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    Honesty and loyality are fading from our society

    Our society is polluting in case of honesty and loyality. Nowadays we can't have faith on anybody. Today, children are killing their parents for money. I read many incident in newspaper in which children exploit their old parents for property. Sometimes, they cross limit and kill them. It is said that child and parents relation are genuine relation on this earth. When this relationship becomes weak then which realtionship is there left to have faith. In normal cases, we do enquiry on anybody before having faith on them. Everywhere we need to be alert before having faith because dishonest person is increasing in our society day by day.
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    Truly said by the author as honesty and loyalty has been lost because there has been change in the attitude of people around us. While honesty is the best policy and loyalty is noble both are absence in these days. On whomever we believes and entrust the work they deceived within no time. Those who are supposed to be loyal have also not cared us.
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    True. Honesty and loyalty are vanishing from society. The ultimate goal of many is to earn money. A distinct relative of mine was a father of 7 sons and 1 daughter. All the sons are doing good. The old man is retired and his daughter is a divorcee. She was also living with her parents. The old man was a retired teacher and they are managing their family with his pension and on the interest, the daughter gets from the compensation she got at the time of divorce. His last two sons were also staying in the same village. They want their father to give monthly some money from his pension. But the father refused as the sons were doing well and they have enough resources. There was a lot of argument and final those two sons killed the father by hitting him on his chest heavily and repeatedly. He died on the spot. When we hear such incidents really we feel there is no honesty in the people and they are not even caring for the persons who gave birth to them.
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    There are some evil people who do all sort of bad deeds in the society and earn some money through that route. Observing that many people start to copy those methods and a large cross-section of the society is engaged in corrupt and wrongful practices. Today same thing is happening in our country and even some children are picking up bad traits fro their elders. The solution to this problem lies in two fold strategy where the governance of the ruling regime should be stern enough to nab the wrong doers and at the same time parents should put good examples in front of their children so that they also follow them and become a good citizen.
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    A good family environment is no less than a boon in today's time. Such wicked behavior of those children who parents keep as their capital and are ready to sacrifice everything on them is a big injury to humanity. It is not that every part of society is a victim of this evil, but there are some people who are forgetting that money is never more than a human being. I am happy and proud of those children who always stand by their parents as support. No matter how many dates one gets, but one day who forgets his roots automatically withers away, no one should forget this.

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