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    Best friendship short stories - E-book 13-hour challenge contest begins!

    Now that we've got all our story writers (SWs) neatly lined up, with the much-loved friendship day approaching, let's begin our mammoth e-book of short stories on the theme of Friendship.

    What you have to do: Select any two names (not more) for your story from these names: Peter, Jean, Oliver, Tom, Dick, Matilda, Alice, Kartik, Xerxes, Dorothy, Hermione, Nooni, Charlie, Alexander, Mowgli, Swami. These names were taken from the previous contest.

    Now weave a happy creative short story of friendship between those two that you selected. The characters need not be children, but must be human. You may include other additional characters, objects, pets, whatever you like, and conversations between them, but the story should be a short one within the maximum word limit as stated in the rules. Each short story will be an independent one and does not need to be connected to the previous story or the characters of the previous story. Submit the story in a response to this thread itself.

    The challenges in this contest: Firstly, each SW must begin his/her story with the very last word of the previous story. For example, if SW1's story ends with the word 'home', then SW2 must begin her story with that word only. Now, this may be tricky, because it cannot start with 'A home' or 'The home'. However, to ensure proper grammar, in case SW2 cannot come up with some suitable opening sentence with it, the word home can be incorporated within the first word. Examples: the story can begin with words like homecoming, homegrown, or homework. So the challenge lies in coming up with a good start to the story with the word given, making the first sentence in proper English. Similarly, if SW2 ends the story with 'foot', then SW3 cannot begin the story with 'feet', but must come up with something like 'footsteps', 'foot in the mouth', etc.

    Secondly, the challenge for each SW is to come up with such an ending- word as to make it a challenge to the next writer to start his/her story. Similarly, it will be a challenge for every writer to begin the story with the ending word of the previous story.

    1. Each participant must submit a story on the theme of Friendship in the exact sequence as stated in my first response below, within 13 hours of the previous participant's submission. If the time in the blue band shows even one second later, then the story will not be eligible for the main prizes. In case a participant fails to submit the entry within the stipulated 13 hours, the next participant in line will be expected to submit his/her story within 13 hours of the previous end time of the non-participant.

    Example: SW5 submits a story at 7.35 a.m. on 29th July. SW6 does not submit a story by 8.35 p.m. SW7 must then submit the story by 9.35 a.m. of 30th July. Hence, all participants must regularly follow this thread to see if the previous participant has submitted his/her story.

    2. Each story must have a short title of not more than five words, with the word 'friend/friends/friendship' included in it.

    3. The story must be a short one in English only, not more than 313 words (those who got the advantage of more words can, of course, take advantage of that!). Once you submit the story, do not change it or the title or the names selected, but you are permitted to edit and correct English and minor errors.

    Update at 2.55 p.m. today: While editing to rectify minor mistakes, please do not change the last word as the next SW may have seen it right away and started on his/her story.

    The rewards:
    1. The two best stories will get the first prize of Rs.130/- each.
    2. The next two best stories will get the second prize of Rs.100/- each.
    3. We may give up to two consolation prizes, and all participants will get enhanced points and cc up to maximum Rs.25/-, but if rules are not adhered to will get only a few points for participation.
    4. There will be bonus points and cc for the best three titles.
    5. After the contest closes, a separate thread will be put up to guess the Mystery Writer SW13. The first three who make the correct guess will each get 10 points and 10 cc.

    Note: Please do not create a ruckus in this thread about somebody not submitting in time or out of sequence, or raising queries in between. All such problems can be raised in this thread and as the organizer I will deal with it when I come online.

    So let's start this Friendship E-book!
    [SW1 – your 13-hour time frame will begin from my first response below.]
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    The sequence of the writers for the Friendship E-book is as stated in the earlier thread -
    SW1 - Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala
    SW2 - Dr Deepali Gangwar
    SW3 - Saji Ganesh
    SW4 - Neeru Bhatt
    SW5 - Sharada
    SW6 - Nadeem Naqvi
    SW7 - Dr Rao
    SW8 - Reena Upadhya
    SW9 - Sun
    SW10 - Shampa Sadhya
    SW11 - Umesh
    SW12 - Monika Kushwaha
    SW13 - Mystery Writer
    SW14 - Padmini
    SW15 - Varghese
    SW16 - Jagdish Patro

    The entry should be posted starting like this-
    SW1: Title -
    [the story]

    Advantages of SW1 - Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala - You had the option to not write the first chapter. Since you have decided to write it, your other two advantages are - (1) You can write the story with max. limit of 413 words. (2) Unlike all the other participants, you are not being assigned any word to begin the story with. You can start it in any way you like.

