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    Think but don't overthink

    Are you the type of person who thinks far too much about something? Overthinking is a bane for many people, with one's focus on the task or problem at hand going askew.

    Whatever we humans do require some thinking, so as to make sure that our decision won't turn out to be bad or harmful to us. We face a situation, analyse it and then take action. Some situations require less thinking whereas some require a deep thinking. Thinking properly and acting accordingly helps us in averting a difficult situation, finding proper goals and ways to achieve it etc. It also keeps our mind relaxed and enables it to focus properly.

    But we humans often fail to stay within the boundary and start overthinking, which is very dangerous for us. Instead of focusing on the situation at the table, we begin to overthink about the non-existing situations that may occur if some imaginary situation arises out of the present situation. Here, I want to clarify that I don't think or claim that thinking about possible situations that may arise in future is a wrong thing to do but most of the times we go overboard and overthink. Instead of bringing positive thoughts in mind, we fill it with negative thoughts so much that our head starts to ache and our heart beats at an abnormal pace.

    We fail to focus, let alone decide whether we should do or not do something as overthinking steals the limelight. We feel incapable and often stay away from everyone. Not only that, overthinking also gives us stress and may also cause serious illness to us like depression, insomnia, high/low blood pressure etc.

    It is rightly said that excess of anything is dangerous. We need to put a limit to everything including, so it does not get strong enough to harm us.
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    Invariably what I found that those who do not believe others and think too much about themselves and doubt the other views and matters always err and could not compete with other normal persons. Thinking is the God gift and that should be used with care. If we overthink, there are every chance of derailing from the main issues and concentration going to another matter. What one must think about the fact that whatever we do should not end up with confusion and ask for more work again. And thinking should be from our own and should not be bestowed by others. Once we start thinking too much we may leave our prescribed wavelength and even commit errors and mistakes. And once we fail due to overthinking, the negative impact of non-performance or bad performance would haunt us always. So better be a normal thinker.
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    The problem is that thinking is like a wild fire. This wild fire would really go out of control if you have no control of your thoughts. We all think we have great control over ourselves. But do we? At moments of despair our mind pendulums to and fro to hope and despair. We give ourselves hopeful thoughts but burn them away by thinking negative too. It is not easy to not overthink. Over thinking as you say, blinds our ability to make decisions and steals little joys from our life.
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    Thinking to solve the problems in a correct way is always correct. We should think and if necessary we have to discuss with other people and make a road map. Then follow. During the implementation once a while review is required and if necessary some required amendments. But we should think more and every moment we should not change the path. That will spoil the entire show.

    When we plant a plant, it will take time to survive. But if you dig it every day and see the growth of roots it will die down. So over thinking about the problem and frequently changing the way of doing will not dove the problem.

    always confident

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    God has given man the power of thought within the living organisms on the earth. It is especially to discern good and evil and to change actions accordingly.

    But the current man doesn't make up their mindset like that. So we often over thinking about a matter. Then they reaching to the incorrect places where they are not needed.

    The main reason for this is the lack of understanding of how to exercise thinking power. When thinking about a topic, think about the different aspects of it and when it comes to a decision. Doubts are human instincts. Our fears bring doubts.

    If we came to understand that our decisions are not entirely correct from different perspectives, then we need to reconsider and implement the decision again. In the meantime do not hesitate to take the Expert Opinion on that subject.

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    Overthinking is our weakness. People do it because they are not satisfied with the available options and want to go for a fool proof mechanism of handling a task. In that pursuit confusions arise as our knowledge base is not commensurate with our overthinking. When overthinking is done due to fear of failure or other such expectations then overthinking becomes a curse in our life. People believe that thinking results in good result and overthinking will result in still better result but it is not like that as the overthinking will spoil the sport and will not fetch any result what to say of results.
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    Hi, It should be clear over thinking is one of the best thing human can do. It simply show us the vastness of human mind and it must be accepted rather than blaming. It should be understood that we can't control it so controlling over thinking idea must be withdrawn on the first hand. Only way to solve this situation is to watch whatever comes and whatever goes. More we watch more we become aware of them. In watching we are not giving them any energy but more we control more energy they gets and hence more unnecessary damage. Only by carefully watching and let them pass one by one we become more aware and practical about them.

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