal, she will talk to me and try to passivate me. Rey rarely I get angry. When I was in service I used to get angry if anyone was doing any mistake and I used to shout on them. But after sometime I used to call him and tell why I was so angry and used to tell him that he shouldn't do the mistake again
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    When I am angry, I raise my voice which is an annoying habit that I too understand. Earlier I used to yell a lot. However, now I have tried to control it and maintain my calm as much as possible. Still, I do lose my patience and show my anger. One good thing is that I do not show my anger on everyone. If I am angry with one person, I may stop talking with him/her for some time until the matter is resolved but I behave normally with others.

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    When I get angry, I stop talking to my family members. I would go to bed and rest. I would roll my mind to go into various temples I visited in my life from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. Or, I think about my Padmini, and take her for a ride. When I return home, I will be normal, and aks for a cup of coffee from my good lady. She would smile and serve. It happened many times in my life. My anger never get anchored, but floats and vanishes.
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    When I am angry, I go sulking and never speak to anyone nor seen to anyone. And they understand that I am out of mood and slowly they would like to reconcile with me. But still I will not talk with anyone so that the matter itself is forgotten totally for the time being and once everything is settled I know the same matter would come for discussion at the dinner time when every member of the family would be present. Now there is a chance to break the ice and settle the issue because everyone speaks their version and taking a amicable decision with cool thought process is now possible.
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    When I get angry , I cry a lot after that I don't want to talk to anybody. I would sit alone in the room. After few hours, when I get normal then go for kitchen work. I avoid food during anger mood. If someone try to convince me then I may wild. So, family member don't talk with me in angry mood. In reality, I am very cool person. I have patience in all my work. Sometime, I show my anger on other person if big mistake done .

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    When I am angry, My voice rises and even get hyper. I usually try to ignore or keep calm but if provoked again, I will shout and is difficult to control. I usually try to move out or keep quiet but if am infuriated again, I tend to get my full frustration complete and will complete at one go. Even If I am away and have a fight through the phone, I will call again and complete the topic. I do tell them that when I am angry, do not provoke me and give me time to cool down as if it gets above my head, I will pour out my full anger in one go. The worst is after getting angry as I take time to cool down and won't talk to anyone for some time till my anger subdue. I have this habit of showing anger only to the concerned person and not to others, so it's normal for others.
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    As far as possible I do not get angry. But when I become angry, I become too angry. For a short while I may be going out of balance. I may shout and my face may become red with anger. But as I am a person not prone to anger, others immediately sense that something has really gone extreme and beyond my tolerance and they immediately do fire fighting and pacify me. I will also consciously control myself by that time. But nowadays if I sense something which may provoke me and make me angry, I just leave the place or just ignore as if I am not at all concerned with that. I act blind and deaf.

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