    SW1's 13-hour time frame begins from the time of this response of mine.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    SW1: Title - Recognize the best friend

    Kartik was living in a small village happily. He had three friends. The first friend was his favourite and he daily met him and shared everything with his first friend. He sometimes met his second friend and shared something with him. Swami was his third friend but he rarely met him and never wanted to share anything with him. He met him a couple of times in a year.

    Once, Kratik was called in the palace of the king. When news arrived at Kartik he afraid and thought how to reach the king's palace? What would happen there? He was always in stress and stopped eating and sleeping.
    He reached his first friend (to whom he met daily) and told him that he was called in the palace of the king. He told his first friend to come with him. But his first friend declined to come but provided him with good clothes, shoes and other things. Kartik was very sad and disappointed by the behaviour of the first friend.

    After that, he reached to his second friend and told him the full story and called him to come with him. The second friend told him that he would come to the door of the palace but never entered the palace. So, Kartik was again disappointed with the behaviour of the second friend.

    Now, he wanted to go to the third friend but how could he tell him? He met him a couple of times in the year. But ultimately he did not have any choice and went to the third friend Swami. He told the story to Swami and told him to come with him in the palace of the king. The third friend put his hand on the shoulder of Kartik and told not to worry. He assured him that he would come with him in the palace of the king and gave a favour of him. Swami also told that he knew the king very well and the king would never punish him due to his favour.

    They reached the king's palace, 113 Km away from their village and the same thing happened. Due to the favour of Swami, the king released the Kartik. Kartik hugged Swami and there were tears in his eyes.

    Kartik recognized his best friend in his difficult time. So, a real friend is always one who walks in when the others walk out.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    SW2 - Dr Deepali Gangwar -The second advantage that you have gained for being the second participant to register is this: you need not start your story with the last word mentioned in the previous story, which is the word 'out'. However, the challenge is that if you choose not to start with that word, then the word 'out' must appear as any one of the last three words.

    Your 13-hour time frame begins from the time that appears in this response.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    SW2: Title - Faith in Friendship Wins

    Out of the city, in a small coastal village, there lived two friends Tom and Dick. They were best friends. They grew up together, played together, roamed together and live together most of the time. In the evening, they both used to sit near a sea beach and it was their daily routine. They never even dreamed of being separated from each other.

    But destiny had decided something else. Once, Tom was out of the village with his family. Unfortunately, that night, a Tsunami came and a lot of homes and families were swept away by the drift. When Tom came with his family to his village, he did not find his friend Dick anywhere. He searched a lot, but everything went in vain. He asked many people they said that the sea has taken Dick with him. He was very sad and then he used to sit on the beach alone and ask loudly, "Where is my friend?" "Give me back. Time passed by. He became engaged in his studies, but still in his mind a strong desire to meet his friends and he thought that one day he will meet his friend. As his friend was lost in the sea, he decided to become a rescue diver.

    One day when a boat carrying three persons got stuck in between the sea. A boy falls into the deep sea. Tom goes there to save the boy. Suddenly, Tom heard, "Dick, don't lose hope, he will save you." Tom got restless upon hearing Dick's name. He dived fast towards him, but the flow was so strong and he got caught in the whirlpool along with Dick. Somehow, Dick manages himself to balance in the whirlpool with the help of Tom. But Tom got unconscious because of water filled into his stomach. They rushed towards the hospital after treatment; Tom got recovered and saw his dearest friend in front of him. They hugged each other with tears in their eyes. Everybody was in wonder to see this friendship where a friend had a strong conviction that he will find his friend one day and his trust came true.

    [This story wins the second prize in the contest.]

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    SW 3: Title- A story of divine friendship.

