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IndiaStudyChannel has a lot of its members who have studied in foreign universities and they can help you answer your questions. Feel free to ask any questions related to study abroad programs, foreign university admission process, visa for education, living in foreign countries, getting a job after education in student visa etc.

If you are currently studying abroad or finished your education in a foreign country, you may help others by answering their questions. One of the best attractions of our study abroad discussion forum is, you can get paid for answering questions posted by others.

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Shreya Ashwini
12 Oct 2021
Amol Sinha
19 Jul 2015

Kailash Kumar
06 May 2015
Kailash Kumar
22 Aug 2015

Deepankar Dey
23 Jan 2018
18 Jun 2013
Partha K.
15 May 2016
Ritesh Kumar
17 Jan 2016

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