    'True! Friendship can be divine', Matilda said as she wiped her tears. Charlie was like, speechless. It was the first time they were actually meeting. Their friendship did not bloom when they were kids nor when they were in school or college and neither were they neighbours. It all started when Charlie posted an update on his FaceBook page elaborating his feelings on being crippled after he met with an accident. He had written, 'I do not know whether I will ever be to walk properly or even walk again'. There were many usual reactions to the post from his friends but one comment that caught his attention was the one by Matilda. It was neither sympathetic nor consoling. It was kind of urging him to look beyond his pain and to strengthen his mind to get out of the situation. She wrote, 'What if you can't walk or maybe you would have to limp, just think about those who have been crippled by birth, those who may be bedridden. A small piece of advice from this unknown friend is that when you realize that there is no other way and you may have to live with a disability, accept the truth and learn to live with it. You will be a happier man'.

    Since then, they had remained connected. They had mutually agreed that there would never be an intrusion into their privacy. They complimented and supported each other in maintaining a balance. It did not take much time for them to become good friends. Might be due to the similarity in their attitude and thoughts, they were almost depending on each other whenever they had a problem or were confused.

    Last Wednesday, Matilda posted Charlie that she wanted to meet him and sent him her address. And now he was there. The door opened and there was this young girl on a wheelchair. A bit puzzled, Charlie introduced himself and asked for Matilda. "You are speaking to her now' came the reply with a smile on her face. He smiled and gave her a cute hug. Their hearts murmured, 'This is what good friendship is all about'.

    [This story wins a consolation prize in the contest.]

    'Knowledge is knowing what to say. Wisdom is knowing when to say it.' -Anonymous

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    SW4: Title - A kind hearted friend

    About Dorothy, Matilda had good feelings. Dorothy, even belonging to upper class liked Matilda and had friendship with her. Matilda was from a poor family. Her father was having little earnings and they were residing in a small room behind the market which was provided to them by the shopkeeper where he did some part time work. He wished that her daughter should get education and get some good job. With great difficulty he got her admitted in the college and as she got scholarship, somehow her education continued. Dorothy being from upper class always had some pocket money with her and offered chocolates to her friends including Matilda. Dorothy and Matilda - it seemed as there were many things common between them except their financial conditions.

    A picnic was being arranged by the college and interested students were asked to deposit money towards the expenses. Matilda knew that it was not her cup of tea and did not take any interest. After 5-6 days the teacher came into the class and told that picnic was in an amusement park where students would stay for 2-3 days. Then the teacher started to tell the names of the students who have deposited the amount and when she uttered the name of Matilda also then Matilda was a lot surprised and wanted to correct the teacher but then she saw Dorothy pointing towards her and signalling her to keep quiet. Matilda understood that Dorothy had paid for her without telling her.

    Matilda asked Dorothy, "Why did you do that? You know I would not be able to pay you back."
    "I did it because if I had told you, you would had refused and no need to pay it back, it is my gift to you", Dorothy was smiling.
    Matilda could't speak. Her eyes were wet.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    SW5: Title - Found a friend

    Wet hands, wet clothes. Oh! It's raining heavily for the past two days. Alice had plans to move to Goa but couldn't manage. Soon it was dark and Alice fell asleep. She dreamt of requesting a wish from the shooting star, for a bright sunny day. Next morning, as she woke up, the sun rays filled her room with its shine. Now, Alice got ready quickly and moved on. She came to Goa by evening that day. On her way, she saw a beautiful sun set near the beach. New place, new environment adorned her. "I am joining the new school from tomorrow," Alice said to herself. It was sad to know that she never had a friend to play, to read together, to share her thoughts, feelings as she was an orphan taken care by a guardian.

    She tried to make friends but none came forward as language was a barrier. Alice too struggled with the language. She was sitting alone in the last bench to listen to the lessons. Even when the teacher enquired or questioned, she always shook her head without any verbal communication. The same routine followed for a fortnight. By now, she picked up with the language, started speaking to her classmates, still could not make a friend.

    "How can I make friends?" Alice thought. An idea struck her mind. She wrote a letter in English and posted it in the letterbox addressed to "My friend". The letter reached Swami, who was studying in the same school. It was a coincidence that his address was as perfect as Alice's imagination. He was studying in class eighth and Alice too. After reading her autobiography, Swami replied to accept her friendship, conveyed his identity. As days passed by both became good friends. Finally, Alice was happy as she found a true friend through her letter.

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    SW6: Title: Friendship is a God's Act!
    Letter in his hand, Swami said bowing to Lord Krishna, "I am going for the interview, please bless...".
    Geeta, his sister laughed, "He knows all where are you going...".
    "Indeed, but I sometimes feel that He is not or else..." Geeta pushed spoon of sweet curd in his mouth, "Just stop it...not today!"
    Swami, entered the house, not paying heed to what Geeta was saying, walked straight to Krishna, "Thank you!"
    Geeta was in tears and hugged Swami. Both have waited for this day desperately. She called her parents in the village, parted with the good news. Busy on the phone she saw Swami in tears. "What happened?"
    "Nothing, ask Amma and Baba to come here".
    Swami was finally selected to Indian Civil services. Post-training got posted in a small town in his home State. This small town had a huge population of the resettled people from villages that were swiped in by tsunami. As SDM Swami was asked to make a report about the people who could not get benefited from government schemes. He started to study pending files personally. He asked his assistant to call in the people to his office. All did come leaving one. Swami took the address and want in search of the person. He caught hold of a person from behind near that house, "Kartik, I have been missing you! You did not come to office on purpose!" Taking him inside the house Kartik told him the whole story about himself and how he had been searching for his family, lost all that he had.
    Swami took Kartik to his house. Swami's parents were happy to see him. Swami said to Kartik, "She is Geeta, your missing sister!"
    Kartik's face covered with tears, "Friendship is God's gift. God sees the truth but waits".

    [This story gets 5 bonus points and and cc for the title.]

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

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    SW7: Title: A friend in need.

    'Wait. I am coming in another 5 minutes', said Swami to Oliver.

    Swami and Oliver are from the same village and both of them are very good friends. They used to eat together and sleep together as they were neighbours. Swami moved away from that village as his father got transferred to another town. But their friendship continued.

    Both of them completed their 10th class. Now for his intermediate Oliver has to go to the town where Swami is staying. So, he decided to go and apply for admission. Accordingly, he came to the town and gave a ring to his friend Swami. He asked him to wait and came and picked him up.

    Their joy knew no bounds. That whole night both of them spent remembering their school days and memorable events of those days. Swami took him to the junior college and both of them applied for admission. Both of them are praying God that they should get admitted to the same college.

    Both of them got seats. But Oliver's father said paying heavy fees is difficult and asked him to try for a government college. After hearing this Swami is disappointed and pleaded with his father to pay the fee of Oliver also. Swami's father agreed. Then he informed his friend about the same and convinced Oliver's father to send Oliver for getting admitted into the college. Oliver is very happy that his friend is so kind to him and helped for his education.

    He told the same thing to his father and went to the town and joined in the college. Swami's mother asked Oliver to stay with them for those two years. Both friends are very happy as they can be together for another two years.

    always confident

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    SW 8: Title: Laughter fairy unites old friends

    Years pass by but do the friendship stays? Hermione and Alice were good friends since childhood. Yet, they hardly find time to call or write to each other. The same old reason as it is with many and that is they grew apart as after high school they chose different colleges, different careers and moved to different cities. Two exceptional friends of childhood years lost touch with each other. Never once in their mind, the thought struck that destiny will make them cross each other's path one day.

    Soon the day showed. Their school had arranged a get-together. Both Hermione and Alice decided to attend. They were delighted to meet all their friends after a long time. Also, they greeted each other with a smile. All the happy, faded memories of childhood slowly started to make the way in their minds. Yet, they could not open up to each other the way they used to when they were little girls.

    One of their batchmates Geeta asked them to join her for a walk. They gladly accepted the invitation. For the next few minutes, only Geeta spoke whereas Alice and Hermione struggled to open up. All of a sudden, Geeta's pet named Moti came running from sideways. It made her trip and fall. Other batchmates witnessing the whole scene from a distance burst into laughter. So did Alice and Hermione. After a while, Geeta too joined them. Within a short span following the laughter, Alice started narrating the funny events which had taken place on the sports day when they were in their 8th standard. Soon, Hermione reminded her of another such incident that took place in the school garden. It was the time when all the differences had melted away, and two sweet friends were overjoyed to get each other back. Laughter united them and brought back the spark and easiness.

    [This story wins the first prize for the contest.]

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    SW 9: Title – Brave and Soft-hearted Friends

    Easiness never prevailed where Oliver and Swami were guarding their nation on the tension-filled borders. Oliver was from Kerala and Swami was from Tamilnadu. Oliver and Swami joined the Indian Army on 13th April 2015. Both soldiers were born on 13th May 1996. Due to the similarity in their DOB, they became intimate friends. On 13th May 2020, they celebrated their 24th birthday in their unit camp.

    On 13th June 2020, there was a fight on the border. During the clash, Oliver and Swami fought hard with the Chinese Army without gunfire. Swami being a martial art fighter, sent many Chinese soldiers to hell. Unfortunately, Oliver was injured very badly. Swami rushed him to the unit hospital. Doctors lost their hope. Oliver said," Swami, You know, I have a sister Olyvia. She cannot hear and speak. I am worried about her future. Please take care of her." Swami held his hand and assured him that he would.

    Oliver died and his body was airlifted and brought to his native place Kollam for the last rites. Swami accompanied his body. Oliver's body was cremated with full military honours in the presence of a large gathering. Swami consoled Oliver's family and handed over Oliver's Military Uniform to his father.

    On 13th July, Swami came on leave and told his parents that he has decided to marry Oliver's sister Olyvia. Initially, his parents objected to his proposal on religious ground. Swami convinced them saying that it was his promise to his late friend Oliver.

    They all went to Oliver's home in Kollam and proposed Olyvia for Swami. Oliver's parents too hesitated, but were convinced. Swami took a pen and wrote on his left palm, "I love you, Do you love me?" and showed it to Olyvia. She read, smiled, and shied.

    Oliver with Olyvia's marriage is scheduled for 13th August 2020 at SMS hall in Kollam,

    No life without Sun

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    SW:10 Title: Destined cord of friendship

    Kollam was the town where Dorothy lived. The calling bell of her apartment rang, and as she opened the door, she couldn't believe her eyes first. Her best friend, Alice, along with her hubby John, was standing in front of her. Dorothy had failed to attend Alice's wedding a year ago but had seen John's photograph. She welcomed them, and amidst all the friendly chat, Alice suddenly asked John to give his wallet to her. As John was about to hand it over, then it accidentally fell on the ground with the inside out wide open.

    All three of them kept staring at the wallet when Alice noticed that Dorothy looked shocked and irritated too. Alice realized the matter and hurriedly picked up the money bag. She pulled out a photograph from the wallet's transparent flap and handed over to Dorothy. It made Dorothy more uncomfortable and was about to throw away the pic when Alice asked her to see the photograph minutely and react afterwards.

    After a while, Dorothy angrily said that the image was hers. Alice smilingly replied that it was Dorothy's look-alike. She requested her to see the pic thoroughly once again. Later, Dorothy uttered that the girl in the image has black eyes while hers is brown. Alice and John both felt extremely relaxed.

    Alice then explained to Dorothy that the girl in the pic was John's twin sister Jenny who died two years ago due to severe ailment. John and Jenny were more of a friend than siblings. God's amazing similar creation had filled her hubby's heart with hope. At John's behest, they had come to meet Dorothy with a wish to make her his sister and friend too just like Jenny. Dorothy felt thrilled as she always longed for a brother cum friend. All the three together rejoiced their bonding of love and friendship ever after.


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    SW11: Title - The warmth of friendship

    After the untimely death of his father, her mother started to work in the neighbourhood households and Peter was worried about his life. Fortunately, his uncle told that let Peter continue his education in the town as he would be able to send little money to him. Peter tried to manage his expenses by cooking himself in the small room that he had taken on rent in the outskirts of the town where living was much cheaper. He had only a few utensils and a kerosine stove with him.

    He was studying in FY B.Sc. and last year he could not get through the NEET exam. He was again dreaming for his next attempt for NEET. Peter had a few friends and one was Kartik who was from a well to do family. Once he visited them and found that they were so friendly and kind hearted and did not mind him being poor. Kartik often visited his room and knew each and everything about his poor condition.

    One day Kartik told Peter that next day being Sunday he would learn basic cooking from him and enjoy the food. It was month end and Peter was worried as how he would manage. Kartik told him that he should wait for him and when he reaches Peter's room in the morning around 11 AM, then they would go out and bring the things required for cooking the food.

    Next day, early in the morning at 8 AM, Kartik knocked at his door and surprised Peter with his hands full of bags containing provisions. He also took a bottle full of kerosine from one of the bags which her mother had managed to get from some shop as that was not easily available. Peter was just staring him with amazement and could not speak anything. Kartik kept the things in the side and just hugged Peter. Kartik also did not speak.

    [As a lucky participant, 5 bonus points and cc given.]

    Knowledge is power.

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    Title- A true and kind gesture

    "Speak up," shouted the policeman on Tom but he was still silent. He was holding the peacock in his hand. Yes, the blood stained peacock. The policeman has caught him red- handed with the blood stained peacock. He was running with it here and there on the road. Then when the policeman wanted to get near to him he started running in the forest. After searching for a lot finally the brave and concerned policeman caught Tom who was actually trying to ruin the national bird of his country. He handcuffed him and brought him to the police station and put him behind bars.
    A veterinarian was called to treat the national bird and the peacock finally got the treatment in the hospital itself as it was in a pathetic and lethal condition. Tom was just observing him from behind the bars but still silent, he didn't speak anything. The policeman finally, full of anger entered the cell and chained him. Then used a so called third degree to make him answer the question of why he tried to ruin the life of a mere bird. But Tom didn't speak.
    Dick who was a close friend of Tom was sitting on a plateau land near the river of his village. He hasn't met Tom since morning and was waiting for him. He had searched for him the whole day but couldn't find him.
    The whole day passed, an orphan couldn't find his another orphan friend. Yes, both Tom and Dick were orphans. Another day was almost about to end when a group of rowdies came to bully Dick. Seeing Dick too upset one of those rowdies went near him and asked him what had happened. Dick gestured him the complete story. Listening to the reality the child told him that he had seen Tom with the policeman near the circle.

    Without wasting a second Dick ran to the police station. He found Tom behind the bars. He couldn't resist his tears.
    The policeman told him the complete incident and claiming Tom to be a traitor he gave Dick the permission to meet him and told him to make Tom confess his crime.
    Dick went closer to Tom and Tom narrated him the complete story.
    With tears in eyes Dick ran to the policeman and told him that the peacock was almost killed by a car driver and Tom lifted him to save his life. When nobody helped him in taking it to the hospital Tom ran towards the forest to put some natural medical treatment on its wings. But the policeman caught him.
    The policeman was in tears. He apologized from him for his mistake and enquired," Why Tom didn't tell this earlier?"
    Dick gestured - Tom is deaf and dumb and he can't speak.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    SW13 - submitted by the Mystery Writer.
    Title - The mysterious friendship

    "Speak Charlie speak". Tom's words are still ringing in Charlie's ears. Charlie was sitting in his room on the 26th floor and in front of the big window from where the view of the city is exotic. He was remembering how their friendship started and how Tom appears mysteriously in the scene during urgency. Their friendship began when they were in class 4. Charlie was a bit introvert, Tom just the opposite. Tom was naughty too because of which Charlie used to avoid
    him. Their friendship grew because of Jimmy, Charlie's pet dog. Whenever Tom visited Charlie, Charlie used to remain busy with Jimmy and tried to avoid Tom.

    One day, Tom gave some biscuits to Jimmy, and thereafter every time he visited Charlie's place Jimmy used to get closer to Tom. This made Charlie jealous and curious too and their friendship grew. He found Tom good at heart and very helpful. Their friendship continued until class 9. Thereafter, Tom moved to another place and their connection was lost. When Charlie got admission to an Engineering College in another state and looking for a rented room he suddenly met Tom. Both felt very happy and shared the room. After B.Tech, their connection was lost again. Tom got a job and Charlie went for higher education. Tom was unavailable on his previous mobile number too.

    After completing his Masters, Charlie was selected by an MNC. He was deputed to Dubai on his very first assignment. He was thinking a lot because he has to go to an unknown place all alone. One evening, he got a surprise call from Tom. He is in the same MNC and posted in Dubai. He came to know about Charlie's details from the company and called him up. Charlie was engrossed in thoughts and suddenly the doorbell rang. Charlie murmured, "It must be Tom".

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    I had promised a further twist, so here it is - the last three participants will now submit their stories in the reverse sequence. That means -
    SW14 - Jagdish - your 13-hour time frame begins from this response #705930.
    SW15 - Varghese (his story no. remains the same, lucky for him!)
    SW 16 - Padmini (the last story)

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

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    Sangeeta Kumari,

    This is a story writing contest that required pre-registration and only those members who registered have to submit their stories. Hence your response #705947 has been deleted. Please read the main text in this thread's announcement.

    Also, note that copied content is not allowed and minus marks are given for it.

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    SW 14
    Title - Sacrifice thy name is Friendship

    "Tom, Dick, or Xerxes… all are birds of the same flock. Don't try to read in between the lines wasting your valuable time, my friend. Go ahead with the next chapter!", she desperately said.

    He recalled the famous words about a true friend is the one who can sense the sorrow behind your smile, the love behind your anger, and the meaning behind your silence. Never did he expect Nooni's such reaction.

    Xerxes and Nooni were classmates since childhood, completed their Law Degree together and both took different paths. Nooni became a lawyer and chose to fight for the cause of women while Xerxes opted for Civil Services. He is now an Officer in Indian Foreign Service. Life changed and so were his thoughts and attitude. He married a Foreigner putting Nooni conveniently in the place of Friendship yet she never felt she was cheated.

    As days passed, the IFS officer never thought that his position would not save the life of his mother at his native place in spite of many friends and relatives he earned all these years. The only one who saved her by donating her one kidney is none other than Nooni, the social activist.

    "Xerxes!", she called, "Forget your friends, forget your motherland but not your mother."

    [This story gets 5 bonus points and cc for the title]


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    SW 15: Title – Friendship: The succour for life

    Mother Hospital! Murmured Alexander, standing befuddled. The phone fell from his hand while his wife Lissy came running from the kitchen. What happened, Alexander? He splutters, Kartik met with an accident and is admitted in the hospital. She consoled him and glugged the water brought by her and rushed to the hospital.

    On reaching, they head-longed to the ICU ward. Kangana was waiting outside and seeing them she delineated as what had happened. Kangana Spoke-up that Kartik was disturbed from past one week after you both stopped meeting each other. Alexander and Lissy stood smothered. By that time, Doctor came out and primed that Kartik was now out of danger. All praised God and thanked the doctor. Alexander consoled Kangana and asked them to go home and return tomorrow morning while he waited in the hospital.

    After reaching, they douched, had dinner and was sitting on the sofa. Lissy sat near Kangana and perorated, Alexander and Kartik are the mirror as well as succour, understands each other and are best friends. Kartik was low from almost a month and it was Alexander who would call him, console and ameliorate him. Their everyday evening talk was what keeps them going. Last week, while Alexander was out of your door, he heard your contretemps with Kartik about their meeting and Alexander never wanted to be the cause of your estrangement and thus started eluding him.

    Lissy continued, Kartik had diffidence of being one-armed while Alexander is reticent of being an orphan but both have immediacy and abutment in their friendship. They were very halcyon from the past 13 years but from one month he had to-much tension about projects, deadline, financial crisis, etc. and Alexander was trying to succour him. Alexander took two days off and stood in the hospital. Kangana understood the bond they shared and never again circumvented in their adjacency of friendship.

    [This story gets 5 bonus points and cc for the title.]

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    SW 16: Title – The innocent friendship

    Friendship was nothing but the sharing of lunchboxes, exchanging their books, etc for them. Peter and Nooni started their schooling at the same time and found a dear friend in each other on the very first day of school. They chose the same bench on the first day and since then they were sharing the same bench. They were having an innocent selfless love and care for each other at that tender age. In fact, when they were in grade 1, Nooni gave the only pencil she had to Peter during the exam when Peter forgot to bring his own.

    Life was going smoothly but every story has a twist. When Peter was 8, Cancer caught him and his treatment started. That saddened Nooni and she lost interest in school as Peter was not there to accompany her. Then their teacher convinced her to attend the school so that she would be able to explain the lessons to Peter at home. Nooni started going to meet Peter regularly and explained the lessons in the best way she could.

    Time passed and the Chemotherapy started. Due to the medicines and Chemotherapy, Peter became very weak and lost all his hair. This again made Nooni very sad but she always tried to pretend to be happy.

    After 6 months, Peter was ready to join school but he was very much hesitant as he was completely bald. He insisted his parents for not going to school for some days. The next day, his mother woke him up and asked him to get ready for school. He again said "No" but then he saw Nooni waiting for him. She was wearing her school uniform but was looking quite different because she got her head shaved just to make Peter feel comfortable in the school. Peter smiled and went to school confidently with Nooni.

    [Not an original story.]


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